May 24, 2022

Joe Biden’s still refusing to accept the blame for 40-year high inflation

There are some things Democrats can easily explain away or hide from voters. Unfortunately for them, inflation isn’t one of them. With rumors that inflation would hit record highs confirmed, Joe Biden’s presidency is in its worst state yet.

The White House scrambled to prepare for the fallout ahead of Tuesday’s release of the March Consumer Price Index, the Washington Examiner reported. It would reveal that the cost of goods and services, including food and gasoline, hit a 40-year high last month.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki attempted to explain away the increase by blaming the war between Russia and Ukraine. However, she insisted the nation’s economy was in “a better place than we were last month.”

“We expect a large difference between core and headline inflation, reflecting the global disruptions in energy and food markets,” Psaki said Monday before the report was released the following day. “Of course, we know that core inflation, energy, the impact of energy, of course, on oil prices, gas prices — we expect that to continue to reflect what we’ve seen the increases be over the course of this invasion.”

Instead of addressing the actual causes of inflation, including doling out free money that discourages people from working, she seemed to suggest the administration would double down on that strategy. “We have, of course, legislation that could do exactly that and cut the cost of childcare, of healthcare, of elder care,” Psaki said.

“These all have enormous impacts on people’s budgets, on when they’re doing those calculations at their kitchen table, and certainly, this data will be a reminder of the need to do something and take additional steps.” Something indeed has to be done to stave off economic disaster based on the report that was released later that day.

The Labor Department reported the cost of consumer goods increased by 8.5% annually, marking the quickest hike since December 1981, USA Today reported. March is the fifth month in a row to see a four-decade high in inflation prompting the Federal Reserve to take a half-percentage rate increase.

The country has been in a tailspin since President Joe Biden took office though the media has run cover for him. Because people are shelling out more for everyday necessities, the Democratic Party can’t hide what a mess he’s made any longer.

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