August 16, 2022

Josh Hawley announces that Senate could confirm justice before Halloween

Conservatives just got more good news about Trump’s nomination to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the United States Supreme Court.

According to sitting Republican Senator Josh Hawley, the pieces are in place for confirmation before Halloween, a schedule that is sure to leave Democrats shell-shocked.

Hawley, who himself was named as a possible nominee for the position but publicly declined, said: “I think we could [hold a final vote] even faster than Halloween… “That includes a full set of public hearings, as well as a full 30 hours of debate on the Senate floor … We could do all of that and be ready to vote before the election.”

Hawley is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which gives him a strong grasp of the possible timeline.


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TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1052341)
1 year ago

MAKE IT SO! It is legal, constitutional, and certainly something the hypocritical DEMS would do if it was them. It does not matter what OBAMA wants, or Biden, or BLM or even GINSBERG! It is the LAW, it has PRECEDENCE, and it is JUST IN TIME! DON’T LET THE DEM/ANTI-AMERICANS BLOCK OR DELAY YOU!

Lynn Winfree (@guest_1052419)
1 year ago

Get it done nominate

Keyboard Whiz (@guest_1052423)
Reply to  Lynn Winfree
1 year ago

Amen to that !!! The sooner the better !!

Lawrence a wise (@guest_1052390)
1 year ago


Keenan Mcguire (@guest_1052391)
1 year ago

Less talk ,more action!!!

paw paw (@guest_1052402)
Reply to  Keenan Mcguire
1 year ago


Bill (@guest_1052393)
1 year ago


Carl (@guest_1052394)
1 year ago

Get it done then! I love to see Dems and the Media go bonkers.

1949 (@guest_1052416)
Reply to  Carl
1 year ago

YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Hunter (@guest_1052498)
Reply to  Carl
1 year ago

They are already bonkers

EVELYN ECKHARDT (@guest_1052395)
1 year ago

Let’s do it. The SC needs another justice BEFORE the election to balance the scale.

sammy (@guest_1052396)
1 year ago

Let’s remember this fact: if Ruth Bader Ginsberg had died in September of 2012, when Obama was running for re-election, there would have a nominee on Monday, hearings Tuesday to Thursday, and a final vote 7 am Friday.

That way, Ol’ Jug Ears could have gotten his fat head on TV congratulating the newest member of SCOTUS, before he git into AF ONE to fly off to Martha’s Vineyard

Make book on it

Steven Randel (@guest_1052397)
1 year ago

We need this position filled right away. Forget the enemies like Pelosi and her henchmen. This is entirely legal and necessary to our country. President Trump is working hard to get our country back to the way it used to be. One nation under God should always be what we strive for. God bless Trump and Pense.

Hazel Finney (@guest_1052408)
Reply to  Steven Randel
1 year ago

You are 100% right God bless you

MIchele (@guest_1052605)
Reply to  Hazel Finney
1 year ago

Yes, yes, yes God Bless our president who puts God and Americans first.

1949 (@guest_1052418)
Reply to  Steven Randel
1 year ago

AMEN to that do it now no more waiting screw the democrats 🐀.

Bernard Clark (@guest_1052435)
Reply to  Steven Randel
1 year ago

RBG knew that she was going to die . She should have stepped down and let the nomination for a new justice proceed.
Although that isn’t the case we will get a new justice before the election. One thing about President Trump he doesn’t back down. Let’s give the Communist Democrats a fight .

jjjjj (@guest_1052510)
Reply to  Bernard Clark
1 year ago

Bernard, I totally agree. RBG should have stepped down at least a year ago, but her hatred of President Trump kept her going instead of stepping down and spending what time she had left with her family. We need to have some mechanism to remove SCOTUS’ when they are no longer able to serve.

Oumou (@guest_1052617)
Reply to  jjjjj
1 year ago

We need to change some things in the s c congress ect for time limit like the presidency four years vote for the second that way the young people get a time for them two not for life time whent trump win he can do that 80 years the brain do not fonction very well

Jay L. Stern (@guest_1052664)
Reply to  Bernard Clark
1 year ago

Perhaps with live ammunition.

Recce1 (@guest_1052399)
1 year ago

Pres. Trump needs to nominate and the Senate confirm as many constitutionalists to ALL levels of the judiciary as possible. I prefer conservatives, however, I want to see those who interpret the Constitution from an exegetical rather than an eisegetical viewpoint on the Courts.

Bidenisdust (@guest_1052403)
1 year ago

Trump owes Democrats NO favors. Fill that seat

David Dextradeur (@guest_1052406)
1 year ago

Everybody, (even he Democrats) want us to follow the law (The Constitution) to the letter so it is right and proper for President Trump to nominate RBG’s replacement and for the U.S. Senate to confirm that nominee without delay!

Robin Andrews (@guest_1052417)
Reply to  David Dextradeur
1 year ago

Absolutely fill the seat Mr President Trump.
The Democratic party doesn’t want to follow the constitution period. They’re doing everything to prove that fact. We all see this in all their actions.

Janice Carter (@guest_1052407)
1 year ago

Fill the seat NOW.

Gary m (@guest_1052409)
1 year ago

Pelosi has said that she will impeach to stop nomination, She said she has found the prefect thing to impeach him for.

A name less whistleblower reported that Trump uses………….get this…………Trump uses,


Mike (@guest_1052410)
1 year ago

Trump 2020!!!

Patrick Garland (@guest_1052412)
1 year ago

The only reason you’d be any problem is the Democrats want to make sure they put their puppet in there

William Lockridge (@guest_1052415)
1 year ago

Fill that seat, fill that seat, fill that seat, fill that seat, fill that seat, fill that seat, fill that seat, fill that seat, fill that seat, fill that seat, fill that seat, fill that seat, fill that seat, fill that seat, fill that seat, fill that seat, fill that seat, fill that seat. Sounds like a good rallying call to me.

Janet Ginger (@guest_1052420)
1 year ago

Yes , definitely fill the seat Right away. That’s what the dems would do. It is your Right as Our President of The USA.

STANISLAUS (@guest_1052421)
1 year ago


Kathy W. (@guest_1052422)
1 year ago

What amazes me to no end is that our government ALLOWS TRAITORS TO RUN FOR OFFICE, ALLOWS TRAITORS TO DESTROY TOWNS AND HUMANS WITHOUT ARRESTS. Leftists SHOULD be following the US Constitution, which they DETEST, and no decent humans should be hated and damaged simply because the leftoids are determined to overthrow our nation and be enabled to collect all of the power and all of the $$$$$$$$$$. Why our few decent politicians do not see to it that these hate filled imbeciles are arrested, tried, and imprisoned for the rest of their lives….or stood in front of a firing squad, blows my mind. What use are they if they allow constant criminal actions while doing NOTHING about it.

Ava Brouckaert (@guest_1052425)
Reply to  Kathy W.
1 year ago

Kathy, you are absolutely correct!
We don’t need any more procrastination.
Our country, liberty, and values are at stake.
Thank you for saying what many of us think

Robert Vickers (@guest_1052437)
Reply to  Kathy W.
1 year ago

The freedom caucus is the only caucus we can depend on . I agree with you whole hardly

russell remmert (@guest_1052424)
1 year ago

we should use nancy and chuckie as a traitor example , they serve no purpose , charge with treason

Maureen Wolfe (@guest_1052430)
1 year ago

Don’t waste any time. Nomination, hearings, confirmation all at WARP SPEED . Complete by Nov. 2nd-🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Felix (@guest_1052433)
1 year ago

American patriots!!! As long as we let the leftist Demoncraps, BLM, Antifas and all the foundations of the Clintons and the Obamas run the country, we will never get our country back. We must kick all the Dems out of the house, starting from Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schummer. They sre like a cancer cell that will never go away. We must fight back to get our country back. How long are we going to take it and live in fear and be like hostages from the evils Dems?

Larry (@guest_1052440)
1 year ago

If Democrats are so set on distributing wealth, then seize the wealth of traitors George Soros and sons and Bill Gates and his old lady then run them the hell out of the country and keep them out.

MSPS (@guest_1052445)
1 year ago

Take the gloves off and get it done!

George Le/Febvre (@guest_1052447)
1 year ago

Go for it.

Bemused Berserker (@guest_1052658)
1 year ago

Do It! BiYatch Slap them Libtards HARD!



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