March 7, 2021

Joe Biden’s brother caught leveraging family name to promote law firm

After years in public service, President Joe Biden has made a name for himself. Apparently, his opportunistic family members have no problem exploiting that name when it suits them.

Francis “Frank” Biden recently used his older brother Joe Biden’s notoriety to promote his employer, the Berman Law Group, the Washington Examiner reported. Frank Biden bragged about his ties to the incoming administration in an Inauguration Day print ad for the Boca Raton, Florida law firm.

The ad, placed in the Daily Business Review on the day the new president was to be sworn in, featured photos of the two men and quotes that sought to bolster the younger Biden’s reputation with their connection, according to CNBC. “The two Biden brothers have long held a commitment to pushing environmental issues to the forefront; the president-elect has vowed to rejoin the Paris Agreement and wants to set ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets, for example,” the ad claimed.

“My brother is a model for how to go about doing this work,” Frank Biden said in the ad, reinforcing the idea that the pair are closely linked. “One of his central tenets is that one should never question another man’s or woman’s motives or assign blame to them. That way, you avoid creating a disparity that prevents any kind of coming together,” he said.

“You can of course question someone’s judgment, and that’s what we’re doing by bringing this to court,” the younger Biden said of the class-action lawsuit the firm brought against a group of Florida sugar growers for burning sugar. The firm is suing for damages to the public health they claim came from the practice, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

The ad explicitly mentioned the “Biden reputation for and motivation to engage in philanthropic, social and environmental issues that presented themselves,” leaving no doubt the name-dropping was intentional. Contact info, including for Frank Biden, is provided in the ad as well.

It’s not surprising to see another Biden use family connections to the politician. Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden and the president’s younger brother Jim Biden allegedly made deals based on their ties to the eldest Biden, and even signed a correspondence with “best wishes from the entire Biden family.”

In the scandal the New York Post broke wide open just before the presidential election,  Hunter Biden’s laptop provided evidence that members of the family were scheming with foreign companies to enrich themselves and possibly the then-candidate using the Biden name as an implicit promise of political influence.

While former President Donald Trump was harshly criticized for hiring his children as legitimate advisors, the mainstream media look the other way as the Bidens continue to cash in on the family name in questionable ways. President Joe Biden epitomizes the swamp-dwelling bottom feeders that Trump fought so hard to rid Washington, D.C. of during his term, and now it looks like America is stuck with the worst of that breed — and his brood — for the next four years.

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113 Responses

      1. You got to remember Joe Biden Is the most corrupt President we’ve ever had And when does the impeachment trial start He did the very crime They tried to impeach President Trump with the first time

          1. Don`t you know, they are the law. The DOJ and FBI is corrupt, so where and with whom do you press charges?

        1. True, but in spite of all the crimes he has and is commiting, he is a Democrat. The same laws that apply to Conservatives, Libertarians, and republicans do not apply to them. Double standards.

          1. Military Intelligence will running the show completely soon, to take all the corruption down. We can’t see all of it at the moment, but is going on behind the scenes. Consider all the irregularities that have occurred with election & inauguration. Biden is fake.

      1. Perfectly right, Norm !!!
        The question is who will be doing the
        “ charging” part ?
        Romney, or McConnell, or maybe Susan Collins, Or her best friend, Murkovski???
        Just wondering???

        1. AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN but start with charging deep state establishment INSIDER members masquerading as congressional members, CIA, NSA< FBI, DOJ. and other corrupt agencies like Dr. Faucil CDC, FDA, EPA, Bureau of Land Mamagement (BLM) that works ouf of the Dept. of the Interior, corrupt federal district judges, Dept. of Education, and many others that appear to be just as corrupt.

      2. Sleepy Joe needs to be impeached! There is more than enough evidence to prove that he is a crook, along with his entire family. He sold this country out to the Chinese and really anyone who is willing to pay his price. He is a true disgrace to the human race.

      3. That wont ever happen unfortiunately because the Dems are too intrenched and will resort to killing someone to keep their mouths shut!

    1. I’m thankful I didn’t vote for this clown! They will always enrich themselves & their families on the backs of the taxpayers! Can’t wait for the big change to occur!

      1. Iamvirgo :

        You sound sooo optimistic !!!!
        Agree with you 100%, I’m just wondering, do you know something we don’t ????
        Only because the only big change right now seems to be getting closer and closer to look like China …. hopefully I’m wrong!

        1. Corection – closer & closer to the new world order’s plan to take over the entire planet & reduce worldwide population by 95% in the near future.

      2. The change is coming soon, we get our president back on 3/4/2021 we are now a republic again. Trump did away with the USA corporation before he left. Arrest coming.

        1. How do you know this? I heard a radio show that talked about getting rid of all these corrupt people but then it never happened so I have lost hope. I try not to watch any news now cause it is all depressing. I sure hope you know something we don’t.

          1. Annette, you have to have faith that God is not going to let the evil doers, under satan’s rule, destroy this beautiful country & “we the people”. It’s his plan, not ours.

        2. I have the same information. Just waiting for the right time for it to be implemented. Was supposed to be on Inauguration Day but would have cost too many lives. This will be better. Easier by far.

        3. God’s with us truth shall come out honest truth i believe trump won honestly can’t wait watchm all go to prison ( treason ) start with obama hilary nancy Schum joe karma long with rest don’t forget all those media networks

    2. The Criminal, thief, racist ,trash moron biden & his family, not only screwed the American Taxpayers, he & his family received $millions & $billions of DARK CASH from all his Communist/Dictator officials who he is again kissing up to, so more $millions will be coming their way.

      biden don’t care about the American people, because if he did, he would have never signed the executive order to make over 11,000 people working on the Keystone Pipe Line loss their job. It proves he and his Communist team will destroy America.
      It will be okay for them to use fuel on all their private jets, cars, etc., which the fuel they be using will end up coming from their buddies in the communist countries.

      Criminal biden and the entire Demorat party should all loss their jobs and be thrown into jail for all the years they been DO NOTHING FOR AMERICA OR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, ONLY FILLING THEIR POCKETS WITH DARK CASH.

    3. And shall continue to do so at least for 4 more horrible years! Thanks people who voted for this senile OLD man! He couldn’t even answer ?’s without a teleprompter. How stupid can you be when you can’t even believe your own eyes? Always in the basement when did he ever campaign?

      1. I think the Democrats are getting antsy to get Kameltoe in China Joe’s position as president ASAP so I think, IMHO, Creepy Joe is on his way out. Accident, heart failure, complications from his dementia, Covid?? Hmmm, let’s see how much longer they’ll let him go! You know his ”loving wife” Jill has to be aware of this. Just listening to what the MSM is saying and reading between the lines any fool can see what’s coming! BTW, WHERE’S HUNTER? His absence is very conspicuous!!

      2. No he won’t. The Left is already upset with him and he will be removed very shortly because of his ‘mental incapacitation’ as proven and sworn by VP Harris and Speaker of the House Pelosi. Look for this to happen in no more than two months! That has always been the plan.

        1. Jim, let’s pray that military intelligence will step in (they’re timing this thing) before that occurs. That fencing around the capitol, along with the national guard, is part of the plan. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer…..are all evil & will be dealt with! The inauguration was not legitimate.

    4. And unfortunately none of them will pay for being traitors. Instead they got rich from Chinese money and they are all laughing all the way to the bank! I am all for ridding our lives of the bidens, camel-ah and obama.

      biden & his family must be sentence to jail for all their Criminal activities.


      biden and his Commies are destroying America.
      The American People were warned by our Greatest President in American History, President Donald J. Trump.

      1. Honestly hope they freeze all there accounts actually should take all there money accuses ect put it all back in American ppls hands I’d bet if u took Obama hilary nancy schum karma Joes whole family including each and everyone else whom done wrong all together have enough give each and everyone American be able to come close to giving everyone 2000 .what should be done anyhow

  1. President Trump will always be my President! He is the best. I have questions for Him. I WISH he was where I could reach him.

    1. So do I. I would be happy to speak to any one of the Trump Family! They sacrificed and accomplished more than any First Family in history…..What a heartache to have this corruption and loss for our country. They had accomplished so much for all of us. Breaks my heart. God bless them all….

    2. I also am grieved of this JB…as look Washington has even turned dark…dark. the color is gone and it is ashen gray. The minute Trump left. He has a light of our Lord upon him. That lite the white house…the capital always pushed at him…but failed. Maybe democrates and Republicans will wake up to what we have lost in Prez Trump. Both parties are lost. They will bare this shame…the people will remember this along time!!

      1. Trump will be back very soon don’t stop praying there is a huge light coming Trump would never leave us or this country . He is working on the plan it will come to the light soon and things will get better then we have ever known !!! Keep praying Trump safety and military an family . God Bless the world

    1. As President Biden signed more Executive Orders, he said that he was correcting Donald Trump’s mistakes. Didn’t Biden say in an interview that we have a Democracy, and everything should be done in a democratic manner? He signed 17 such orders his first day in office. Trump signed only 4.

      1. The difference is that President Trump’s executive orders were to help Americans and America! Bidens are to hurt our country and our people snd enrich other countries while making the Biden crime family richer!

      2. Well, you see, Ken, this “ fraud, liar” really thinks he has to “ correct” those mistakes he was talking about .
        And yes, he thinks we are a “ democracy” and the left’s way of doing things in a democratic way, must be by imposing their agenda on everyone… no debate, no exchange of opinions.
        That’s how they think democracy works !!!

    2. I read somewhere that biden doesn’t even know what he is signing. They just put it in front of him and tell him to sign it and he does. He probably wouldn’t understand what he was reading if he did read it before signing.

    3. biden will be out by 6 months. his demorat party will come up with some kind of joe has dementia. then we get karmaala the liberal hates our country also her and pelosi. they will be making more money in there pockets than the american people. who voted for these clowns haveto be out of there minds.this joe don t even know what the hell he is signing andwhen he talks he is reading whats on the telepromter.check his ear heis getting info from someone could be obama? we shall see.

      1. Biden may not make 3 months. Gates , Clintons , Obama and many others are already BEHIND the GREEN CURTAIN pulling the strings . He and old Kamala are marionette’s in this dog and pony show. These antics are right out of the plans Stalin , Alinsky , Putin , Lenin , Mao and others put in to play before Biden . These “picks” Biden is making is just the final phase .
        Even AOC is telling Conservatives to sit down and shut up. Speaking of someone who would be the “queen” of stupid. The dimowitcrats are only doing what CHINA is telling them to do.

  2. Joe Biden did not win and will not be my president ever I called Obama president all those years but I refuse to let him be president through Joe Biden We are without a president we have a dictatorship in the shell of Joe Biden

    1. 100% agree with you, Raymond!!!
      This is exactly what’s going on … it’s Obama’s
      3rd term and he is continuing his work of
      “Fundamentally transforming America “
      Into a huge and ugly dyktatorshhip …
      May God watch over us all !!!!

      1. I think We are Forgetting Vice Prez Nancy Scumlosi,, Swamp scum look at California, N her swamp buddies. She is getting all of her dreams, Watch she is going to pull the 25th amendment on sleep n whats her name! They Are Robbing us, IMPEACH THEM ALL< WISH WE COULD< WE R TRAPPED 4 MORE YEARS, GOD PLEASE HELP US,

    2. Obama was a traitor and committed Treason more than five times, the Clintons committed Treason more than three times, the Democrats all committed Treason to gain control of our beloved country. Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of 100% of the Dems all committed Treason through the Fraudulent Voting that occurred. All of these people should be facing life in prison, including the entire Biden family!

      1. President Trump tried to warn us. Millions of Americans listen but then you have the people who didn’t listen Shame on them.. We all have to pay for those people

    3. I STILL don’t call The Kenyan, Slick Willie or Bustard Bush president nor will I. The Kenyan from the time he went into the WH was The Divider, until I saw the tape of him bragging about being from Kenya. I heard video when Michelle and also his grandmother siget he was from Kenya! But someone has those tapes now and hiding them. Maybe someday they’ll sell ’em – hopefully!

  3. Everyone that has half a brain new of corruption linked to Biden family. Horrific laptop videos, in bed with China, scandals and anti American exposure. Media same on you, social media moguls burn for eternity. There is a life after and I hope you get a taste in this one. Shame. You know, that’s why you hate him, President Donald Trump was the better man, for America And a true red white and blue and I know I won’t get posted

    1. Hi, Rachel !!!
      Shockingly, you did get posted !!!
      I’m having the same problem , trying to express my opinion which obviously is not acceptable by this site and others !!!
      Totally agree with you !!!
      Our President was the best, he was our voice, he stood up for us, the people, like nobody ever did before!!!
      God Bless him and may God punish those who hate us and our country!!!!

      Amen !!!!

  4. And is anyone surprised? We knew all along that he hated the wall as much as he hated Trump. But the American people got what they voted for. Hope they’re happy

    1. Katydid only people who didn’t know what the Biden’s family did (including dead people, people who moved out of the state and illegals plus the miraculous machine that flipped votes (proof which is shown in black and white) voted for Biden. The news did a great job on hiding the truth.

      1. Everything was ( IS) a big fraud !!!!!
        And the so called “ news” of course they pushed eve under the rug … this is what they do best … Pravda is so proud of them !!
        Shameless losers !!!!

      2. That’s why I don’t watch any of the MSM channels prinus. I go on the Internet look where did news and compare notes

    2. The American people did not get what they voted for cause we all voted for Trump and he won fair and square. The Democrats stole it, and that’s on the GOP for not standing up and stopping it.!!!

      1. Yes, Peggy, God bless you for your honesty and patriotism!!!!
        That’s the real truth !!!!
        Unfortunately, we’re not even allowed to say
        what we think anymore !!!!
        Bastards !!!

    3. Sorry if I sound nasty but I could not call the people that voted for this fake, corrupt liar,
      “ American people “… don’t know, some zombies, brainless individuals, maybe

    4. I cannot believe that anyone voted for this guy, his family has been crooked forever, and that includes him. Let’s just see if they are prosecuted.

    5. Those people that “ voted” for this corrupt liar, fraud, must be the only ones to “ benefit” from his full of hate so called “ laws” , but unfortunately we must endure his despicable and evil agenda to destroy everything that was making our lives a little bit better and gave us some hope , before him …god Bless our President and his family… no, not President
      Frauden !

  5. Now we know were his son learned how to be stupid just like his uncle and daddy



    1. Yes, Rick, this is what he deserves!!!
      The same kind of respect they’ve shown for the last 4 years !!
      Not more, not less !!!!!

    2. hunter is living in thewhite house with daddy and mommy smoking crack and 14 years old little girls from china. what happy family. you will be seeing the obamas visting them all the time. and pelosi will be there at the head table having meetings and joe will be listeningto them and say what they want for america. one happy corrupt family. god help us.


    1. Yes, Patty, you are so right !!!
      The scary part is that he is not alone in all this ugly, despicable game they are playing on us !!
      He can’t be the “ head” … he is so lost, doesn’t know most of the time if he’s coming or going..
      There are a bunch of his handlers behind the curtain, pulling the strings… lots of those “ “heads”, all ugly, hateful, despicable

  7. Going after the Biden Crime Family right now is a waste of time. They will be protected by the Washington SWAMP, Just s the Clinton Crime Family is still being protected by the SWAMP. There is a good reason for all of this. Should any one in Washington investigate these families, the two crime families would talk and bring the house down

    1. Edwin, God Bless you for speaking the truth!!!!
      Any investigation into all these horrible corrupt, despicable, liars ????
      Maybe only when the pigs will fly, unfortunately!!!
      They are so slimy, disgusting, but they learned how to always tell the people what they want to hear then go back to making their millions of $$$, and this is exactly what’s going on for at least 50 yrs .
      The question is, how many of us understand that and do we really care to at least admit that this is a problem???

  8. Once again WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) need to do something besides sitting back and hoping someone else will fix this.

    NO ONE in government and this would include any family member should PROFIT based on their position or any member of the families position in Government.

    This just goes all that much further to anchor the need to CALL YOUR REP and SENATORS and DEMAND that Biden be IMPEACHED immediately!

    I strongly urge everyone who reads this to call your REP and SENATORS immediately and DEMAND Biden’s IMPEACHMENT!

    And at the same time DEMAND a full recount and deep investigation into VOTER FRAUD and all those involved to be CHARGED, ARRESTED, TRIED, CONVICTED and sent to PRISON for LIFE.

    People should write these numbers down and use them frequently even if you don’t think your elected officials listen, they are require to note your comments for the permanent record in their caller database for anyone to see.

    Members of the House

    Members of the Senate


    One call per rep!

    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

    1. Honestly hope they freeze all there accounts actually should take all there money accuses ect put it all back in American ppls hands I’d bet if u took Obama hilary nancy schum karma Joes whole family including each and everyone else whom done wrong all together have enough give each and everyone American be able to come close to giving everyone 2000 .what should be done anyhow

  9. Keep praying people God is not asleep.I have been reading the first book of Kings .So much parallel to present times .

    1. Thank you. I’ll have to check that out. I’m reading a book about Revelations and it says the Papacy is the anti-Christ, and they say why. Very interesting theory.

      1. Laura,
        Sorry, that theory Laura, but fact.
        First comes the Great Apostacy, Where people will deny their faith in God & in christianity, being catholic.
        Next, unfortunately, will come the reign of the anti-christ & 7 and a half years of tribulation. We were supposed to get a 10 yr reign for are sins, but our lady shortened his time for us. Because, If he were allowed a 10 yr reign no one would be able to resist him or his influence, or hold out that length of time.

        Then, Comes Jesus’s second coming in which he will come as an awful judge to judge man kind. & there will be no mercy this time. If you have been on the wrong path till now you will not want to be alive because the judgement will not be pleasant for those unfortunate unrepentant persons.

  10. Good Evening well I’ve said it from the beginning and I hate to say I told you so now what are we going to do about it stand up make your selves heard we need to Stop them before it’s too late

  11. Has anyone heard what Joe (that’s all the respect he deserves) has planned for the Wall, other than halting its construction? I think it is a fairly attractive wall, and according to the Border Patrol, has helped a lot, especially in cutting down on the drug trafficking. Maybe Hunter gets a cut of the drug money. Wouldn’t put it past him. I’m sure he needs his Chinese fentanyl.

  12. The whole Biden family are in it for money from china they have always been in cahoots with China they are traitors the Biden family needs to impeached for treason

  13. I have a hunch the best is yet to come soon as the Military gets all info they digging into right now. And I hope Trump will beck in the Whitehouse and a bunch of law breakers in Congress are behind metal bars

  14. The question I received today was, “Why would biden appoint General Flynn’s brother to be Commander of the entire Pacific Fleet!!?” Hmmnn Very Interesting!!


    1. True !!!
      Nathan, you are right, this site is another one “controlled “ by whoever is pulling the strings !
      I’m wondering, what’s next ???
      The re- education kampps ???

  16. is there a honest biden alive / America get this family utoChina if they love it just do not let them come back

  17. The Biden Crime Family Inc. they will never be brought to justice, what a sad state of affairs when justice will Never be served to such a wonderful family

    1. Justice WILL be served. They will have to answer to their Maker at some point. Then they can dwell in Hell through eternity.


  19. I would like to know who ever said that [email protected] is progressive or liberal. Anybody that knows any thing about it, knows that is a lie.

    Dems don’t know what a life is, because they got no brains. Cannot buy one cause the store ran out, put on backorder. Problem is that the stupid brainless Dems working in the brain factory went on strike. They went on strike, because they were not making enough to buy brains. When they got enough they went to the store only to find out that Biden had raised the price.

  20. For over four years Dems tried every trick in the book to get Trump and now with so much evidence against Biden right in the open nothing is being done. Good job morons who voted for Biden, look what that is getting you now.

  21. Bring back the KEY STONE PIPELINE!
    What is wrong with deranged Joe? Hundreds out of work now.
    He is bringing America down day by day and someone needs to
    stop this crap. No more immigrants crossing the borders. Dumed
    down Joe is just following what his advisors want to hear and do.
    This is dangerous territory we are in now, and we must ban
    together and get back what was and will be. This so called
    administration is hell bent on bringing us to the level of

  22. What was The American People thinking when theyVoted for China Joe Biden I didn’t vote for him but He’s making America Poorer by the day and We the People are Suffering from this Bad President

  23. Biden and his Family need to be held accountable, along with the countries that they were dealing with. Remember, this is America and we live by laws and the Constitution.

  24. The truth is; Obama is running the shut show we are seeing, joebama and the ho are stooges to get Obama back in the White House! Susan Rice will be his “ right hand man” like she was before. Though she is dumber than a bag of hammers, she is a “ good little puppet”, and will dutifully execute his orders.

  25. No matter what the Democrats say, we KNOW this election was a complete fraud with so many illegal votes from the dead, unregistered, illegal’s and these machines transferring 10% or more of the Trump votes to Biden and away from Trump. President Trump won in a landslide of well over 20 million votes. The facts have never been allowed to be seen by the courts. What will happen I don’t really know but it cannot go on like this or our Republic will fail. Trump IS the original “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” who was not a politician but a businessman who accepted no salary and even lost a good deal of his fortune serving the American People. Was he always right, no, but he was always honest with the American People in his heart. He was one of, if not the best President we have ever had and very much opposed to the “Deep State” which he wanted to remove from politics. God Bless President Trump!

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