May 7, 2021

Joe Biden reverses course – he’s open to a second term

After repeatedly assuring advisors and skeptical Democrats that he almost certainly would not be running for a second term, Joe Biden reversed course on the issue.

Biden said in a Sunday interview that he is “absolutely” open to serving two terms if elected, despite previously calling himself a “transition candidate.”

Kamala Harris, the vice-presidential candidate and presumed heir apparent to the Biden presidency, can’t have been happy hearing that.

On the other hand, it’s hard to credit Biden with that much control. It’s very possible that the decision is not in his hands.

Biden’s handlers may well be encouraging this line of thought as an antidote to the perception that Biden is a puppet for the radical left, to be cast aside once he’s served his purpose.

That doesn’t mean that it won’t happen, it just means that they don’t want voters to know about it – yet.

Read the story here.

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45 Responses

  1. If we don’t want to worry about whether or not he runs for a second term – DON’T ELECT HIM!!!! Problem solved.

      1. Biden watches the poles and changes his mind to fit the narrative.kisses up to who ever he has to.he dont care about what’s right or wrong ..has no clue .just ready to go back to Obama’s corupt way of running the country as the radical left pulled at him to over throw the country .

        1. Excellent comment and TRUE……Obama is a terrorist lover, Biden is a pedophile……..That in itself is reason enough to say NO NO NO NO to ANY DEMOCRAT

      1. LOL……..He’s not with us now….a LOser for how many times now……Three or Four …… he is a pedophile…No one I want to lead our country…Good comment

  2. OMG …lol …IF he is even elected the first time , by the time the second term rolls around , he’ll be lucky if he knows who his wife is and what he’s running for

    1. He doesn’t know that now! Right after his speech Friday, he told the press that he was Joe Biden’s husband! He doesn’t have a single clue to what’s going on. I can’t wait for the debates between him and the President! He’ll be staring at the camera drooling with a vacant look on his face! Even if they do give him the questions ahead of time, Trump can mess with what mind he’s got left, so that he makes a complete idiot of himself! It will be easy for Trump to do that!

      1. Lol… I saw that!
        “I am Joe Bidens husband”
        He cant even read the screen right….lol
        Several other times reading, he was sounding the words out like a 2nd grade reader…lol
        His wife should be ashamed of herself. Letting him embarrass himself like that. SMH

  3. Well One term Oh No DEMENTIA JOE said I am in for a second term … But then someone told him ” HEY DING BAT YOU WON’T LAST ONE TERM” and Joe said “WHERE AM I “??? and “WHO said I will not run for the Senate after I said I was a candidate”?? Meantime Kamala is taking “VIRTUAL” lessons on HOW TO BE A CIC but Not on her back……and the Drama of Marxists continues….

  4. You are right Gary!
    Vote Trump and all
    Problems will be solved.
    Lets make America Great
    The Democrats don’t have a clue!
    Trump wants to build up.
    Democrats want to tear down.
    We stand for Freedom,
    Not socialism!

  5. Why is this dem fantasy even being published? America will keep being great, Trump is far from done yet.

  6. Your false sense of optimism reminds me of Hilary in 2016. Everyone had written off Trump. Look what happened when the silent majority voted. This arrogance will disappoint you , again, this Nov 3. You liberals will never learn, will you…ha.ha….conservatives will need to purchase about 200,000 tons of play-doe for you to calm you down and be a comfort to you in your “woke” safe space….ha… ha

  7. I think I would wait until I was elected for the first term before even considering a second. I believe a first is necessary before a second can even be thought of.

  8. LOL She is the VP candidate…not President! Who cares what she thinks! She is a loser! Call Willy…maybe he cares. Maybe he will listen to her whine!

  9. You can’t book for chicken that’s afraid to Face Donald Trump one on one more like Paul Ebates he’s a chicken Camp deserve to be a president

  10. Biden knows about as much as a straw horse about what’s going on! He probably needs help putting his pants on in the morning let alone make any major decisions! Those are made by his communist handlers, like Soros and China!

  11. Just another examples of promises made but NOT kept, he just forgot due to his total lack of memory REMIND HIM KAMALA IF HE’LL BELIEVE YOU??????HA!HA! WHAT DID I SAY,
    SAID JOE!!!!??????

  12. I’m not concerned about Joe and a 2nd term.
    He’s not going to serve the first one.
    Kamala, don’t unpack your bags just yet.
    Best wait til you get back to SanFran.

  13. I cannot imagine that Old Joe knows much about anything that is occurring in the US. He’s been hiding out in his basement all these month. Obviously not aware of the rest of the world – with which he would have to deal – IF elected. Kamala the Commoner is about as useful as b++bs on a boar.

    1. Biden watches the poles and changes his mind to fit the narrative.kisses up to who ever he has to.he dont care about what’s right or wrong ..has no clue .just ready to go back to Obama’s corupt way of running the country as the radical left pulled at him to over throw the country .

  14. If by some dirty rigging Biden was elected, neither he nor Harris will be president after the first year. Pelosi will be president. Pelosi has a # 1 plan, first if she can get enough mail in votes that have to be counted there will not be enough time to count them between November 3rd and January 20th to count them all. The constitution says that in the event of no clear winner by then the speaker of the House becomes president until such time as they are counted. Anyone want to bet the counting will ever be finished before Piglosi turns America into a San Francisco socialist utopia?

  15. If Joe is elected they will put a piece of blank paper in front of him, tell him to sign and then type his resignation on it and send him on his happy way.


  17. Why are politicians willing to make changes and changes to enjoy the favoritism of the “World” instead of staying true to We the People? Read the truth about it from the 1950’s to present day. Major issues are shocking, but even worse are minor issues.

  18. Vote every lieing cheating Democratic out of office. The destruction they have caused this country is unreal look at the looting and rioting in Democratic controlled city’s Get rid of the bums before they take us all down.Vote Trump 2020 and save our nation

  19. If (God forbid) Biden is elected, based on his platform and the rest of the democrats, there will be no United States for him to govern after the first term.

  20. Kamalia ? could not get lucky on a Navy Base Nut case biden can’t go to the bath room unless Kenyan
    obama and looney bernie give him the OK In all my years I have never seen such a extremely low IQ bunch
    of mental cases still not confined

  21. If you want rolling black outs, like in California, vote for Biden because he’s going to make AOC Secretary of Energy, and she has plans of implementing her Green Deal!
    This will cause limited electricity across America, which just like California, we’ll have days at a time with no electricity, in Summer months!

    We’ll also lose our First Amendment, which means we’ll end up charged with Hare Crimes, if we write the truth about people like Corrupt Lying Obama, Biden, Harris, the Clinton’s, and the rest of Obama’s Corrupt Administration!

  22. WAKE UP AMERICA! Vote all Republican ticket Nov 3,2020 to save our country. GOP must get the House of Rep and keep the Senate. VOTE all red. God bless America and President Trump.

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