August 9, 2022

Judge allows GOP-led election audit to continue

An Arizona judge denied a request by Arizona Democrats to end the 2020 election audit in Maricopa County led by Republican officials.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Daniel Martin denied the request after being assigned to the case on Monday. He also ruled the documents must be made public by noon on Thursday, a decision against the motion of consulting company Cyber Ninjas.

Steve Gallardo, the Arizona Democratic Party and Maricopa County Supervisor, had sued to end the audit. The audit plans to review the 2.1 million ballots in the state’s most-populous county.

The audit began on Friday. The state Senate has access to Veterans Memorial Coliseum through May 14.

Consulting firm Cyber Ninjas and its CEO, Doug Logan, have been a point of much discussion during the Arizona audit. The firm has also been involved in the Antrim County, Michigan audit that gained notoriety for its discovery of computer problems that led to a switch from Joe Biden to Donald Trump as winner of the county’s votes.

Cyber Ninjas sought to keep the audit private. The judge has ruled against its request.

“As we sit here now, we have no meaningful way to evaluate these unsupported claims,” one attorney for the plaintiffs argued on Wednesday according to a report by The Washington Examiner.

“We’ve not seen the documents, and Cyber Ninjas have given the court nothing other than vague generalities about what those concerns would be,” the attorney added.

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Nun (@guest_1231614)
1 year ago

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Reply to  Nun
1 year ago

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Gerald S Ladd (@guest_1231816)
1 year ago

I’m sure the coonRAT party is pissed.

Phil (@guest_1231824)
1 year ago

By facist

Michael S Dowling (@guest_1231827)
1 year ago

A day late and dollar short on this one judge. Now it is worthless to know.. king biden is in control now and all must like it or else… ok how about you on the facistbook and the twit. You will be blocked, jailed, lose job.. if that doesn’t work you wiildisappear

C (@guest_1231837)
1 year ago

The border is overflowing with all kinds of criminals coming into our country and Biden said not a word about it, though he seems to be more worried about menthol cigarettes! What kind of idiot president do we have????

mik (@guest_1232030)
Reply to  C
1 year ago

you have a president that will go after something else to take attention away from what is happening in az.

Hank55 (@guest_1232041)
Reply to  C
1 year ago

You just answered your own question. We have an IDIOT pResident.

Roger A Short (@guest_1232401)
Reply to  C
1 year ago

What kind of idiot president do we have, you ask? Well, I would have to say probably the biggest idiot of a president that this country has ever had, and Biden is nothing but a puppet for the Democrats, as he will do and say whatever he is told to!

kc (@guest_1232493)
Reply to  Roger A Short
1 year ago

No America voted out Putin’s boy Trump

Randall (@guest_1233119)
Reply to  kc
1 year ago

you must like the rainbow

Terry Bell (@guest_1232545)
Reply to  C
1 year ago

A crazy one !

Alice (@guest_1232716)
Reply to  C
1 year ago

You nailed it…

kurt gandenberger (@guest_1231846)
1 year ago

the fake election resulting in the coronation of biden was obviously corrupt. the demoncrats managed to produce 85 million votes (almost 20 million more than hitlery and obumbler got). naturally they don’t want any audit of the results or knowledge of the illegal votes.

Rustybritche (@guest_1231851)
1 year ago

I think that I am just grateful for the small amount that is coming out of this, We dont know for sure what will come out of it, but I believe that We will find out the truth and weather any thing can be done at this late date
We will have to find out when its finished I just think that with all the crap that is now being brought about by Joe Biden and his goons I really hope that some have more faith than i do about things in this country ever being the same again. I said after 8 years of Obama that if Hillary got in office This country would never recover and now that Biden and Obama are pulling down 4 years of hard work I dont think it will ever be the same again

Rey Ines (@guest_1231857)
1 year ago

What are they afraid of if there was nothing wrong of voting. They should welcome it to prove there was no 🤥😤

derf (@guest_1232095)
Reply to  Rey Ines
1 year ago

Rey Ines put them all in jail for fixing the machines to win

Melly. (@guest_1232195)
Reply to  derf
1 year ago

Hi, derf… love your poems! I don’t know about the Rey Ines thing?

I’ve said this so many times — audits may not change this election’s results but it will show the country that their votes were messed with, that “we were right” so maybe listen and trust each other more. It’ll show who the enemy is (ds, not dems or reps) and end the division. Maybe it’ll provide solid evidence that everyone can see that the ds is acting treasonously and, perhaps, they’ll face appropriate legal judgment. It’ll show all of us plus the world that the US is not backing off but simply doing things in a controlled way so ds can’t legitimately find fault.
AZ, as an example, began its journey after the election but has had one thing or another thrown at it to try to stop the audit since it began but this shouldn’t be construed as not doing anything.
I don’t know why the order to open the border can’t be removed as it’s hurting the country and blatantly providing child trafficking.
Maybe the border can be open per B. but a foot inside of the border closed by each of the states…
Sorry for going on so…blessings to all and our country and supporters, wherever they may be.

bruce (@guest_1231888)
1 year ago

Its funny that the Dems and their 100 lawyers have concerns about procedures but didn’t have any concerns in the NOV 3 elections or pseudo audit they did (plug machines in, yep they work). Now they don’t even know what the procedures are so how can they have concerns? Oh right, they are not in charge. And what “unsupported claims” are they concerned about? This is the way ALL audits should be done.

ERIC E PIERCE (@guest_1231908)
Reply to  bruce
1 year ago

The claims are unsupported because the DemonRATS don’t support them, that’s the only reason anything is unsupported…

PATTY (@guest_1231924)
1 year ago


An American (@guest_1231980)
1 year ago

if it proves fraud would be nice to remove biden from office and administration by impeaching and removing all of them most are obamas crone

derf (@guest_1232088)
1 year ago

you impeach biden yu are also inpeaching obama

flashy0ne (@guest_1232793)
Reply to  derf
1 year ago

It was too late to impeach. However, after all the facts came out (now ignored) he SHOULD HAVE BEEN PROSECUTED !!! (If it had been you or I, we would have been prosecuted)

Marsha McClelland (@guest_1232142)
1 year ago

President Trump should be re-instated as the true & legit president. It’s only fair. We know he won!

Melly. (@guest_1232209)
Reply to  Marsha McClelland
1 year ago

I was told that, in AZ, if fraud was found in Maricopa County, the state might want to look at the rest of the state. If it should have been certified red then it’s POSSIBLE to decide to have another paper ballot to verify chosen results or whatever. Other states will do what they do. The nation will have to decide how to handle a state’s corrected version but the ds HAS to somehow win in order to stay on track for economic collapse and eventual global takeover, their ultimate goal.
At this point what we’re beginning to see is the states stepping up and demanding..
In AZ, there was a group of parents who called a meeting of the school Board in order to get rid of masks. The Board didn’t show up so the parents fired them and voted in a new Board. That’s how i’s done. They dealt with it head-on themselves without waiting for someone to tell them it was “ok.”
I think that’s how we’re going to regain our country.

Dian Hammack (@guest_1232295)
Reply to  Melly.
1 year ago

You are absolutely right!

Donna (@guest_1232173)
1 year ago

The election was definitely stolen we all know it and God knows it too!!!!!!!!

Cecelia Henderson (@guest_1232185)
1 year ago

If the Democrats are innocent of any foul play, they wouldn’t be fighting this audit so hard. There’s nothing like proving you’re corrupt like a good audit.

Stillhanginon (@guest_1232436)
1 year ago

It is simply amazing – Democrats do not want an audit. Maybe because they know they cannot hide what they did to win the Presidential and GA races. If this does not get settled – it is open season on Cheating! More counties more ballots – onward to the race.

Brigit (@guest_1232528)
1 year ago

What are the Democrats so afraid of? If they didn’t cheat, why not let the audit be done? Those with nothing to hide throw open the doors, and say, “Come on in.”

Biden did not win the election.

Rosemarie (@guest_1232563)
1 year ago

The Demoncrats are nothing but liars and cheats. President Trump was tge winner of this election. All the Democrats want to do is destroy our country and they are doing a hell job of it. We are going down a very slippery slope with no return of getting out of it. I hope they find the voter fraud and undo this fraudulent presidential election!

Renee Moore (@guest_1232651)
1 year ago

The Democrats are so INTIMIDATED by Trump they will do anything to keep people from ACTUALLY SEEING the results because they are FRANKLY AFRAID! If the Democrats had Actually Nothing to HIDE they would be MORE open about the Election but with their Attorneys trying to squash any Election Recount, PROVES they Do Have Something to Hide! Look at how they Protected a Predator that is the President’s Son. Now this Womanizer will be able to do talks on the Media, how terrible to wear the Mark of the Beast. Everybody gets their up & coming’s one day, Liars Never Win & Like Most their lies become apparent one way or another. God forgive them for what they do not know, or cherish.

kc (@guest_1232700)
Reply to  Renee Moore
1 year ago

Correct Trumps lies and illegal actions are getting ready to come out ,Rudy is not going to go to jail for him

Randall (@guest_1233123)
Reply to  kc
1 year ago

will you suck start my volkswagen?

John Stuczynski (@guest_1232765)
1 year ago

Why are the democrats so intent to try to stop this audit? What are they trying to hide? Are they afraid that a lot of fraudulent votes will be found? What if this were done in every state? Would it show that Trump actaully won? I guess only time will tell.

Yeah me (@guest_1232788)
1 year ago

It doesn’t seem to matter how much truth you throw it a Democrat they will not believe it



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