September 26, 2022

Judge blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate for Texas Head Start program teachers

A federal judge blocked President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for Head Start teachers on Friday, noting the executive office’s government overreach regarding the issue.

District Court Judge James Hendrix issued the preliminary injunction, claiming the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has no authority for the mandate apart from Congress.

The ruling also blocked the ruling that students two years old and above must wear masks during Head Start programs.

Hendrix wrote that Biden’s mandates will “likely cause further staff shortages to the existing hiring crisis.”

He noted, “As a result, children who have previously received pre-K Head Start services and funding will be prevented from participating in an essential part of preparing children, particularly children living in poverty, for success in school and life.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton called the ruling a win for the children of Texas.

“We thought that was a parental choice, not a Joe Biden choice, so we sued them, arguing that he didn’t have the authority – statutory or constitutional – to do this,” he told Fox News.

The ruling only applies to Texas. However, a similar case in Louisiana ruled against the Head Start applies to 24 states, with half of the nation’s Head Start programs free from Biden’s overreaching policy.




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