July 4, 2022

Joe Biden’s environmental policy is threatening to plunge America into blackouts this winter

President Joe Biden is beholden to the radical environmentalists in his party. However, embracing their policies could leave Americans dangerously in the dark this winter.

Spire Energy warned its customers in an email Wednesday that a possible shutdown to the STL Pipeline could result in blackouts, the Daily Caller reported. The energy company, based in Missouri, serves 1.7 million households in Missouri, Mississippi, and Alabama.

The STL Pipeline runs from Illinois to Missouri to carry clean-burning natural gas but has recently been targeted for its environmental impact. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will have a hearing on Nov. 18 to decide the pipeline’s fate with the possibility of revoking its permit. However, the pipeline will be allowed to continue operation until mid-December pending the decision.

FERC had approved the pipeline in 2018 and Spire began using it in 2019. Shortly thereafter, the Environmental Defense Fund sued the regulatory commission over its approval and won the right to challenge the pipeline in a federal appeal, forcing FERC to reexamine the approval.

Spire’s president, Scott Carter, emailed customers to warn of the impending calamity that would result if the pipeline were shut down. “The STL Pipeline was built to support your energy needs, along with those of more than 650,000 homes and businesses in the St. Louis region,” he wrote.

“Since 2019, this safe, fully operational pipeline has been bringing even more reliable and affordable natural gas to our community,” the email continued. “Unfortunately, while the STL Pipeline continues to operate today, it is now in jeopardy,” Carter warned.

Some media outlets attacked Carter for inciting fear, but he doubled down on his messaging. “We don’t want to alarm customers, but we want to be transparent with everyone about the energy they rely on,” Carter said in a rebuttal to an NBC affiliate. “Customers need to know that without the STL Pipeline in service during winter weather, the possibility of service disruptions and outages throughout the St. Louis area is very real.”

Environmentalists, and the Democrats who appease them for votes, have no qualms about outlawing vital energy sources in the name of conservation. However, these policies have real-world consequences for the people who rely on them for heat and electricity as Carter warned — and the White House has yet to comment.

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