May 24, 2022

Joe Biden’s support among young voters collapsing, could spell doom for Democrats in future elections

Democrats’ policies of free money to all particularly appeal to people with little life experience. However, if they are already put off by President Joe Biden, the party may be in serious trouble.

Biden is quickly losing support among voters aged 18-30, the Daily Caller reported. Several polls have revealed that the president is unpopular among this demographic that is largely credited with a Democratic takeover of Congress.

According to a January CBS News poll, Biden’s approval dropped by 70% from February 2021 despite the fact that 6 in 10 voters under 30 cast a ballot for the Democrat. Similarly, a February 2020 Gallup poll pegged Biden at only a 31% approval.

By comparison, former President Barack Obama never dipped below 42% the whole time he was president. This could be an indication that Biden’s biggest self-made challenges — namely rising inflation and a stagnating economy — are having a significant impact on an otherwise reliable voting bloc.

Moreover, former President Donald Trump turned out young people in droves to vote against him during his term. Biden has no clear nemesis to play off of and thus is stuck with just his own terrible policies.

“There are more younger people in play than there were in the last two cycles,” pollster John Della Volpe warned in Politico. “Democrats need to persuade them and mobilize them. That is the new reality.”

Della Volpe thinks young people will not turn out for Democrats if their pet issues are not addressed. He suggested climate change and student loan debt are big issues that “would very quickly capture the attention of [young] people.” Democratic pollster Ben Tulchin concurred that Democrats must “give them a reason to show up now.”

Democrats tend to take their core demographics for granted, but that will prove to be a mistake if Biden can’t get things straight. People who are paying more at the grocery store and the gas station won’t soon pull the lever for the people responsible for it — including naive young voters.

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