May 14, 2021

Joe Biden suffers mental collapse in front of cameras – again

Sleepy Joe can’t keep it together long enough to make a speech in front of the cameras no matter how hard he tries.

Does anybody seriously think that this gaffe machine can run the world’s largest superpower? Check it out:

Two possibilities here. One, Biden is so used to throwing millions of dollars of taxpayer money at special interests that he only thinks in terms of millions and billions. Or two, he is a confused old man that is just barely keeping up with the teleprompter.

And if you thought that was bad check this out:

“You’re trying your breast, but it never feels like enough.”

I can’t think of anything more creepy than this line from Joe Biden, and I hope it’s just a slip of the tongue, rather than a Freudian slip.

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180 Responses

      1. You’re not even worth a reply to that stupid Charlie Brown statement, but you 2 have some similarities, you are both cartoon characters! I do give you accolades for ruining the NBA! I hated Basketball and hopefully you killed it!

        1. I hate basketball now but I didn’t use to I wish it would go away also in fact I don’t care if they all go away with the money they make and what they charge to go to a game is unreal would never do it go away for ever all of you and we can give our money to a worthy cause instead of a bunch of big headed athletes that think the world revolves around them

          1. BLM is simply a reason to piss and moan. White people are called honkey and other names all of the times, but we don’t go around looting and crying about it. Get a life.

      2. Alright lebree jamie who asked for comments from the peanut gallery? #TRUMPCONGRESSSENATE 2020 TOTAL LANDSLIDE!

        1. Since I am not working and rich I offered you my free thoughts. The white race is finished in 2020. No more privilege, no more peace, no more police, no more safety until you agree with BLM!

          1. Let’s kill all the BLM losers and then America will truly be great…Especially when we don’t have the take care of our families and these lowlife thugs that dwell in the hoods across this great country…

          2. Sorry Hoss that your family lives in the hood but I do not. I rose up and am woke, you should try it. It appears that it is me supporting your family now, get a job.

          3. i see they will be taking all that blm crap off the courts next year as the viewership dropped 60%.what would you expect from a lot of tall ex garbage men!

          4. What white privilege?. There is no white privilege the blacks have ever opportunity see whites to I was raised up a sharecropper’s daughter we worked in the field from daylight to dark. Went home and did chores milk the cows, feed the chickens, we had a water well where we had to draw water by hand and I don’t remember ever not being hungry when I was growing up so please don’t talk to me about white privilege you need to stop complaining and be thankful for what you have stop the story and things that other people have worked hard for and thank God for any god-given Talent you might have

          5. No the nba is FINISHED as are the demophiles and you will be the one responsible for their demise! ignorant POS!!

          6. Didn’t you just buy a $36 million house in a predominantly white neighborhood? Why didn’t you chose a black neighborhood and help your neighbors have better schools, teachers and recreation centers? Use yourself as a role model to lift some of those people. Give then the means to make better choices and get better jobs?

          7. Hope you enjoy the world without the white race. I suggest you give up everything that has been invented by them too.

          8. BLM is a racist facist organization, that stands for the Burning, Looting, and Murdering of little children Squad. They say they stand for black lives matter, while they destroy black communities, and black peoples lives. they are nothing but a bunch of spoiled well to do brats, that need an excuse to destroy something. They think that after the election they are going to rise hell. The people have a surprise waiting for them. Those that don’t end up in bags, will end in jail for a long time. Antifuka Too.

        2. To 11B10Grunt :

          May God hear you !!!
          God Bless America!!!!
          Trump and Republicans in a landslide!!!

          1. Never thought I’d hear about a person with a single digit IQ, but 11B10Grunt makes me believe I’ve heard one . Time for this person to grow up and stop expecting someone to come and give him a fancy living without any worik.

        1. White Republicans are all talk, no action. That is why Biden will win, Democrats will have the House and Senate and my people will be on top with BLM as our army. white people are getting killed at our rallies and you do nothing to stop us. Civil war? You are chickens, where are you – not at rallies fighting us for your privilege.

          1. Just another stupid knee-grow…Go back to sucking grease off chicken bones and _ick. You idiots will be isolated to the cities where you will be killing each other off like the rats you are.

          2. Name a time and place “BOY” I’ll be there you PODOGPOOP! You know what happens to DOGPOOP “BOY”…IT GETS STEPPED ON AND SQUASHED!

        2. To Hoss :
          It really looks like jerks like Le Bron are pushing us to that “ part 2”
          Good for nothing losers !!!

      3. You rant about the BLM. Are you going into Chicago and killing the blacks who ran them out because THEY DON’T AGREE WITH THEM NOR WANT THEM IN THEIR CITY? Same with NYC? How you going to do what you claim if you have more than half the blacks against the BLM and 90% or more of the rest of us? By the way the red necks are not only armed but even their 12 year old girls can hit a moving target as your behind runs.

          1. BLM is a terriost organization you grew up in hood what have you done for your community you support a peado joe for president you claim oppression tell me about it when you are making million Mike Obama she’s being hunted down the only time that will happen is when the treasonous Obama try to flee the country you must have no shame your with a party who created the kkk

          2. You’re nothing but a thug la bron! From what I’ve read so far you are for destroying America. If you, blm and Antifa don’t like it here…. more!!!! We won’t miss you!

        1. Blacks are buying the white owners out, ending slavery once and for all.
          Get used to us being your boss now.

      4. did you ever look into a mirror and see how racist you look it take a racist to know another racist shame on you
        do we tell you that your are a black privilege ?????????

      5. Go play with your toys or better yet…. pack up your balls and move to China where they hate and look down on your colour.

      6. You IDIOT… There is not and never was anything racist about the Charlie Brown cartoon… You on the other hand are as dumb and racist as they come.

          1. And here is Charles Schultz repy per snopes..”Schulz replied that he had previously held off on introducing a black character, not because he was worried about meeting resistance to the concept, but because he wanted to avoid seeming to be patronizing”. You really are an IGNORANTRACIST aren’t GFYS!

          1. I have an idea, why don’t you sell one of your mansions, and go down to Harlem, and see how many people you can help. I don’t know that may be to hard for you to do take to much of your time. You won’t have enough time to rant.

        1. To Josephine Lara :

          Yep, actually this is all his 2 brain cells would be able to handle !!!!

          We must really rethink how we “ reward” these “ ball bouncing “ ungrateful individuals.
          We made them millionaires and now they talk about “ controlling” our thoughts, lives …. something is not right here !

      7. What? Charlie Brown a racist? Is that because he is white or did he actually do something to earn that title? You if you automatically call someone a racist because of their skin color, then you are the racist.

      8. you are and IGNORANT person, Go Back to your Ghetto where you will be someone impotent. BFD you can put a Basket ball in a HOOP you have a 3rd Education. BFD there is NO White Privilege, I’ve worked since I was 7 years old and I’m now 63. I had REAL jobs not bouncing a Damn Ball around a court. you loser.

      9. You are a product of white privilege but you won’t accept it! You went to best schools and colleges to get where you are today!! There is no black or white privilege!! It is just people working hard to achieve their goals and live their lives. Charlie Brown was not a racist cartoon; Pigpen was a Negro in the cartoon!!!

      10. End communist privilege in 2020 and vote all demoncrats out of office and President Trump will win in a 50 state landslide and complete control over House and Senate!!

      11. Your a idiot, racist. Brain washed . I am in my 70’s raised in the south, with every ethnicity, working farms,businesses, ranches,orchards, . You have disrespected all with your remarks and actions. All of these Americans were hardworking Americans. NEVER gave one thought to destroying or hurting one property or person. What’s really pathetic is I had too move too a parasitic city too find out there were black people. I thought we were all Americans. I don’t know who you are,but your a cartoon, a bad one.

      12. You, Mr. James, should not be living in our country! You are not an American! You should go live where you can respect the country you live in and follow it’s beliefs.

      13. I have nothing agains black people i think every body should own one every if they are as stupid and retarded as this one Le Bron James.

      14. Really. If I remember correctly there isn’t white supremacy I live in a real world. I take responsibility for my actions. Never got a college education until I was in my 50s because I had to hold a job from the age of 12 babysitting then waiting tables raised my kids to work for what you want or it won’t happen. I been up and down on the income scale but I earned my dreams by working to pay for them life is rough but you have to work to get better not all of us had naacp to help us get a job playing sports because someone has to do it just hope you have gotten an education to help out after you are to old for playing

      15. If you sincerely believe that white privilege exists and/or will be changed in a positive manner by voting for the democrats you may want to buy stronger tinfoil and turn it so the bright side is up, Change it frequently and share with those who agree with you.
        You have a serious vision and comprehension problem and it may well be too late to expect any valid change. Perhaps moving in with Pelosi and the rest of her “mob” , the one we call congress would be a teaching revelation for your poor disenfranchised self!

      16. Sadly, you have totally lost whatever serious credibility you may have ever had with your clearly shallow-minded, racist remarks. What a shame . . .

      17. please Le Bron limit yourself to throwing balls….You are very good at that!!!!! nothing else…..You impress me as quiet privileged and you are not white. Stop B…….ing.

  1. Joe trips over his pecker again. Maybe that’s what was on the teleprompter. Yeah, right! Either way its bad again Joe.

  2. I hope people come to their senses before the election and realize that Joey Ray Ban is nothing but a empty suit like his comrade Obama

    1. I hope so too Chuck. people need to realize this man is UNFIT totally to lead our country, and Kamala is worse !

    1. How can you say that she had no talent, when you say she sucked her way to the top. Bet that took a lot of practice. I bet the hard part was doctoring all blisters on her back, while her heels were in the air.

  3. Biden is a disaster to the American people a laughing stock with world leaders that would eat his lunch in any negotiations as he will not have a teleprompter and wise he is not and could not even travel regular around the USA and no way around the world with his 8am to 4pm schedule 3 days a week

      1. What a JOKE!! Don’t even know who you are, but you’re definitely unhinged if you support Pee Pads and Knee Pads – the DemoRAT ticket!!

          1. I am a poor white boy that never got a break in my life. I was to short to play basket ball so I never made it to the top. Unlike you that lives in a mansion and drives luxury cars, and cries about all of the injustice in the world. Instead of helping your people, I think that you could learn a lot from Candice Owens, she is right, if you keep telling someone he can’t the he wont, and all you do is tell your people they can’t and teach them to cry. You should join Kaepernick in China I am sure you would be right at home.

      2. The only real win is to have Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. You did not have a choice in your skin color any more than any one else. Please be aware you have more privilege being who you are than 99 percent of the world. May God touch you life with His love

          1. Its amazing that during this period in time, all people realized they could do without overpaid athletes, injury lawyers and many other things. You will never be an essential human being like doctors, nurses, truckers and even the workers at grocery/retail stores. If you think money is everything, you are sadly mistaken. When you rise to the level of, and get the respect that is given to Essential workers, you just may have something. You may be rich but not in the right things.

          1. oh yes they can. try looking up the definition of racism. it doesnt say Only white ppl can be racist.
            in fact Racism is Any person or group of ppl that think they are superior to some one or some other group based on the color of their skin or ethnicity. STOP. YOU ARENT HELPING ANYTHING

      3. You are a complete un american fool that has ruined basketball. Why dont you do good deeds for poor minorities instead of using your platform for trying to destroy our country??

      4. People promoting Joe Biden are complicit in elder abuse. It is beyond clear that former VP Biden is spiraling downward cognitively and is no shape to run for ANY political office — much less the most powerful job on our planet . . . the President of the United States. A tragedy is playing out before our very eyes! Everyone who is shoving Biden in front of people and cameras should be ashamed of themselves. He is rapidly becoming a shadow of his former self. His handlers are stripping away whatever dignity he may have ever had when he was his former self.

  4. The man seriously needs to be protected from those who are putting him out there. Where is Adult Proctective Services when they are Really needed? The abuse here of this man by the democrats and his wife is horrendous.

  5. Vote for me for the Senate, I am the
    b-reast candidate, the pay is $15 million,
    $15 thousand, ummm heehee,
    15 dollars an hour.
    I am Joe Biden and I approve this mess.
    Why Trump in 2020?
    How about these reasons for a start?
    🇺🇸🇺🇸 Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. If dear old Joe thinks I don’t deserve to know what his policies are on anything having to do with running this country, he is sadly mistaken. I have a right to know where he stands on everything that effects the running of this country. so he had better start spitting it out, or go back to the mental ward he escaped from.

  7. You know what is really funny, they accuse Trump of colluding with Putin. Did you know that everyone of the Dems running for office, have been running on a communist agenda.
    And they expect me to believe that they have not been colluding with Russia. It was HRC that got 145mil from Putin. It was HRC that destroyed evidence, email, text msg., cell phones. It was HRC that bought the Clinton Russia dossier from Putin. And you want me to believe that HRC is some innocent victimized little angle. Lock her up.
    lockup Biden
    lockup Harris
    they both new what was going on, and participated, concealed evidence. accessory before during and after the fact.
    So did Pelosi and her boy friend Schumer.

      1. Really! it would have been the best thing that you could have done. You look so muck better when no one can see your teeth.

  8. Joe is well and a fine upstanding American. He will be a good president for the new route we are all taking. Everyone will get a lot of government stimulus during these hard Covid times and after too. Be thankful for what the Democratic Party will do for you. Trump gave you nothing.

    1. I thank Trump for the many things that he has given to the people. So much more than any Dem has even dreamed of. All that Dems have given has been an endless stream of BS. We now know that the Entire Dem est. has been involved an elaborate scheme to over throw an duly elected president, and deceive the people. This includes yourself and your boyfriend Chuck. All of you knew that the dossier was a phony piece of sh!t, and yet you chose to pursue it, and try to destroy peoples lives. you say that you are a christian, but your actions bely that. You act more like an atheist, and a traitor to the country and the constitution that you swore to protect. I do Not have anything good say about you so I will end may rant.

  9. Joe Biden to China, if like America you can have it and take over as long as give Hunter Biden millions of Dollars

    1. It was billions of dollars, but since we are talking about the whole country, the price just went up to trillions of dollars, and I want to be the new emperor of China, so you will have to fire Xi.

      1. Not quite! They have to take over the government first. Then they will take over the media, news, and social media, to control everything the people hear and see. So that they can brainwash everyone, including themselves into believing their own lies. It is the only way they can justify destroying the country.

  10. Le Bron, You’re thought of as a good player…if you want to be thought of as a GREAT player, stay out of politics. And by the way, the words “democratic” and “democrat” are two entirely different words with entirely different meanings.
    I believe I’ve made my first point.

    1. To Allen :
      You’re asking Le Bron to use common sense and that’s something he is incapable of because he’s nothing but an ungrateful brainwashed useless individual.

    1. You know! come to think about it, they wont even need networks, or the owners, board of directors. the gov can take all of their money and they will be [email protected] too. From the tale of Riches to Rags.

      1. They wont need social media either since everyone will be brainwashed, and they wont have anything to b!tch about. B!tching will probably be banned any way. Everyone will have to agree with the gov..After all isn’t Gov. the great protector, the great healer, the great giver of all things that the people need, but will never get. Just more BS. [email protected] > [email protected]

    1. The real reason that Biden wont come out of his basement, is because he had convid and was scared some one would find out. That is what happened to his brain, it was over heated because he had a high fever, and suffered brain damage.

      1. That is why they wont let him take a test, and he should have a phycological evaluation. He is no longer suitable to serve as a president. They will have to replace him with Bernie Sanders. After all the work they did to keep Bernie out, just like they did when HRC running.

  11. Well, why didn’t you write a black cartoon if it bothered you? Or use all that money to hire someone that could write for you? Like all people that cry racism with no reason to cry, you are searching for something to cry about. Could you not find a country that you consider non racist and go there and not watch Charlie Brown?

  12. Nancy Pelosi along with Biden need their brain repaired. Without Trump’s signature and approval we would have gotten anything.

    1. You are right, if it weren’t for Trump, all would have gone to the Kennedy Center, and bailing out N.Y. and Ca.. Us peons would have gotten nothing. Hail the Chief.

  13. Didn’t you just buy a $36 million house in a predominantly white neighborhood? Why didn’t you chose a black neighborhood and help your neighbors have better schools, teachers and recreation centers? Use yourself as a role model to lift some of those people. Give then the means to make better choices and get better jobs?

  14. Not only has basketball been transformed into jungle ball with all the rule changes over the past several years; “traveling” is now permitted, “palming” the ball is now permitted, “goal tending” is now permitted, personal fouls for body checking and other contact fouls are usually overlooked, and a lot more.
    Then, anyone with a half-ounce of common sense and a minimal amount of intelligence should be able to clearly see that basketball is a “Racist” Sport, which is what all the hoopla is about from the players.
    It’s a boring game to watch; even more so than baseball and curling.
    ALL game players are HIGHLY OVERPAID which has run up ticket prices.
    ALL the food & beverages at the game venues are HIGHLY OVERPRICED.
    For some games, the winner of the game is actually determined by the officials. Like Football. And all you fools who pay big money to attend these games are alright with this ? [email protected]@@ big money sports. They aren’t professionals. They don’t care if they spoil your game experience (entertainment) by acting like idiots to try to get some lame, dishonest, individually opinionated message across to the fans, nor does the team management, or the league officials care either.
    And for ALL you dumb white boys who still watch games with BLM plastered on jerseys, stadium floors, and anyplace else it can be displayed; BLM has publicly advocated for the annihilation of ALL Whites in America. They want you extinct in the United States. This rioting today may be just a precursor to what is coming, and you’re donating to this multi-million dollar violent, terrorist organization which continues to burn down parts of this Country, kill innocent people, and destroy the livelihoods of millions of innocent Americans, while the Mainstream Communist Media cools down its reporting for the sake of the Democratic Communist Party’s campaign which was negatively being impacted by all the news reports of the violence.

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