September 30, 2022

Joe Biden’s FCC nominee loses One America News Network endorsement

The Democratic Party and the left can’t really compete with conservative ideas. Instead, they try to silence them by any means necessary.

One America News Network has rescinded its support for Gigi Sohn to the Federal Communications Commission over radical statements she’s made about censoring conservatives, Breitbart reported. In fact, OAN’s founder Robert Herring said Sohn “shouldn’t be anywhere near the FCC.”

“My son came out and supported her, but the company itself is not supporting her…,” Herring clarified. “There is no way this company would ever support her, and no way I’ll ever let it happen,” he said.

“How my son decided he wanted to, I don’t know,” Herring added. “She shouldn’t be anywhere near the FCC as far as I’m concerned.”

Somehow, Sohn had the support of OAN and Newsmax on little more than the promise that she wouldn’t go after them. A piece in Axios theorized this puzzling endorsement for Sohn came from her outspoken opposition to Sinclair Broadcasting Network, which is a competitor of Newsmax.

However, Sohn is no friend to these media outlets if her previous statements hold any credence. That opposition to Sinclair Broadcasting that Newsmax may have found so attractive came in the form of calling for their broadcast license to be revoked. As FCC commissioner, she would be in charge of those licenses and could do the same to any conservative media outlet.

She has also urged satellite and cable providers to drop OAN through her left-leaning group, Public Knowledge where she serves as CEO and was a co-founder. Sohn has called Fox News “dangerous to democracy” and “state-sponsored propaganda.” She has urged officials to conduct a “hearing” regarding the network, a chilling prospect given her new role if she is confirmed.

Lawmakers are rightly wary of Sohn as well, a fact that has sent President Joe Biden’s administration “scrambling” to save her nomination. It appears she is as unfit for the job as anyone could be — but that’s never stopped a Democrat darling before.




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