May 23, 2022

Joe Biden sent Ukraine intel to China who shared it with Russia, biggest blunder of his presidency

President Joe Biden is a weak leader who is painfully incompetent and woefully unprepared. Now his terrible decision-making is proving to have serious consequences.

Biden failed at stopping the Russian invasion of Ukraine via diplomacy and the threat of economic sanctions, TheBlaze reported. What’s worse, his appeal to China using intelligence information about the coming conflict backfired.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has advanced into Ukraine despite protestations from the American government. Publicly, the administration was threatening useless economic sanctions even as Russian troops were amassing at the border with Ukraine.

Biden was stressing a “return to diplomacy” while threatening anything less would damage Russia’s “credibility worldwide.” However, the White House made it clear that military action from the U.S. or NATO allies was largely off the table.

Moreover, Biden’s efforts behind the scenes were even more disastrous. During meetings with Beijing to garner support against Russia, top U.S. officials shared intelligence about Putin’s intentions with the hopes of getting the communist nation’s cooperation in stopping them.

On at least one occasion, Chinese officials went back to the Russians with that intel compounding the diplomatic disaster. Not only has the administration failed to thwart the invasion, but it has also made embarrassing blunders that weaken America’s position against these adversaries.

Putin is advancing into Ukraine and has captured the Chernobyl nuclear power plant site, Fox News reported. It’s unclear what Russia wants with it, but the site is still contaminated with nuclear waste that could pose an ecological and humanitarian disaster if radioactive material is improperly handled or, worse, somehow weaponized.

As the situation continues to unfold, it’s difficult to assess the damage Biden has done with his spinelessness and incompetence. However, it’s clear that America’s position of strength and moral superiority has been greatly diminished by our president’s actions — and our enemies are watching.

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