May 14, 2021

Judge Jeanine: Biden’s efforts to force gun control measures are insincere

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro blasted President Joe Biden on Saturday over his remarks on the Second Amendment and his plans regarding American gun control policy.

Pirro argued against Biden’s comment that the right to bear arms was “not absolute.” The host also challenged the president whether the same attitude would apply toward other constitutional amendments guaranteeing certain rights.

“There are two things citizens everywhere in the world know to be alarmed about if taken away. One is freedom of speech and the second is the right to bear arms,” Pirro commented.

She noted two Biden lies in his recent gun control statements. “In his latest effort calling for more gun control, he says firearms purchased at gun shows are exempt from background checks. That is a lie.”

Second, Pirro argued, “His claim that gun manufacturers have immunity from lawsuits is also a lie. But have no worries, according to Joe, nothing impinges upon your right to bear arms.”

The judge reveals Biden is wrong on both counts. Firearms purchased at gun shows do require background checks under current federal law.

In addition, gun companies certainly do not enjoy immunity from lawsuits. Numerous legal actions have been taken toward the gun industry in recent years.

The Fox News host strongly concluded, “Mr. President, with all due respect, do you realize that this is the United States of America? We are a nation founded on the Constitution and we are so tired of what’s going on in this country.”

Pirro highlights what many Americans have been thinking. When the president of the United States can declare the rights found in our nation’s amendments can be removed, it’s time to speak up and do something about it.

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53 Responses

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    1. Do you know when Joe Biden is lying that is easy when his lips are moving.99.9 percent of words out of his mouth are lies amd that’s a fact jack.

      1. He has lied to America from the time he was debating. And he never the election All OF AMERICA KNOWS IT TOO.

  2. Judge Jeanine doesn’t need to tell me biden is lieing, you just need to know he’s speaking!
    He is an absolute moron!
    Everyone knows every gun sold by a licenced dealer MUST have a background check done on the buyer!
    Furthermore, the demonrats all talk about ” gun violence”
    Haa anyone ever seen, or heard about a violent gun?
    I’ve only heard about violent people WITH a gun, and they could care less how many laws they break,or who they hurt!

    1. He is a moron and Pirro tells it like Trump! Shes awesome and deservees to be as Speaker or SCOTUS. Amy is just a nice nice little girl manipulated by the marxists roberts. Pirro would never allow it.! She woulc tell him a tale or two and then his balls woould fall from fear.

  3. Our Constitution is our guideline for running the Republic by recognizing our freedom of speech and the right to bear arms against all enemies foreign or domestic. Biden and the democrats have already shown their fear of freedom loving Americans. It is time to put them in their place.

    1. Yeah, but it seems the donkeys are cleaning themseeelves with our pecious document. They could care less about the rule of law.

    1. I was just thinking about Hunter and his gun. Oh Joe., we know you have an excuse for that as all other illegal Hunters nasty life as well as other members of your family. And we have Hunters book that was pure spin and good old Joe thought it was so sweet along with all those mushy MSM, CNN and all the other no real news channels. Yes they are hypocrites.

    1. YES…GET RID OF BIDEN, HARRIS, PELOSI, SCHUMER and others that are in the White House that are ruining AMERICA…BIDEN you need to clean up under your own door step and take care of your son Hunter.. Why isn’t he in prison where he belongs??? Better yet, why don’t you take Hunter and go to China???? Trust me, you won’t be missed…… YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!

      1. This MARXIST Regime NEEDS to be Stopped. The REAL President should be PUT BACK In OUR White House ! DJT ! ! !

    1. Amen to that. She would make a good first woman President as she has a lot of street smarts. As well as judicial knowledge.

  4. Candace Owens and Janine Pierro, two perfect candidates for the Supreme Court. If they were nominated and confirmed I would feel a lot safer with respect to my constitutional rights.

    1. Yes Kim absolutely the truth… impeach now…with all his crimes…lies…changing laws…no respect for America.. again he’s loyal to China n OVOMIT are running the country… treason for both n whole commierats in the white house n government…you all are cancelled… how’s that?

  5. Buffoon Biden cant even run his own life he didn’t win an election he was installed by the Democrat’s

    1. that is a guarantee, he can not even remember just who he is ,congress? vice president? dog catcher? HELL WHO CARES get rid of him.he is just a TALKING PUPPET FOR THE CHINESE…..

  6. We all know sayings the lights on but no one is home. His elevator doesn’t go to the top floor . He’s not dealing with a full deck, His truck only has half load. And he has a leak in his marble bag l think that about sums it up

  7. Does sleazy joe and the rest of the Dumbocrats want to give up any of their first amendment rights. Then just what don’t Biden understand about the right to bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. No wonder creepy Joe didn’t stay in private law practice .

  8. The horrible thing is we know Biden is a liar, wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in the face, but his Vice-President Harris is even worse and the one who who take over if both of them were removed, Nancy Pelosi, is the worst of all.

    1. Finally! Someone speaking the real truth behind all the lies of the extreme left’s agenda.
      Thank you, Ken.

  9. I have a new name for Biden — lie-den! Any lie to cover up taking away all Constitutional rights and enslaving America giving rights to the criminals and illegals/especially if you are a criminal anarchist..

  10. Biden would not know how to tell the truth if it was right in front of him ,he and his son have the same evil smile in the one picture they are together in ,boy ,I bet all those people who voted for Commie Joe on the grounds that he would unite this nation are kicking themselves in the rears now ,Lies and deception is what Joe has brought to our government , and just wait until he takes your 401K`s and gas hits 5 $ a gallon this summer and terrorism hits our shores with all the illegals wallowing into our nation unchecked ,let alone the diseases they carry with them ,this sounds like a man on a unity tour ,NOT

  11. Judge Jeanine Pirro is right to be against biden/harris’s illegal onslaught stance against

    our US legally Law Constitution as I am also with Judge Pirro

    against all of the damned neverTRUMP politicians who think like the illegal

    biden/harris presidency SOB’s

    ❤💥👍CHRISTrumpOwensPirro and all his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2022/2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  12. We are fool’s to be led by fool’s!
    Men, believing themselves wise became fools! Does anyone not believe Satan has his hand on these people around the globe? When America denied our Creator, and our savior Jesus, we opened the doors of destruction on our nation.
    Instead of praising God, we now praise every sort of human debauchery and sort out people by their outer color instead of their inner character.
    We were blessed with the very best life, ever, on this planet and we blew it!

  13. Biden is sick, where is the report he is fit to serve? impeachment time, his actions are not reflective of American values, he is trying to ruin our Country, and hope all of his actions take away from the fact, his family [son] got 200 million from communist China. Defunding police return us to days of vigilante justice, radical democrats, this will open a Pandora’s box of righteous justice extremist, seeking their ideal of justice, instead of established law, provided by our courts and society. If law and order is not allowed to continue, the radical left “under Biden” will destroy out country from within. these deceivers attained a political voice, positions of authority. must be removed and voted out of office, they are not true Americans, and don’t abide by American values, or our American Justice system. Democrats in office now, lack any ability to govern, tax spend policy does not solve problems, without police force to serve, we will have total chaos in society.

  14. Love it when supposed leadership of democratic lap dogs push for erosion of 2nd. Amendment rights. They always get punched in the nose come next election. They still don’t realise many rank and file democrats will not tolerate their nonsense on this issue. They have no clue who true “Americans” are. Just like union bosses who donate membership dues to buffoons who turn around and wrecking ball good jobs.

  15. Nancy you are right on about American Digest. They BAIT you to read the article and have you clicking on & on. Let’s cut through the Chase and be real.

    1. Exactly how I have begun to feel – they promise something interesting or important and you open it and it falls flat

  16. You know Biden did not campaign that the second amendment was not an absolute while his handlers kept him in his basement with his two dogs.
    We are not going to get anything done at the federal level the Republican leadership is in agreement with the current affairs.
    If the political climate is going to be changed it has to be done at the local and state level. We the people have to take back the House of Representative and the Senate in the next congressional and senate election.
    Is everyone messing Trump by now?

  17. The UnAmerican Digest and bigger guns, everyone should have a gun, everyone should take training in shooting other people – well, if they aren’t white – no more tasers, just AR 15s. Free ammunition, Putin loves you. Of course, no NRA in Russia, he just wants us to kill each other.

  18. You are witnessing the indisputable contrast between a truly sincere upper level of acquired database of information and IQ and criminal Joe Even prior to TWO cerebral vascular insults(CVAs) Joe had a documented history of fibbing and insignificant intelligence This corrupt Biden and his Oscumas puppeteers are a blatant contrast to Our Fox judge One can not easily present phony truths and trash actions she cannot see through and shred

  19. I honestly don’t think that Biden is capable of telling the truth let alone know what truth is. Biden, Harris, Pelosi and the rest of the democratic leftists idiots are all traitors and domestic terrorists aiding and abetting criminals from known terrorist sheltering countries as well as the cartels to the south. Their actions cannot be described as anything but treason.

  20. I don’t know why the media is surprised that Judge Jenean went off on them. She’s always been pro President Trump from the first time he announced his candidacy. Bidet’s lies didn’t fool anyone. A big one, ghost guns come in a kit, show me that.

  21. Myanmar comes to mind when you start talking about gun control. Joey can take over the white house, there is enough criminals out there to work with him to declare another term in office. How the hell are we putting up with this unelected dude in the oval office. Our country is being lead down a rabbit hole, just dont go there. Stop the nonsense, stop requiring people to do things that this Joey dude is demanding. His abuse of power is powerless if we just stick to our guns……excuse the pun. The border disaster is an example of what happens when people follow this dude. Do not allow illegal aliens into this country. Stop doing that. Arrest these people and send them back. Stop spending tax payers money on the illegals and help care for our own poor and homeless. STop doing things that this Joey dude is demanding by his so called presidential orders. Do what is right for AMerica. Stop the nonsenses, and impeach this incompetent, unelected dude. . …

  22. So sad that some of our young people have sold themselves to satan’s servants Soros and Gates. They pay well but so will those that have rioted and burned and killed. Real Americans have visited the films of all the rioters and judgement is coming. Those that sold their souls to satan will pay for an eternity. What you were paid will pale compared to the eternity of pain in hell. Most of you haven’t ;lived long enough to feel God’s discipline or even his praise. He is absolutely real, prove it to yourself read Revelations then look in the mirror you are exactly what the words say about those that mock GOD.

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