June 15, 2021

Judge awards Glock major win in liability suit

Though the Biden administration has made the passage of stronger gun control measures a top priority in its first few months, a recent court decision has dealt Democrats a significant blow by denying the president something he said he wanted most.

As the Washington Examiner reports, back in March, a federal judge in Arizona upheld the immunity to liability granted to gun manufacturers by the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) of 2005, despite Joe Biden’s explicitly declared opposition to such an outcome.

In the case of Travieso v. Glock, Inc., U.S. District Court Judge Susan Brnovich ruled in favor of gun maker Glock through her dismissal of a lawsuit initiated by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun violence. The complaint had been filed on behalf of a man who had been paralyzed by the accidental discharge of a firearm that was made by the company.

The opinion rendered by Judge Brnovich represents a win for the Second Amendment rights of Americans, and the judge herself emphasized that even liberal Court of Appeals judges have routinely rejected challenges to gun-maker liability immunity.

Mark Oliva, spokesperson for the National Shooting Sports Foundation hailed the judge’s decision, saying, “The dismissal of this case is welcome news and demonstrates the importance of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.”

“These attempts to hold manufacturers responsible for the criminal and negligent misuse of firearms are misguided and are attempts at legislation through litigation,” Oliva said, adding, “The PLCAA law was passed with a bipartisan majority in both chambers of Congress to keep activists from attempting to bankrupt firearm manufacturers by tying them up in court with unfounded claims.”

Though the ruling came back in March, it is only making significant news now in light of the Democrats’ growing push for additional gun control measures and their desire to end gun manufacturer liability immunity stemming from the aforementioned statute.

President Biden erroneously and hyperbolically stated earlier this year that firearms manufacturing “is the only industry in America” that is exempt from lawsuits, and also said, “If I get one thing on my list [if] the Lord came down and said, ‘Joe, you get one of these,’ give me that one,” as the Examiner noted, indicative of the disappointment surely felt at the White House over the ruling in this case.

Though Biden has stated that he doesn’t “need to wait another minute, let alone an hour” to take what he calls “commonsense steps” to strengthen gun control laws, it remains to be seen whether the Democrats – with their razor-thin legislative majority – will succeed in fulfilling the president’s radical wish list in this realm.

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50 Responses

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  3. All I want to say is, Joe Biden is the biggest disgrace that has ever been Commander-in-Chief and President of the United States. He certainly does not have both oars in the water. Just sad.

    1. Joe Biden is nothing but “an empty suit” who is noting but a “signature machine” that the real rulers that dream-up and push idiotic policies are using. How did someone who spent a whole campaign “in the basement” win???…corruption, that is still in progress destroying OUR Country! I hope people can understand why the National Guard is protecting Washington and why “high powered weapons” are the main focus for being banned. I’m sure anyone would be afraid if they were walking around with bulls-eyes on their backs or heads.

      1. You forgot to mention the pollicization of the FBI, CIA and DOJ. They are under the Obama/Muslim brotherhood control. All three agencies no longer hold the best interests of the USA going forward.
        Each must be CLEANED out of the Brennen, Clapper, Comey types. I hear the CIA now recruits for “WOKE” plebes. Far cry from the OSS days of glory.

      2. They want our weapons and allow FELONS to roam our streets. Until we get Trump back or at least a true AMERICAN back in the White House, America as we know it is lost.

    2. I think that I missed something, I didn’t know Biden had any oars. Let a lone any way to steer the boat.

      1. That is why Old Joe doesn’t want to open schools, he wants to dumb down everyone, he is afraid that there is someone in K-2 that is smarter than he is. He is probably right.

    3. AMEN to that! Creepy, sleepy, Uncle Joe should have known better than to use God’s name in his “request” for one wish. In order to expect gifts from God, one would suggest that first you must have a relationship with God that is pleasing to Him…….To my knowledge, nowhere in the Bible does God ever say he is pleased with pro-abortion supporters. In fact, in the OT, one of God’s laws is that if two men are fighting and one hits a pregnant woman and her child dies, then the man that injured her is put to death. Hardly sounds like God would be pleased with pro abortion supporters like Biden and Kamel Toes Harris.

      1. Well, The main stream news media carried the story that ole Joe thinks Hunter is the “smartest” man he knows.

        Ether ole joe doesn’t know too many actual MEN or ole joe is pretty Neanderthal himself, may be even more on the level of Australopithecus, which is a bit earlier than the Neander-man. Just check the empty stare

  4. Can’t have every wish granted by your Marxist cartel, Joe. You need to get your a$$ whipped for trying to take yet something else from your subjects. When will you start to “God Bless America”? You’re a Commie, Joe !

    1. your being much to kind Illiniguy! He’s so many additional things than just a Commie. Add Treason, outright LIER, wanna-be Dictator, corrupt, anti-American, pro-enemy SOB & the list goes on & on. How honest was his tax return showing only $9mil as income when it’s a known fact he’s making MILLIONS from our #1 enemy China…it’s called “off-shore accounts”! His whole family is corrupt, along with “knee-pads Harris” and insider trading Pelosi.

  5. If the company’s that manufacture guns were allowed to be sued, then all corporations who manufacture ANYTHING that can be used as a weapon, such as cars (or any vehicles including airplanes), knives, machetes, axes, chainsaws, ETC (you get the drift) will be open to liability lawsuits for any deaths happening as a result of what they manufacture. Guns do not kill! PEOPLE kill by way of using all different means. I’ve had a gun for 10yrs and have never killed anyone! I’ve also had multiple vehicles over the course of 55yrs and haven’t killed anyone! PEOPLE KILL!

    1. Well said Mike
      That empty vessel that sits between the shoulders
      of the presidencial impersonator is far more dangerous
      then a privately owned firearm that may be needed to
      protect one’s life from the moron minions that swarm
      around him while he destroys our gifts of freedom that
      our founders granted to us with their vision that the
      sovereignty of America shall never be governed by tyrants.

      1. The Founders never gave us any rights, they simply showed us that we have always had these rights, but due to the criminals in the world we have to fight for them.

        1. This is why we have the second amendment, so that the criminals are not the only ones with guns. Like that crook in the White House.

        2. Good point Gary..
          No one knows better than those that have had to
          fight for them.
          “For those that fought to protect it,Freedom has a
          taste that the protected will never know.”,,George Patton
          “all rights were earned at the point of a Bayonet and the
          willingness to sacrifice ones life for the cause of freedom.”

    2. I was just thinking… If I choked and died on a bite of banana bread, who or what is liable? Can my kids sue the banana “manufacturer?” (Who is God) Or the salt, sugar, flour, egg, and butter providers? Guess it won’t matter because bg will remove them from the Earth… ooooo could bg then be sued? And, for the record, I’m not going to register my knives or ball of twine or pillowcases or…
      This would be amusing if it weren’t so completely destructive.

  6. Biden is more corrupt than any one in America!!! How is it that this man is allowed to change any laws in this country ??? He’s the one that should be in prison for his crimes against this country of ours !!!! We the people should demand that the military go in and arrested everyone of these crooks in our government!! They been allowed to be in office to dang long !! Career politician !! This should never be allowed ever again!! Clean out the government in America!!!

  7. We should be able to sue Joe for all of the people that die because of the decisions that he has made, letting people with covid into the country, and criminals, and the illegal drugs that are killing Americans. What about all of the illegals that are dying to get here because of his reckless invitation, to make the dangerous trip. This idiot should be put in a cannon and fired across the border. This president is as dangerous as a AR-15 on full auto.

  8. liberals keep talking about “Common Sense” like they know what it means.

    One of the PRIME TENANTS of “Common Sense” is KNOW THE SUBJECT.

    Today, in gubburmunt, none exists except in tiny corners where the newbys sit and watch.

  9. I was reading that the governor of Michigan received an award for her leadership during these troubling times. How ever I can’t help thinking that the award is really for all of the bodies that she created. A Cuomo copy cat.

  10. I am wondering why any Americans would ever listen to a Dr. that would not even follow the science, Not Dr. Fauci, or the CDC, FDA, or the CCP.

    1. I’ve never understood this. I think they became so frightened that they simply followed the pied piper because he gave them “grounding.” Fear overcame thought, if it was ever there.

  11. ANTIFA and BLM are both armies on the democrats. They were born in the so called sanctuary cities & states. right under our our eyes. We put too much emphasis on being “nice guys” and allow our enemies the upper hand. Truly time to change that. It may cost us our Country.

  12. Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter. They want to trample our rights, allow frivolous lawsuits, pay reparations to illegals, people who weren’t even thought of in the 19th century through most if not all of the 20th century for something that has no merit in today’s economic crisis claiming the ancestors of every Caucasian owned and abused slaves. Here’s a real surprise fact from history folks, blacks were selling other blacks as slaves which is why there was a slave trade. So if you want reparations, you’re going to have to get it from your own pockets.

  13. Jeffery H; you said that right. Now I say if people want to live in a COMMUNIST Country they should ALL MOVE To Any one of several choices and LEAVE AMERICA ALONE. GO AWAY COMMIES. MILITARY SHOULD GO Take Them ALL DOWN AS TRAITORS and TERRORIST. Put THEM IN PUBLIC In FRONT of A FIRING SQUAD!!!!!

  14. The gun in question has a raised indication with a red dot on it to show that there is a bullet in the chamber, off all defects to this method most if not all results in the indicator showing there is a bullet in the chamber without one actually being there. This case is simply a sign that we are not doing enough to educate and are investing way too much into teaching our kids that if an accident happens that it is always someone else fault, and not to take responsibility of their own actions. The left has corroded the laws and our education system for too long and it is time we fought back. If you have the ability home school your kids, and ensure that they are educated in a manner that would result in them becoming good people not commie cry babies.

  15. It’s getting to look like we don’t need a President. Presidents are not allowed to head our country and when they do make an EEO, he gets taken to court. Looks like Congress is running our country since Trump won in”16. Congress is doing a horrible job and should all be hanged!

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