June 14, 2021

Joe Biden to launch environmental agenda on day one of presidency

For the next several years, America is going to look a lot different to many of us and not in a good way like when President Donald Trump was set to take office in 2016.

According to the Washington Examiner, President-elect Joe Biden has a long list of environmental mandates that many believe he will push through as soon as he can in order to appease environmental activists who truly believe that “climate change” is one of the most pressing security threats America faces today. 

Through a series of expected executive orders, Biden promised during his campaign leading up to the 2020 election that he’s willing to take a number of climate-related actions when he takes control of the White House.

Some of those promises include achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, and a carbon-free energy sector by 2035. He also wants to conserve roughly a third of U.S. lands and waters by 2030.

Just last week, when introducing a number of his climate and energy Cabinet nominees and appointees, Biden vowed to tackle climate-related issues post-haste. “We need to meet this moment with the urgency it demands as we would during any national emergency.”

It’s a message that environmental activists have been waiting for since the Obama administration, including David Doniger, the senior strategic director of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s climate and clean energy program.

“I’m just hoping to hear on day one, or very, very early, signals about an urgent agenda to address neglected pollution problems, including, of course, climate change,” Doniger said.

Not surprisingly, Biden’s first course of action — literally a “day one” promise he made on the campaign trail — includes rejoining the Paris climate agreement, which after a 30-day waiting period would make the U.S. a member once again. The former vice president also plans on calling on the leaders of some of the most pollution-heavy countries and demanding that they take aggressive action to clean things up.

Between new fuel economy standards for vehicles, a total revamping of America’s energy sector and striking deals with world leaders, Americans who currently work in any field even loosely connected to energy would be well-served to begin searching for alternate employment options, because it’s going to get ugly with Biden in charge.

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64 Responses

      1. You know, the thing that gets me is how dumb Biden is saying he will tax the rich but I see rich people, big corporations, Hollywood elites all backing this fool. He will GIVE these people more power and money. The people who will be taxed the most are hard working people and the extra taxes that we will pay for at stores, gas stations and such.

        1. You won’t have to worry about that. They are moving this Country into a two tiered financial system. There will be the rich and the poor. No more middle income and that’s most of us.

  1. The one good environmental thing he could do for our White House is not be there! What a relief to truly patriotic Americans that would be!

      1. Get used to it. I do not believe Biden will serve the first 100 days. Congress will use the 25th amendment to remove him from office for mental unfitness, and put Harris in as the new president.
        Shortly after that I believe the country will be in a civil war.

        1. Either way the theft of this election and the potential that Supreme Court is going to screw us over. If this happens
          Then We The people need to seriously
          Stop them from removing the rightful sitting President TRUMP. It is treasonous to become a part of this. It is also wrong for ANY American to just let it slide.

      2. Well if that happens(and that is a big IF) everyone who voted for the deplorable duo will get just what they asked for, and it will serve them right, the downside will be that it’s the rest of us that will suffer.

  2. If the left is so sure Biden won the election fair, & square, by beating President Trump, with so many votes. I say let just the Republicans, vote again, & then the whole world, can see by just how many votes, Biden beat the President, once & for all. That should satisfy everyone, then there will be no doubt, & people will stop all the questioning, & the truth will be known.

    1. Commie Demoncraps should welcome recounts an audits to PROVE they won. They should open ALL voting machines, recount ALL FAKE ballots if they won fair and square. ALL those involved in Fraud should go to PRISON!!

    2. I say every citizen votes again with registered voter photo ID, verified applied for, registered mail in ballot requests. A clean election. But noooo. Liberal irresponsible democrats don’t do ANYTHING clean.

      1. I do not believe another election is necessary. Just MANUALLY recount all the ballots in all states.
        If Biden won this will prove it. If Trump won then election integrity is preserved.

    3. There was nothing Fair and square about this election. There was no accident that exploded in Nashville where the dominion voting machines and master computer were.
      Neither was it an accident that the main computer was fried. Fake News is like China news only what they want you to know. Take a long walk in our history and the Holy Bible.

  3. When Biden takes oath he has committed Treason The election was fixed and he knew it. Were going downhill like a snowball headed for hell Hang in there President Trump Resolve this dont give up you were cheated out of the Presidency

    1. Agree 100%. Don’t Give in Mr. President remain strong and know you have millions of us who believe in you and know you have done more and worked harder for the American people and the USA than any President ever. CHEATERS NEVER REALLY

  4. Biden sure has alot planned for his first day! I Remember “Bath House Barry” was still attending Inauguration Party’s 16 weeks after!

      1. A retired petro-engineer friend of mine said several years ago that the oil companies, with the help of the automotive industry, could make a low/no emission fuel available for about $2.50 a gallion. But there wouldn’t be any muscle cars, and acceleration would be limited.


  6. Somebody really NEEDS to do all of us a favor and put a bullet in Biden’s head …..NOW !!!! He would go down in history as a HERO !!!!

    1. He really is as official as Lance Armstrong was as the winner of Tour de France. Biden’s drug of choice was the Dominion with a Systematic Fraud chaser.

  7. If y’all think the election was rigged like I do, then let’s all rise up and do something about it. We are being forced to be communists.

  8. I hope Trump has last shot before inauguration if no we have to do revolution and stand up for our rights and for a President we voted!

    1. Yeah, but how? The only people I have seen get arrested and charged are people who have tried to fight back. I agree with you but how can we really organize?

  9. Crooked sleepy Joe does not belong in the White House, he belongs in the Big House wearing shackles and handcuffs.

  10. He is not and will never be my president, and I will not bow down before them or give up my gasoline powered car. I want to gas up and go.

  11. What can the people do to demand a re do election. I don’t think the republican senators are going to stand Afraid they will look bad. Which they will. If they don’t stand on January 6th. Vote them out

  12. Don’t worry people Biden is not going to be President. They have so much evidence the Republicans are going to reject Biden won. Stay hopeful . It’s coming and Dems will be in jail

    1. Laura the s.c isn’t going to hear Trumps case until after Biden is sworn in office that is what judge Roberts has said it’s just another dirty trick the dem’s are doing just to screw over the U.S.A


  14. Call Representative 202-225-3121
    Senator 202-224-3121 and object to the way your state voted give examples of fraud if you know.

  15. Yes. He will cower them into coughing up their fair share through his strong calculated speech to his impressivebody language…but this happens as they all break out into 35 minutes of laughing and telling Biden joked

  16. China is the biggest environmental threat in the world. W-88 Warhead will cleanse the area & twenty years from now we’ll have a nice & friendly environment without Communist & negative releases of carbons from plants that are unregulated at all…

    1. The communists regimes failed in Europe….all the governments collapsed to one extent or another. A former Chinese leader stated that there were dynasties that lasted centuries in China. The communist will eventually be just a blip in history; a period hardly worth mentioning in the 4,000 year history of China.

  17. Don’t forget that he left men to die in Benghazi, Leaked the names and unit of the men who killed Osama Ben Laden, responsible for the plane that was shot down in the Tangi Valley, killing 36 mostly Seal Team 6. Wants open borders, free stuff for ILLEGAL Aliens. Wants ILLEGAL aliens to have the right to vote and some really foolish people voted for him.

  18. Joe Biden is as official as Lance Armstrong was as the winner of Tour de France.
    Biden’s drug of choice was the Dominion Shot with a Systematic Fraud chaser.

  19. The Dems will have a two tiered system with the rich and the poor [email protected], and that [email protected] that includes most of us will also include most democrats that voted for this ah, mafia godfather , plantation owner. If you think that is a lie just wait a few months. That old gramps that they think is so safe, and his commie sidekick will ruin their lives.

  20. Whoa! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a totally different subject but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Excellent choice of colors!

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