July 25, 2021

Jordan: Dems are pursuing impeachment because they’re ‘scared’ of Trump

At this point, nearly everyone has accepted that former President Donald Trump will not be convicted by the Senate on charges of inciting a riot, but Democrats are charging ahead anyway.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) confirmed on Tuesday that Democrats are desperately chasing the impeachment dream because they’re “scared” of Trump and know his 2020 election loss is not the end of his political career.

In an op-ed published by Fox News Monday, Jordan observed:

It’s been almost a month since he left office, but Democrats still can’t let go of President Donald Trump. That’s why, as our country faces many urgent challenges, the Senate will set aside its real work this week and instead focus on yet another political impeachment charade.

President Trump did not incite the violence of Jan. 6. News reports suggest the FBI knew in advance that violence would occur. The U.S. Capitol Police also reportedly understood that there was a “strong potential for violence” that day. Pipe bombs had been placed before President Trump’s speech. So how can Democrats accuse President Trump of inciting violence when the violent acts had been planned in advance?

Far from inciting violence, President Trump urged listeners to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” Those who failed to heed the President’s advice and who committed the acts of violence must be held accountable. But Democrats cannot seriously accuse President Trump of inciting violence when he specifically called for peaceful protests.

The second impeachment of Donald Trump is plainly unconstitutional, Jordan noted, as impeachment is reserved for sitting officials — not private citizens.

That leaves only one reason Democrats are in desperate pursuit of some form of punishment against their greatest enemy. “In their desperation to attack President Trump, Democrats are trampling on other important constitutional rights,” Jordan wrote, adding:

Democrats are going to these lengths because they are obsessed with canceling President Trump. Democrats tried to impeach President Trump at least nine times since January 2017. They investigated him endlessly – the Russia hoax, the Mueller investigation, the first sham impeachment. They pestered him, his family and his associates.

But President Trump wasn’t fazed. He got results for the American people.

Jordan concluded that the bottom line is that this second impeachment push has nothing to do with “holding Trump accountable,” and everything to do with keeping him from running for public office ever again.

“At the end of the day, Democrats don’t want President Trump to run for office again,” Jordan said. “They’re scared of him. They know he works for the American people, and not the Washington Swamp. Unlike most politicians, President Trump did what he said he’d do. Hopefully, one day, he’ll get to do it again.”

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129 Responses

    1. Ted Cruise is NOT eligible ….. he was born in Canada to two Canadian citizens !!!! yes, his mother was a US citizen until she and her Cuban husband moved up there ….. in order for them to have a business, pay taxes or vote in C. elections, they had to be FULL CANADIAN CITIZENS because back then, non-citizens or people with what would be dual citizenship were not allowed to vote !!!! they didn’t move back to the US until well after ted was born … his mother had to re-apply for her US citizenship !!! as a matter of fact, the first 5 years he was a senator, he was an illegally sitting senator, because in order to be a senator, as an ‘immigrant’ he had to have renounced his C. citizenship, and he didn’t do THAT until just before he started his campaign for the senate seat he holds now … so for the first five years he was a senator, it was illegal !!!!

      1. Obama was born in Kenya and served 2 terms as an alleged president so don’t tell me Ted Cruz is NOT eligible!!

        1. Even if Obama was born in Kenya his mother was an American-born citizen and she could have registered his birth with the American Consulate. However, we will never know for sure where that guy was born, because so much of his history is hidden behind smoke and mirrors!

          1. If people would actually look at what we do know about Obama’s birth it would be perfectly clear. His aunt and grandmother said they were in the room when he was born – in Kenya. Also, he came to the US as a foreign student from Indonesia. That should speak volumes.

        2. Bless your heart and kudos for speaking up.!!!!!!!!!!!!
          From the “git go” I couldn’t even look at the “Kenyan” without an urge to
          ‘throw Up”……. He still upsets my stomach.


      2. Your dumping on Cruz and you dug in deep. Will you please also dig into Ilhan Omar background where you’ll find illegal stuff all around her and more if you please and she still is sitting pretty snug and safe in that seat in the House of Representatives. And then there is Pelosi and her sun also doing the same thing in the Ukraine to get him one of those jobs Hunter Biden got after Joe Biden blackmailed the parties he was dealing with while he was vice under Obama. You’ll will be surprised with what you’ll find in that department. The House of representatives is chug full of cases like that. The political applecart is the swamp in DC. All people that are hungry to line their pockets with the pay for play game and do not give a hootenanny about anything, leave alone care for America’s honest laborer. Yup corruption runs deep to them that are called the DC swamp. Especially if their name is attached to a money trail. Sad story and not telling any good about the people that are voting for those jerks whether it is this or that party.

        1. Omar is not her real family name. She piggybacked on another family and came in to the US illegally. She couldn’t use her real name because both of her parents are connected (leaders) of terrorist organizations.

          1. Legal or Illegal are all the same to a Democrat! Just like their” laws for thee not for me” All of the videos there are of Democrats lying, inciting followers to “get in their face tell them they are not welcome” So many lies , I do not think they can tell the difference anymore! Then there is AOC who has taken Lying to NEW Heights! She leads them All ! Our Country is in so much trouble!

      3. Big deal, Obumer should never have been president, he was the real illegal piece of crap to wrong the USA with his presents.

    2. ON November 8th, 2022 ALL Members of the House of Representatives will be up for Re-Election if they are going to run to be re-elected. That could do WONDERS for the AMERICAN ELECTORATE.

  1. This is a sham that will only serve to unmask the real identities of the liberal left in DC! Our Real President is not finished yet and the liberals know it! When we finally get to the bottom of the 2020 election results we will all get to see how the real patriots conduct business.

  2. leave the man alone he help[ed many of us despite the low level of god bless America the whole congress should be sent home and we vote new men and woman in we start anew

    1. I agree with Rom. It’s time to get have trials on Nancy Adam Chuck and Maxine and a few others. They have been in office to long and take slow Joe with them.

        1. You are so right Marge,

          We need term limits, these people get in there and no matter how they do they can stay for the rest of their lives. This is wrong. Like any other job if you do not perform you need to go. There are term limits for President, Vice President. There needs to be term limits for every Government Position.

        2. Absolutely right. Term limits should have been approved years ago, but these professional “politicians” can’t stand the thought of having to work for their living again instead of feasting in the politicians trough.


    1. Unfortunately not paying taxes is impossible since your taxes are deducted from your paycheck before it is even issued, if you receive 1099’s you can refuse by not filing, again unfortunately your Employer sends a copy of the 1099 to the IRS and you can be charged with Tax evasion when they catch it.

      1. So true! They will gun you down for “THEIR” money!! Isn’t that what Waco, Texas (Branch Davidian) was really all about?

      2. Like Hunter Biden, although ya know since he is Joey boys obnoxious crooked son he won’t need to pay his taxes or go to jail. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Hunter in jail and how many friends he has made. Ouch.

  4. Millions of voters throughout the nation are realizing what a corrupt bunch of crooks run the democrat party they supported and are beginning to regret that support, especially some unions. example; will all the illegals be compelled to quarantine once across the border? Trump needs to do nothing The demopratz are so scared of him they will self destruct in their panic, every day more little secrets are exposed and every day more people get to see them. Before anything can happen the voting system must be changed. Validated In Person voting only!

    1. Agreed. I have always said voting should be done with paper ballots, in- person, with valid ID to compare against your legally registered voters registration. No mail in, no absentee voting with the exception of legally registered citizens/ voters who work outside the USA, are serving out of country in the military, or if a citizen is bedridden and truly unable to leave the house(not these that fake it to get to mail in) and that would be the only ones. As for counting ballots, the ballot boxes should be locked escorted by military to guarded counting locations. The volunteers, handcounting the ballots, need to be locked in with the ballots till counting is finished, no running in and out. Volunteers should be in sets of 1 Republican, 1 Dem, 1 Independent, 1 Military overseer per table; where everyone can work together and see each ballot and keep each other honest. No ahead predicting and giving MSM info ahead of the actual count coming in. If it takes a week or month, so be it but absolutely no machine counting. That way no foreign interference, no rigging machines, nothing that could cause fraudulent counting. This is what it will take for me to trust the election system again.

      1. I agree, you need to be a citizen & go to a voting booth. This last election was a scam on the America people. I know there this is causing a lot of sleepless nights over this decision of who they put in the white house. I am a afaired there is going to be a lot of problems from this. Help us LORD we need it.

      2. You have a great formula for an honest election! I would add that the paper the ballots are made of should be water and fire-proof with an ID Mark such as on our paper currency!

  5. President Harry Truman said “show me a Politician who works for the Government and becomes rich and I’ll show you a crook. He was right look at all the demoncrats and RINO’s that are millionaire’s and then ask what have they ever done for their constituents.

  6. The rats broke the law and we just let them get away with it. Why are not people arrested and facing treason charges? Yeah bring on the civil war,enough is enough. these crooks can not be allowed to get away with it! USAF retired

  7. It’s awful that money is taken from my paycheck to pay these idiots in DC and i can barely make ends meet time for a uprising of American Patriots!

  8. It is obvious the so called democrats are deathly afraid of Donald J Trump running for president in 2024. It is also obvious they know the excessive fraud used to beat then President Trump in 2020 is not likely to ever work again. Furthermore, it is certainly a fact they cannot get the guns outlawed and confiscated in just four years. Such a thing could take decades perhaps many decades! Consequently, if he is not somehow eliminated as a candidate in 24 he will certainly reverse all the things Biden is doing when elected and he will be elected. Biden is acting with executive actions in an effort to do away with all the Trump accomplishments that benefited every American citizen and was actually Making America Great Again.

    BUT Biden claims to be uniting the country. I do wonder how that will work out for him. After all in 2019 there was actually seven million more job opportunities then there were people to fill them under the Trump administration. That raised individual incomes for the first time in over a decade. That is a hard act to follow and rise above!

    1. Biden is going to let all the illegals in while we are on covid lock down ,that makes no sense . Then he is going to make them citizens, so Medicare for all will cost us more while adding more competition to a job market he has crushed. Then he wants 15 dollar per hour minimum wage. Every thing the Democrats do contradicts logic.
      They have no clue how to make a good economy, they just want to steal what they can from the American people and run.

  9. Ann, I like what you had to post. Your idea on an election should become law. There would be no fraud, cheating or dead people voting. Now, how to accomplish that? Demos are in charge now.

  10. Since they are not following the guidelines set forth in the Constitution this is a sham trial. But even IF they keep Trump from running for office, it allows him four years to maneuver people into place to run for numerous offices which maybe even better. The government is allowed to govern by consent of the people and the people are withdrawing their consent to be ruled by the politicians now in power. There should be ample opportunities to return the power to the people.

  11. “We the People” AGAIN are paying the salaries for each Congress person involved in this fruitless, hateful attempt to destroy Donald Trump. They (all Democrats and a few Republicans) are obsessed and incited by hell itself. Will it ever end…what will it take? There are real problems that need to be worked on. Pray you people in Congress get the grace to move on…

    1. Amen. We certainly see the hate that is in Washington today and know that until people give their heart to the Almighty God there will be no peace for them. When you read articles about those in Congress and Senate have made fun of those who do display their Christianity, it is not very hard to see what our problem is. God Bless American, love it or leave it.

  12. The dims are scared of Trump and not aware that The Trump is living rent free in Their “Brains ?? and minds ??” . Go Trump and do not give up nor surrender cause You have them in fear of something they can not identify and that makes them too sick to think and “govern” how they were elected to do as hired by We The People . I say fire them all or We will be firing sooner or later .

  13. I do not really agree The Democrats are afraid but I will agree they are Dumb and how they are able to misuse the Constitution and legal system raises serious questions about our System as a whole.
    The misuse of Troops in D.C. is another issue. THEY ARE NOT FEDERAL TROOPS. They are State National Guard Troops on State Active Duty still commanded by their Governor with local control by Commander, D.C. National Guard. A little ole swicheroo by the Biden Team. Biden cannot have FEDERAL TROOPS WITHOUT Declaring Martial Law.
    Look it up.

  14. The next four years shall test all Patriots! God save our children! God save the Republic. Though I have been repeatedly threatened, my Trump sign will remain is my yard until 2024! President Trump is the reincarnation of Edmund Burke, who, 300 years ago said: “The Only Thing Necessary For the triumph Of Evil Is For good Men To Do Nothing”. This was true 300 years ago and is true today!

  15. Has anyone else wondered about the very useful COINCIDENCE that the Jan. 6th riot just happened to occur at the same time as President Trump’s speech? We all know the Democrats will stoop to any level to destroy Trump who dared to defeat Hillary in 2016? I put nothing past them and cannot help but wonder just how this was so well coordinated!

  16. I totally agree. If Trump didn’t scare the Democrats so much, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to keep him from running for POTUS in 2024


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