October 17, 2021

Joe Biden’s cancer charity is a scandal

Joe Biden has been credibly accused of being racist, incompetent and mentally unfit. He’s known for his corrupt dealings in foreign countries and his nepotism relating to his son Hunter.

But his latest scandal is perhaps worse than all the ones that came before.

A bombshell report from the Washington Free Beacon shows that Joe Biden’s cancer charity spent most of its money on fat salaries for executives. Top execs in the company made salaries approaching a half-million per year, while less than a third of the money donated to the organization went to the mission – preventing and treating cancer.

As the Free Beacon noted:

The Biden cancer group’s financial disclosures may raise new questions about whether the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee allowed associates to profit off their access to him.

Let’s be real. Regardless of the motive for starting a cancer charity, anyone involved with the charity gets a lot of good press for being involved in the fight against cancer. In fact, it’s not unheard of for politicians to use charities to generate goodwill for their political career.

That’s ok, if the charity is actually doing good work.

But if you’re exploiting a cancer charity to line the pockets of your associates, shame on you. And the salaries of Biden’s cronies seem to indicate that’s exactly what was happening.

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