August 18, 2022

Juan Williams to leave ‘The Five’

Fox News political analyst Juan Williams announced on Wednesday he will be leaving “The Five” program.

Williams also added he will remain on board with Fox News. Instead of appearing regularly on “The Five” as the program returns to New York, he will stay in Washington, D.C., as a senior political analyst.

“It’s time now for One More Thing and I have an announcement,” Williams said, as reported by the Daily Caller.

“This is my last day hosting The Five. COVID taught me a lot of lessons. As the show goes back to the New York studio, I’ll be staying in D.C.”

“I will be working for Fox out of Washington,” he added. “My work as a Fox News political analyst will continue.”

Megan Albano, vice president of “The Five,” confirmed in a statement to The Hill that Williams left to live closer to family.

“As Juan Williams announced on air today, he will be leaving The Five to live in Washington, DC full time. We are incredibly grateful for his commitment to the show and its success over the last several years,” Albano said.

Williams will remain with the network, but many will be interested to see who Fox News will choose as his replacement on the program. The charismatic host was well-known for his comments, leaving a large spot for any future spokesperson.

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MK Sikes (@guest_1265385)
Reply to  Wendy E. Taylor
1 year ago


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Susan LINDAUER (@guest_1265164)
Reply to  AgnesBest
1 year ago

There needs to be a reporting link so the above crap should be removed as spam/scam.

Bob Wolf (@guest_1265183)
Reply to  AgnesBest
1 year ago

get lost LIAR

AgnesBest (@guest_1265148)
1 year ago

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Gerald S Ladd (@guest_1265152)
1 year ago

LOL…he didn’t quit. They got rid of him off the Five. The token coon.

Bob Wolf (@guest_1265184)
Reply to  Gerald S Ladd
1 year ago

good now i can watch the five again

Jps (@guest_1265154)
1 year ago

So glad he will be gone. Now get him out of town and I can go back to watching The Five

Tom Arnold (@guest_1265161)
Reply to  Jps
1 year ago

I also stopped watching because of him….

StealthFighter (@guest_1265155)
1 year ago

YES!!!!!!! (he got fired). [email protected]!!!!!

Stephen Russell (@guest_1265157)
1 year ago

Hooray Now I can enjoy todays The 5.

Tom Arnold (@guest_1265158)
1 year ago


I have been messaging for 2 yrs to plead w Fox to dump this guy. Juan Williams is IMO a complete joke and not very bright… he evolved from the token Dem providing perspective to an outright jerk and utter moron with arcane Dem talking points and sheer absurdity….

Thank you Fox….. dump this guy entirely, he is simply bad and offers very little that is worthy of being voiced.

Donald Wolowski (@guest_1265170)
Reply to  Tom Arnold
1 year ago

Good riddins, He hated Trump so bad thats all he could think of. He referred everything back to sept. 6th. Needed a more open mind. Donna Brazile was a much better host. I wish him good luck.

Trish L. Richey (@guest_1265162)
1 year ago

THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!! NOW, I can enjoy watching the FIVE!!!! YEEHAH!!+

Susan LINDAUER (@guest_1265166)
1 year ago

Good riddance. Juan was overly self righteousness, as if his opinions are so virtuous that it’s impossible to conceive how anybody could argue a different point of view.

Antogeny (@guest_1265169)
1 year ago

Best news I’ve had today!

Joann Blackburn (@guest_1265172)
1 year ago

Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Wharf Rat (@guest_1265175)
1 year ago

Now try for off the air completely and fading away with no written or verbal communication. You added no intrinsic value to the “news” just leftist talking points and conservative bashing.
Good Bye and good riddance.

DONNA MARIE KELLEY (@guest_1265178)
1 year ago

Good riddence to the scumbag. good for nothing democrat
How anyone could miss him need their head turn off.

DONNA MARIE KELLEY (@guest_1265179)
1 year ago

I have been waiting for this day when he would be gone. He needs to be gone off the earth for ever. When he said there was no burning, looting or killing by blacks. I wanted to smack him upside the head. There should be a big party now that he is gone. Watch they will replace him with some other scumbag basher.

Bob Wolf (@guest_1265185)
1 year ago

Juan was always SCUM

jjofaz (@guest_1265192)
1 year ago

Juan down, more dems to go.

Steven (@guest_1265203)
1 year ago

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CJM (@guest_1265219)
1 year ago

I definitely agree. That’s what the monitors are for but they certainly do not earn their wages.

RC (@guest_1265223)
1 year ago

Williams will probably go to work for Biden so he can tell a few more lies.

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1 year ago

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1 year ago


Lauren Webb (@guest_1265256)
1 year ago

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Ted (@guest_1265278)
1 year ago

I gave up on FNC long ago but this bit of news is welcome. I never liked that one way snake….

Jay L. Stern (@guest_1265280)
1 year ago

Is it possible to intelligently discuss opposing viewpoints of issues without making a fool of yourself? Yes. One starts by showing facts, refraining from brash, loud, often pedantic dialog. Juan Williams does none of those things. It will be a pleasure not to have to listen to his utterances anymore.

porterv (@guest_1265282)
1 year ago

You say that Juan Williams fans are stunned. What fans?

Ken (@guest_1265285)
1 year ago

I seldom agreed with his point of view but I respect him for standing up for what he believes.

Connie (@guest_1265287)
1 year ago

He will NOT BE MISSED! In fact I am jubilant that he is leaving…the sooner the better! Arrogant A$$

jerry d. bresee (@guest_1265296)
1 year ago

Black lives don’t matter if one is killed by another

Dannies (@guest_1265305)
1 year ago

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N A (@guest_1265501)
1 year ago

Juan Williams is a POOR EXCUSE for a Human being. Juan Williams is another
Pollack Pelosi , Mad Maxi Water’s.



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