September 30, 2022

Joe Biden responsible for escalating tensions in Ukraine, bumbling foreign policy could lead to war

President Joe Biden is incompetent and makes one blunder after the next. Unfortunately, these disasters have real-world consequences that could erupt into a war.

Biden facilitated Russia’s likely invasion of Ukraine when he allowed construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, the Daily Caller reported. Opponents argued that allowing Russia to be independent from Ukraine’s pipeline would kill hopes for ongoing peace.

Despite killing the KeystoneXL pipeline stateside, Biden removed former President Donald Trump’s sanctions on the $11 billion Russian project to allow the pipeline to proceed. Moreover, Biden gave his official approval in July for the project after meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“By the time I became President, it was 90 percent completed,” Biden said to rationalize the move during a joint press conference with Merkel. “And imposing sanctions did not seem to make any sense,” he said.

Still, Robert Wilkie, visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation and former undersecretary of defense, said this was a show of weakness. “Biden made a preemptive concession at the beginning of his administration without going to the table and talking with Putin,” Wilkie told the Caller.

He added that Europe was also disincentivized from protecting Ukraine by the move. “Once the natural gas starts to flow, you have just tethered Western European comfort and prosperity to Moscow,” Wilkie said. “The Ukrainians have figured correctly that the Europeans are going to be neutered, they’re not going to want to turn off that flow for economic reasons,” he reasoned.

“And that leaves the United States, and perhaps the Eastern European friends of America, particularly Poland, as their only buttress against Russian adventurism,” Wilkie said. More than 100,000 Russian troops have gathered on the border with Ukraine as Biden fumbles to make a show of strength, Fox News reported.

Biden has made the world less stable and emboldened America’s adversaries. It’s only a matter of time before one of these blunders comes to a very scary conclusion — and it looks like Ukraine might be the first to feel the brunt of it.




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