March 7, 2021

Judge Jeanine calls out Juan Williams on ‘The Five’

Juan Williams is the designated leftist on Fox’s popular afternoon show, ‘The Five.’ As such, he’s responsible for parroting some of the most obnoxious media talking points in the face of spirited opposition by the show’s more talented conservative voices.

One of those voices, guest star Jeanine Pirro, who has her own Fox show, took Williams to task for his lies about Trump.

The clash started when Williams, like so many media figures before him, conveniently misquoted Trump’s campaign launch speech, in which the President made the point that many criminal illegal aliens were a problem.

Trump’s words were poorly phrased, but he was very clearly making the point that some, but not all, illegal immigrants were problematic. His words:

When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best…They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

The media has spent the last few years arguing that Trump made a blanket racist statement, and Juan Williams did the same thing again on ‘The Five,’ saying: “I think you’ll remember he started this campaign by going after Latin immigrants. He said Mexicans were rapist and thieves.” 

This time, Judge Jeanine and the rest of the crew called him on it.

Watch: (the fireworks start at 5:30)

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96 Responses

      1. Amen- Judge Jeanine would make a very good Supreme Court Judge. Wonderful idea. Te left would scream bloody murder.

        1. No she just tells it like it is. Democrats can stand to be put in there place with the truth.

        2. You should be good enough to miss her feet! She has worked hard and been a highly respected Judge and has had a #1 show on tv !what have done with your life Steve besides talk nasty about achievers! I detect some jealousy or maybe it is just ignorance!

        3. You should be good enough to kiss her feet! She has worked hard and been a highly respected Judge and has had a #1 show on tv !what have done with your life Steve besides talk nasty about achievers! I detect some jealousy or maybe it is just ignorance!

    1. I agree with you Cheryl I would too. People only hear what they want to hear. Trump never said all Hispanics are rapist he said they were sending bad people some of which are rapists and etc. not all Are.

      1. Did you notice when Joe Biden talked about Trump supporters calling them names, they all jumped to his defense saying “he said some, he said some’. So their ears do work, but only when they want them to.

    2. She is one Honest and Tough Judge..Love her too pieces….they should have more Judges like her everywhere…

  1. The judge tells in with no b s. Juan looks like a clown making faces at everybody’s points that are usually are right on copared to his leftist cues Take him off of the five already

    1. Juan Williams does not even know what he is saying he is a puppet of the Demoncrats and always will be I pray Juan Williams wakes up and gives his life to God cause he is heading the wrong way Amen.

    2. Take Juan Williams off the air. He is a race baiter, always making faces when black people, like Al Sharpton, Farrakan, NFL are spoken about for being Un-American. Juan Williams is so lucky. Being fired by NPR and Roger Aires hired him for Fox with no talent and stupid as they come. He is a token black hired by Fox, not a Larry Elder or David Webb or Leo Terrell who are highly intelligent.

  2. Juan Williams is a pathetic excuse for a human being. He does not have one single independent thought. He is a parrot for the extreme far leftists believe in distroying America

  3. Juan Williams DOES NOT belong on Fox News, he is a left winger and he belongs on CNN with the rest of HIS kind. Does CNN have conservative people on? No, so why do Fox feel the need to have liberals on?

    1. I no longer watch the five because I can t stand williams..he actually makes me sick to my stomach with his dumb facial expressions and his stupid comments

      1. I watch the Five but because of Juan Williams, I am getting very close to not watching anymore. I cannot stand Juan Williams and when he spews the nonsense he does, I am so happy when Jesse or Greg challenge him.
        Lately, when that happens, he seems to get upset and raises his voice to get his comments in, which they then continue to discredit him.
        From time to time, the Five have very moderate, old school Democrats on which makes the conversation enjoyable and intelligent. Why aren’t there more like them?
        Juan Williams and may I add, Donna Brazile, should be removed. If folks remember, she gave Hillary the questions and answers during the debate with then candidate, Donald Trump. Now, she fills in on Fox and is a Professor at some university. Wow! Living proof of the expression, ‘It’s not what you know but who you know!’
        I also agree with the previous comments about Juan Williams and his facial expressions. When I see that, all I can think of is a ventriloquist dummy. He looks like someone has their hand up his back, pulling the strings!
        Truly pathetic! He can’t even give our President any spec of credit for anything good he has done!

      2. I don’t have a TV haven’t in over 10 years because I know what it’s about. And if you are a republican a true Republican stop shopping Walmart their money is going to the Democrats. In the form of the Lincoln project.

    2. Commie New Network has conservative commentators. The ones they have are RINO liars and Trump haters. When a real conservative actually gets on CNN they are ridiculed and talked over. They are not ALLOWED to make their point. It’s really disgusting.

    3. Williams is a Judas. Get rid of him. If he cared anthing about his family he would be so worried. No one likes him and the Democrats sure don’t. Texas speaking.

    4. I think it shows everyone the extreme difference between the nonsensical views of the left and the common sense of conservatives every time Juan opens his liberal mouth

  4. Juan Williams is a real Piece of Liberal Misinformation that say what he wants rather than the Truth. He Definitely Exhibits TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME!!!

  5. Juan needs to go he would be better off on CNN or the far left radical sites. He works hard to come up with negative lies and he twists everything so Trump looks bad he does not know how to debate and personally it is getting worse. You can see the grim look on his face and I really think it is intentional. He is not happy so get out.

    1. All the people we know have stopped watching mainstream media– there are places who deal with situations in a truth full way. — the mole from Kenya did not care or know right from wrong–but the sheep elected him– or did they —

  6. Judge Jeanine speaks facts. Juan is blinded by his narrow ideology. I agree with the other responder that Juan’s facial expressions are annoying and uncalled for.

    1. I love Judge Jeanine! She truly calls out the BS and I admire her for that. Also, never miss her show on Saturday evenings..9 p.m. on Fox!

  7. You can call out Juan’s remarks all you want but he’s a example of what brainwashing will do to a person. He’s been sick for a long time and really should get some help.

  8. Juan is really a good guy he is paid a great sum to act as a liberal. Don’t be fooled by his demeanor he is as conservative as you and l. Jesse, the judge and the rest of the five know that Juan only says what he’s Ben told to say.

    1. Boy have you been drinking the Kool-Aid. Juan has been a liberal-marxist for years from the time he worked for NPR prior to being fired. For goodness sakes, you can’t be a registered democrat for all your life and be conservative. I really feel sorry for you, because you have been totally brainwashed by the lying leftists!

  9. Juan continues to sink to new lows every time he is on The Five. Nothing he says is an original thought, and for a Putlizer winning author, he is pathetic.

    1. That’s because he plagiarises.
      he’s not smart enough to be smart enough he’s got to cheat and copy from other people. He’s a worm.

  10. Juan contributes nothing but biased statements and really makes no meaningful contribution. Send him to CNN where he will be with his kind.

  11. I agree this guy is a total clown wrong on almost every issue kinda makes you wonder if he is trying to be on Biden’s team since Biden has been on the wrong side for over forty years time to take Juan off fox but he does give us another reason to vote for Trump because of the garbage he spews from the left says Trump pushes people’s buttons about race but not a word when Biden does it hypocrite totally

  12. Wonder HOW MUCH he is being PAID by soros to either show off How MENTALLY CHALLENGED he is or he is “playing” it like THAT thinking he will go “somewhere some day” with his CLOWNY NON-sense, BUT one thing is for sure, he makes himself look and sound like a TOTAL IDIOT…”who” can take him “seriously”…???? NOBODY…!!!!

    I am NOT watching Fox news anymore because I’ve had it with them since they hired that Brazile CREATURE…they might as well hire “waters, or schiff, nadler, schumer, piglousi, how about “oblahblah or soros”….!!!! Fox has become a CLOWN show…TIRED of watching CLOWNS, it’s ENOUGH…!!!! They ALL like to “talk” with NOTHING to “say”, NOTHING whatsoever….!!!!

    1. At least Fox has Judge Jeannine, Jesse Waters, Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, to name a few good Conservative voices. All CNN, MSNBC and the other liberal news channels report are biased one sided views to discredit President Trump. They completely ignore reporting the good things he has done for this country and its citizens. At least Fox presents both sides for comparison. If you really want to watch a complete clown show, just watch these liberal channels before condemning Fox

  13. I agree Williams makes points for the left, but then, thats his job, and hes very weak at it. Looking back at the all the required leftistd, he the most ineffective. Rember Bob . He at least made sense. i felt sorry for Williams for the way he found himself on the Fox network, but hes not hurtung the incredible Five

  14. I turn the sound of when he speaks but really do luv it when Greg, Jessie, Dan, the Judge of my there are so many too tee off in him. I don’t understand why we are forced to listen to some of the crap on fox from like Brett or Neil they seem to want to fight for left at times.

  15. I’ve been saying that about Juan myself! He like most liberal so called reporters and shows like Rachel Maddow or moaning Joe just parrot what Nancy Polosi says rather then speaking actual facts. These people continuously purposely misquote curtain words to make President Trump sound racist or homophobic or just lying! Juan is all that rolled up in one and he acts like he’ doesn’t even when he’s called out on it on national TV even when a tape is recalled showing him to misspeak! I use to have respect of Juan until he started to sound like Nancy Polosi and Chuck Schumer! He use to have his own out look and would call bad calls by the Democrats but now agrees with everything the left has to say! Bad Juan!

  16. Williams finally got what he deserved – At first I felt sorry he was fired from his previous Job. As soon as
    he starts talking I switch stations and wait – then return back to Fox News. I’m sorry but I can’t stomach
    his comments at all.
    Blessings Bob

  17. The only shows I watch on Fox anymore is Tucker – Hannity – Dobbs – Judge – Levin – Gutfeld and some Ingram. Juan Williams makes his money from Soros – Bloomberg and those terrorists burning down America. They keep talking about the anti-trump women in the suburbs but these women don’t realize that sooner or later – they – their daughters and sons will be targeted.

  18. Juan Williams,Jessica Tarlov, Marie Harf and Chris Wallace have all failed as human beings as well as the democats.

  19. Juan Williams is a disgrace and should be removed from Fox News. He is always negative and gets the information wrong all the time. Love it when Greg, Jesse and Judge Jeannie fire back with the truth. Also Donna Brasile needs to go. Refuse to watch when she is on. Always negative.

  20. Mr. Trump, Please help us U.S. seniors get a decent increase in benefits! Since Congress Stole our money from Social Security! And never payed it back! Just keep up the good Job you are doing!

  21. Take Juan off the air and let him go to a CNN type where he can spout off his nonsense. I have to change programs whenever he appears for I can’t stand him and what he says.

  22. Never watch the Five because of Juan Williams. He’s just a parrot for the left talking points. Now the Judge is another matter, never miss an opportunity to hear her. She takes nor speaks no BS………….J

  23. I don’t like when Juan is on either; I just hit the mute button when he’s on. Everyone else on The Five are terrific. As for Chris Wallace, he’ll never be as good as his dad! Mike W. was a winner, hands down.

    1. I’m sorry Lynn, Mike Wallace was only a few steps better than Chrissy. Did he ever take LBJ to task? Of course he wasn’t the blatant queer lefty his son is, but in his way he did let a racist skate. This combat Marine (Special Ops.) has no stomach for either of them.

  24. Juan Williams may be liberal but has just as much right to spew his nonsense as conservatives do, guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution. That being said . . . . . . I also have the right to not listen to his rhetoric . . . which I avail myself of constantly! The USA needs President Trump or someone like him for the next 5 decades to return America to it’s proper balance. I don’t want to live under socialism morphed into communism morphed into Venezuela!

  25. Juan Williams is just another black gentleman like very few other black people and some white people that are just race baiters. They love to say untruths and many STUPID IDIOTS listen to them instead of looking for the truth. People of today are just sheep, they follow one moron and they do not want to look for truth. So very sad how this country has gone down to the dung pile.

  26. I wish President Trump would appoint Judge Jeanine either to the Supreme Court or to the next available office— she would be a valuable asset to his team!

  27. williams should be banned from any news stations he doesn’t do anything to put out the liberal demorat fake news and lies.

  28. Juan Williams looks like he sucks on exhaust pipes & acts like it too . & besides , he only plagiarizes what the other liberal criminals pull out of their rears .

  29. Juan made a racist slur. “Maybe they will like their rice and beans covered with salsa”. Just like Cortez, Juan is ready to hurt minorities in order to put his political beliefs forward. Power and control is more important to him than the good of people including his own.

  30. I love this show. But you know what Judge Judy has it right on. In fact I was here raising my voice to the video.
    I mean we know how to play with words. But playing with words isn’t exactly honest now is it? Just so Juan knows , I wouldn’t at all mind rice and beans with hot sauce. It’s really good given the right amount of hot sauce.
    All of you thank you for your show and you all Take Care Be Safe and most of all. KEEP YOUR JOY. (It makes em mad.) LOL,..

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