May 28, 2022

Joe Biden steps down on Ukraine situation, hands leadership over to Vice President Kamala Harris

President Joe Biden is painfully incompetent and just plain terrible at his job. The only person that outshines him in this respect is Vice President Kamala Harris — and now she’s been given yet another important crisis to botch.

Biden has tapped Harris to deal with the escalating tensions as Russian troops amass on the border with Ukraine, Newsmax reported. A Russian invasion may be imminent but it’s doubtful Harris will have much of an impact based on her previous failures.

Russian President Vladimir Putin seems poised to invade with little to stop him, and this prospect has the world on edge. In an interview in January, Harris took a tough stance against Putin and this possibility.

“If Russia and Vladimir Putin violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, there’s going to be serious consequences, and we’re very clear about that,” she said. Harris will attend the Munich Security Conference in Germany to join other European leaders in diffusing the situation.

The vice president’s deputy press secretary noted that her presence would “demonstrate our ironclad commitment to our NATO Allies, reaffirm our shared interest in upholding the principles that have underpinned European peace and security since World War II, and underscore our commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” Maybe, but it’s doubtful given that she has yet to have success with any major task handed off to her.

As illegal immigrants overwhelmed border facilities early in the administration, Biden put Harris in charge of solving the problem by getting to the “root causes” that bring hordes of people out of their nations and into the U.S. She has made no progress on that issue and few diplomatic inroads.

Similarly, Biden put Harris in charge of passing the “For the People Act” that would have nationalized elections procedures. That bill failed in the Senate after being passed in the House even as Democrats have hammered home the idea that anything other than this legislation amounts to racism and voter suppression.

It’s clear that the only person worse for the job than Biden is Harris. The vice president has mismanaged or simply failed at everything she’s tried to do, and this task is too important to leave up to her to botch — but then again, Biden can’t do any better himself.

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