April 17, 2021

Judge Jeanine predicts Biden will not be on the Democrat ticket by election day

Fox News Jeanine Pirro made a shocking prediction about the November election on Wednesday, revealing that she has  “this feeling” that Biden will withdraw from the race ahead of election day. 

Biden’s choice of failed presidential hopeful Kamala Harris has ignited rumors that Biden is preparing for a scenario in which he is forced to step down during his first term.

Pirro took speculation to the next level during a Wednesday appearance on Fox News’ The Five.

“For some reason, I just have this feeling that Joe Biden isn’t going to be on the ticket,” Pirro said. “I have a sense that something’s going to happen before the election, and he’s not even going to be on the ticket, so don’t even ask me if he’s going to make the four years.”

Pirro isn’t the only one speculating the Biden is just a vehicle to get Harris into the oval office.

CNN published an op-ed from former Obama adviser David Axelrod on Tuesday in which Harris is described as
“among the most qualified to be president on Day One — a key positive, given Biden’s status as potentially the oldest politician to ever serve as president.”

Biden himself appeared to confirm rumors that he’s mulling stepping away from office sooner rather than later, revealing on Wednesday that he chose Harris because “she’s ready to lead on day one.”

Fox’s Bret Bier disagreed with Pirro’s assessment, firing back: “Last night was the last Democratic debate — Democratic primary in Connecticut where 60 delegates went to Joe Biden. So he is going to be the nominee … It’s Biden-Harris, he’s going to be the nominee as of next week.”

Pirro replied that her prediction is based on the chaos within the Democrat party. “Look, I wish him all good health, that’s not what I’m talking about, he’s got the numbers, but things are so crazy right now,” she said. “I don’t know what’s happening in the Democrat Party, and that’s all I’m saying. I hope he lives forever, that’s not my point. And I know he’s got the numbers.”

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105 Responses

    1. Never assume. Continue to encourage and educate so that there is no question. It will be a great day When President Trump Wins by a landslide! However, talkinG about 1t Will not make it happen; everyone needs to Get out and vote for Trump in November! EvAryone.

    2. Biden can only be programmed for 30 minutes at the most. At this pont he’s mentally challenged. Harris will be the attack dog while Biden hides in his basement. Neither of these self serving socialists are fit to sit in the WH. They kicked off their campaign with lies about Trump. They have nothing else to run on that would benefit America.

    3. I believe that Trump will win by a landslide even if Biden is still on the ticket. Americans are sick of the death and destruction created by the leftist!

    4. Doesn’t the demcoratic party decide who wins the nomination? Harris would have to run and win the nomination.
      She only won 5% of the vote. Wouldn’t Bernie be the nominee then?

        1. Her birth certificate shows this to be true; one parent is from India and one is from Jamaica…neither was a US Citizen when she was born…she has NOT met the Requirements of the US Constitution. her birth will disqualify her.

    5. She is NOT legal to serve. She is an anchor baby and for the most part lacks the same credentials as Sen. Cruz..holy mackeral our role models just keep getting worse! No wonder our youth lack same.

    6. Harris is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN and is not eligible to be a UNITED STATES OF AMERICA PRESIDENT. She’s anotheR Obama Bin Lying who became a FAUX PRESIDENT and Tried to DESTROY AMERICA , and Harris will finish the JOB of Obama BIN LYING if she would become our FAUX PRESIDENT.

    1. My reply to you was not posted because obviously was not PC !!!
      I’ll try again: this is a scam , Biden was chosen because he seems to be the most electable but they really wanted Kamala to be nominated
      So, Biden will be the Trojan horse to put her in the WH

      1. That’s What Democrats Party is a Total Scam! Anyone trusting Democrats are Just foolish. It’s a Corrupt Machine….

  1. Makes no difference who will be the front runner of the democrats they will never sit in the white house president Trump will be reelected in November, he has the voters behind him and the black population and hispanics are all behind president Trump we will see president win the election.

    1. Based on President Trump’s numerous accomplishments, I can’t imagine his not winning a 2nd term in an honest election. Not only did he work hard to eliminate or reverse so much of the damage, negativity, disunity, and party alienation caused by Obama, he began accomplishing the goals he laid out as a candidate, and had fulfilled a large number of them by mid-term. Trump is a workaholic who is always problem-solving and brain-storming for solutions to multiple issues, and he does solve them! With Trump in charge, our economy is stable again, our parties are seeing less warring with each other, Trump healed many divisions Obama created to divide our nation and leave us a vulnerable, fractured people with no unity. Trump also rebuilt our military, in both men and equipment, which had fallen to dangerously low numbers and condition by Obama. The needed war equipment was provided by Trump in adequate amounts, Obama had cut them back to only 2 meals daily; that was changed! Their ballots for the first Presidential election arrived in a far north location, and were two months late! That was no “accident!” Our men were deprived of their right to vote, which changed who won, and it still angers me! It’s quite a sight when all 80 military Generals unite to pledge their votes for Trump, and openly state why they reject the Dem. candidate, which says volumes about that person! We NEED TRUMP FOR A SECOND TERM!

      1. You are exactly right. How could a President deprive his military they were protecting all Americans. President Trump righted the wrong that was done to them.

      2. But Democrats don’t know what he has done because of the media and they hate him. They can’t think of anything but getting him out! Every republican needs to vote in November!!

      3. we just hope that the democrat machines are not cheaters. that’s what my family and friends are worried about. they know in mind our President will win landslides. you’ll never know their next steps to stop the re election of President Trump. From Russian collision, that one failed, the impeachment which also failed, this pandemic that putting the blame on our president. Democrats are on the side of China..The harvesting ballots in this country and from some foreign countries are the scary ones. they will be filled out already and signed…Democrats DO NOT WANT VERIFICATION signatures. that’s cheating…..it will not be a fair election.

  2. I feel exactly the same way! Ever since Obama and Hillary came on to the scene! It’s a shame that Biden’s wife would let anybody use her husband like that! He is nothing but a pawn to them!

    1. Dr.Jill (PHD in English…NOT a medical doctor as many morons on the Internet think) doesn’t give a rat’s A– about Joe. Her end goal is to be FLOTUS!

    2. I guess it depends on what the offered Dr. Mrs. Biden!! Would there be an opening in the CDC?? Push Fauci to the curb??? Set her up in WHO??? Maybe the plan is to “Hillary” Biden after a couple of months and Kamala will be in charge. I still think Obama will “sneak” in and take over with his puppet mater Soro’s approval and help!

    3. Biden’s wife and criminal son need/want the money that Biden will make as POTUS even if he isn’t an “active” POTUS.

    1. She is American born , her parents are not. So she does qualify to be President… but it won’t happen. She is more of a citizen than Obama.

      1. she is not a natural born american–means her parents have to be citizens of this country first before she is born –neither of her parents were citizens then

      2. No she does not…neither parent was a US citizen when she was born…one is from India and the other from Jamaica…she is an anchor baby, and by her birth she is not eligible…Read the Constitution…Harris is not allowed by her birth.

    2. Alan – don’t get me wrong, I do not support Harris in ANY way, but she IS a natural born citizen if SHE was born in the USA. She was born in Oakland, CA.

    3. According to an article I read yesterday, Harris was born in the U.S and even though her parents were not born here, she is considered a citizen.

    1. Rick, When I saw who the Dems had running for their Presidential Candidate, it made me wonder,”Are they trying to guarantee Trump’s re-election?’

  3. Only true racists will be voting for Harris. She is a nothing burger filled with hate for Christians, white people and Americans. She would destroy the USA.

    We can all reflect on this crazy when the elecetion is over SOO GO VOTE TRUMP

  5. I don’t believe the Democrats know which end is up. They’re stalling, flailing, hoping to keep us guessing, so I doubt they have any idea what to do next. But it’s pretty late in the game to still be unable to reach a firm decision, and promote someone else. They’re the proverbial “wounded animal,” that’s lost in the Forrest. So far, they haven’t given us the impression that they know, either.

    1. late in the game only means one thing. If the Judges “feeling” is correct, and they plan on doing the flip and swap of presidential candidates last minute, it would have to be someone with name recognition. Can you imagine a democratic ticket of Michael Obama and Camela Harrris? (Oprah might be a bit busy with her own issues for a while)
      Talk about pushing for the women and black votes. Two of the most ANTI-AMERICAN, male-hating, marxist/socialist new world order agenda proponents.


    1. I shiver at the idea of her meeting with a head of state from the Middle East. If she takes that arrogant, narcissistic, condescending stance she usually does we are in trouble. She is a snake. As it is, those countries and others, a woman is considered just a little more valuable than a camel. If she takes up that uppity, “do you know who I am?” Attitude then God help us.

    2. harris is more corrupt than biden, and is going out some, but she is a demo-communist 1000 %, But they were not going to get my vote, I vote RED 1000%

  7. Well somebody agrees with me or I agree with some body. I’ve said in previous post I did NOT believe ‘Ol Joe would be around come November. The first inkling came when the democrats announced he would NOT ATTEND the convention. If it proves out Harris will name her running mate in late September or October. NOw who will it be??, Susan Rice, Michelle Obama or Oprah Winfrey???

    1. Guys, I believe before election biden will be removed and harris will take his place. Now watch this: Harris will select the former president Obama. If they win, Obama will run the country. Some say it can’t be a former president
      because it would be his 3rd term. No it want, because when you vote it will be for harris not obama.

      1. You need to read up on that. A past POTUS can not hold any position as VP or POTUS after he has served 2 terms. He CANNOT be the VP


  9. The dem. presidential nominee will be Tonta. Princess Kamala will remain on the ticket. A few “cat fights” will ensue.

  10. Democrats cannot field anyone who is capable of rational thought. Dr. Savage was so ahead of his time stating that liberalism is a mental disorder. They run around promising every fringe kook sect they will fix their ills when they themselves are damaged goods.

  11. I agree with all these commits, but we need to really keep our eyes open on the illegal ballets that the Democrats will try to bring forth to win this election????

  12. Democrats will destroy our nation. They don’t care of this country and the people. They will sell us to China.

  13. Obama is the leader on this- I predicted he will do ANYTHING to get back into the white house. I think he had hoped to be asked in at the last election, he always acted as if he were a king and not a manservant of the people. Biden was obviously NEVER a contender.
    Why do they keep sending out questionaire asking if he were a great (grate-really) president, I still contend he did not get a second term, it was always manipulated. He is VILE! Remember, Obama said so many times at the end of his tenure and the end of our patience, If it could be, He Would Get a Third term. (possibly now he will push for his mate? to reign in his place.

    1. Obama always had this fantasy of a third term. Biden has never to be president. Obama already has everything
      in place with the hep of Pelosi and a few more. He believes American people will have no choice but to accept the switch. There is going to be very sad and ogly.


    2. Ellie well said If Harris should become president GOD HELP US . She is very good friends with socialist Obama and who will be leading our country through her.

    3. as scary as it sounds, Obama is prohibited from being president ever again, and that includes vice president AND Speaker of the house, due to the Constitutional progression were the president be incapable, for whatever reason, of performing his duties as President.
      Constitution is very clear about that.

  14. Under the scenario that Judge Pirro states here, Biden might not be on ticket come election. Soooooo…. 2 Big questions. As Biden picked Harris as VP running mate, and since election is yet to occur, wouldn’t BOTH names be struck down, leaving the Dems at that moment with an empty ticket? Can Harris be legally just placed into the presidential candidate position, as convention is past?

    1. Harris by her birth is NOT eligible; neither of her parents were US Citizens when she was born…she is an anchor baby…

      1. Wrong she was born in California. Even though both parents were immigrants she is a citizen of the United States.

  15. Tell me why we need mail-in ballots when people can go to food stores, home depots, walmarts, shopping malls, restaurants, casinos, doctors protest and riot…but its too dangerous to go to one place to.vote (wear a mask and stay 6.feet apart)? Dems way to rig election. They will steel our country.

  16. We can only hope and pray the American people get out to vote, the Liberals and their propaganda is attempting to dissuade clear thinking citizens

  17. The democratic party will do any underhanded sorry low down thing one can imagine to win. They are the master of lies and deceit the world has ever known. All of them are traitorous slime.

  18. I expect to read Biden’s obituary prior to November. An “accident “ perhaps. Dems and Deep State are experts.

  19. Yes…Kamala was born in U.S…..However both her parents were NOT Citizens at the time of her birth…She is NOT a Natural Born Citizen!!!!!!! She is an Anchor Baby!!!!!

  20. This has been the biggest, white wash. hog wash bunch of lies since the Russian conspiracy in early twenty sixteen.
    I was looking for the tar and feathers to be rolled out yesterday.

  21. I pray neither Joe or Kamala becomes President also. But Just remember in 2008, 63 million Ignorant, Racist, Liberal, Fools shoved Obama down our throats. (TWICE !!!) No matter how bad the Conservative candidate would have been OBAMA was 10 times worse.

  22. But Democrats don’t know what he has done because of the media and they hate him. They can’t think of anything but getting him out! Every republican needs to vote in November!!

  23. TRUMP LANDSLIDE or else AMERICA goes BANKRUPT!!! It will be the DAWNING of the FREE-RIDE FREE-HOES GREEN NEW DEAL forgive COLLEGE DEBT REPARATIONS FREE HEALTH CARE FOR ILLEGALS no more WALL country being overrun by the I just want a JOB & a BETTER LIFE CREW! AMERICA this election is so critical .

  24. Yep, the election is being EXTORTED BY the PAC(s) such as the “Lincoln Project”
    Whereas: so-called Republicans vote for Democrats.
    If there is an election in November, The House Intelligence Committee Chairman and/or The Speaker of the House or both will seek to delay results until after the holidays just as in the Impeachment. Then theoretically they take over. Based on a professor of law somewhere.

    So hopefully our country remains intact.
    Pressident Trump is reelected and our STATES Remain UNITED.

  25. Well, the best way to explain this is quite simply put, They’re playing the shell game. Keep Republicans confused as to an outcome for the benefit of changing results.
    Mail in voting? Not enough machines? Not enough voting places ? Long lines to exhaust or create impatience ? No voter ID ?
    Anyone (not registered) can vote ?
    Dead people or animals voting ?

    1. Hi Debby,
      Either way she’s not been delegated a nomination from her party. Bernie Sanders is the shoe in ( next in line) based on “their” DNC results. Today’s Democrats are not a Democracy.

  26. I heard today that Kamala can’t be president because she was not born in the U. S. And neither one of her parents are U.S. citizens. If true, this leaves Pieceafeces Pelosi.

    Also, Kamala IS NOT Black.

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  28. If she was born in this country that automatically makes her an American…don’t you realize that? Don’t you know how citationship works?

  29. Look out Obama never proved to be a US citizen and see how he weaseled his way in it is the Democratic way they sneak in power

  30. ut, we NEED a strong ZLEADER to carry this country! The choices that the LEFT put out would be a joke, except they're not even funny! says:


  31. She should resign but hopefully Pelosi will be voted out and would not be speaker of the house and Republicans can take the house back

  32. Something rotten is afoot! I agree with Judge Pirro, something will happen to Biden, before the inauguration, putting Harris in, and yes she CAN name Obama as her Vice President! He can’t run for election, but can be nominated as Vice President! Or ——WORSE Case Scenario they can declare “ no clear winner” which would put Piglosi in as president! GOD help us then! We cannot let that happen! We MUST re elect President Trump! Our very lives and our country are at stake! Our forefathers didn’t fight and die to keep our country free to hand it off to the destroyers! If nothing else, honor their sacrifice for us and vote a straight Republican ticket! MAGA!!!!

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