October 3, 2022

Jordan: Dems are pursuing impeachment because they’re ‘scared’ of Trump

At this point, nearly everyone has accepted that former President Donald Trump will not be convicted by the Senate on charges of inciting a riot, but Democrats are charging ahead anyway.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) confirmed on Tuesday that Democrats are desperately chasing the impeachment dream because they’re “scared” of Trump and know his 2020 election loss is not the end of his political career.

In an op-ed published by Fox News Monday, Jordan observed:

It’s been almost a month since he left office, but Democrats still can’t let go of President Donald Trump. That’s why, as our country faces many urgent challenges, the Senate will set aside its real work this week and instead focus on yet another political impeachment charade.

President Trump did not incite the violence of Jan. 6. News reports suggest the FBI knew in advance that violence would occur. The U.S. Capitol Police also reportedly understood that there was a “strong potential for violence” that day. Pipe bombs had been placed before President Trump’s speech. So how can Democrats accuse President Trump of inciting violence when the violent acts had been planned in advance?

Far from inciting violence, President Trump urged listeners to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” Those who failed to heed the President’s advice and who committed the acts of violence must be held accountable. But Democrats cannot seriously accuse President Trump of inciting violence when he specifically called for peaceful protests.

The second impeachment of Donald Trump is plainly unconstitutional, Jordan noted, as impeachment is reserved for sitting officials — not private citizens.

That leaves only one reason Democrats are in desperate pursuit of some form of punishment against their greatest enemy. “In their desperation to attack President Trump, Democrats are trampling on other important constitutional rights,” Jordan wrote, adding:

Democrats are going to these lengths because they are obsessed with canceling President Trump. Democrats tried to impeach President Trump at least nine times since January 2017. They investigated him endlessly – the Russia hoax, the Mueller investigation, the first sham impeachment. They pestered him, his family and his associates.

But President Trump wasn’t fazed. He got results for the American people.

Jordan concluded that the bottom line is that this second impeachment push has nothing to do with “holding Trump accountable,” and everything to do with keeping him from running for public office ever again.

“At the end of the day, Democrats don’t want President Trump to run for office again,” Jordan said. “They’re scared of him. They know he works for the American people, and not the Washington Swamp. Unlike most politicians, President Trump did what he said he’d do. Hopefully, one day, he’ll get to do it again.”


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