May 28, 2022

Judge denies Clinton lawyer’s attempt to drop Durham snooping charges

A federal judge denied a move by Clinton lawyer Michael Sussman to dismiss information revealed by special counsel John Durham that showed the evidence falsified to connect former President Donald Trump with Russia.

Judge Christopher Cooper also criticized Sussman’s legal team for seeking to dismiss the information.

“I extend the presumption of good faith to all counsel, especially government counsel,” Cooper said. “For that and other reasons, I’m not going to strike from the record. First, I’m not in a position to assign ill motives.

Second, much if not all of the challenged material will likely be coming out anyway. And finally, whatever effect the filing has had has passed, and striking it will not un-ring the bell and probably will make the bell ring even louder.”

Cooper added, “I agree with the defense that it was not necessary for me, let alone Mr. Sussmann, to understand the potential conflicts. … I didn’t need any of that ancillary information to do that. … So I don’t understand why the information was included.”

The allegations against Trump regarding a connection with Russia’s Alfa Bank were concluded as false by 2017, according to the FBI.

The case will now continue with the full information by Durham, making the special counsel’s case even stronger.

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