August 10, 2022

Jordan: Biden’s blunders will hand control of House back to GOP in 2022

President Joe Biden has ruined every issue he’s touched so far. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) thinks it could open the door for a midterm change in Congress and put House Speaker Nancy Pelosi out of a job.

Jordan is hopeful that Biden’s deceitfulness and stunning incompetence could actually lead to Republicans taking back the house in 2022, Breitbart reported. The GOP lawmaker made his prediction on “FOX News Primetime” Friday — and if he’s right Pelosi would lose her majority and her title. 

When fill-in host Tammy Bruce asked what Americans watching Biden’s failure should do, Jordan had solid advice and a heartening message. “Well, yeah, defend anyone who gets attacked. These people running for school board because they are fed up with Marxist ideology called Critical Race Theory. Defend those people,” he advised.

“Help those people help them get elected — any elected official fighting back defend us,” Jordan continued. “Help us — any private citizen who stands up to the cancel culture mom, make sure you come to their defense if we all rally around the principles that make our country special that made us the greatest nation ever,” Jordan said.

“If we all do that, we will be fine. I think Americans are waking up,” he continued. “We had 13 service members killed. We had Americans left behind. Allies left behind, billions of dollars of equipment and weapons left behind, a border in chaos, an economy that’s not growing like it should, crime surging in every major area, and attacks on our First Amendment liberties.”

Jordan went on to charge that Biden was “hiding information from us.” After Biden’s phone call with former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani went public where he essentially asked him to downplay the dire straights the nation was in, Biden still has yet to address it.

“Why won’t Joe Biden release the transcript of the conversation he had with President Ghani? Why won’t he do that?” Jordan asked. “Americans are waking up, and they are going to push back. I think we are going to reassert ourselves and take elect the right kind of people next year and take back the House,” he went on to say.

“The American people, I think, get it,” Jordan later concluded. “This administration has not done one thing right. Everything is a disaster, and the American people understand it.”

Biden has been a trainwreck, but there may be good that comes if the GOP is able to retake the house. It’s a very distinct possibility with Pelosi currently holding onto a razor-thin margin, and if the midterms are good to Republicans, Pelosi will be out of a job in 2022.

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