May 13, 2021

Joe Biden public appearance immediately goes south

If the Democrats want to win in November, they’re going to have to do a better job of hiding Joe Biden from the American public. If they don’t he’s going to give away the whole game.

Speaking at a church in Kenosha WI recently, Biden made several eyebrow-raising statements, despite a carefully choreographed setting, with scripted questions and campaign handlers hovering.

The New York Post reports:

Joe Biden’s town hall event in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Thursday was marred by a number of controversial and eyebrow-raising incidents, including the Democratic candidate claiming that the light bulb was not invented by Thomas Edison, and a questioner refusing to adhere to a pre-written script she was “told to go off.”

Perhaps most shockingly, Biden told the audience that he wouldn’t raise tax rates on anyone making less than $400,000, but wouldn’t give any specifics, saying “they’ll shoot me.”

Is Biden aware that he isn’t his own man? Aside from the jarring reference to a shooting in the riot-torn Kenosha area, it almost sounds like he’s afraid of the people running his campaign.

The Biden campaign is resembling elder abuse more and more, with every day that passes.

Read the full story here.

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53 Responses

  1. puppet biden is not mentally able to run our great country, and his handlers should never be allowed to stay in power

  2. I am in the same age bracket as Joe Biden. However, I remember things I have said and don’t keep flip flipping on what I mean. I remember what state of town I am visiting. I don’t need people to handle me! I am perfectly capable of handling myself. I don’t have a basement that I keep hiding in because I’m scared of Covid 19, or anything else for that matter. I also don’t have a cognitive disability nor need to say “awwww, come on, man” when I can’t remember what comes next! Do we really need this in our lives? Don’t we have enough just dealing with what we’ve got? We need Trump 2020.

      1. We need ALL REPUBLICANS AND INDEPENDENTS show up at their polling places to vote RED all the way down their ballots. We need to get back the majority in the House to stop the Democrats from impeaching Trump again. We also need to increase our numbers in the Senate to stop the Democrats. If Republicans mail-in votes, lots of Democrats counting the votes will just throw away their votes. Trump and all Republicans in 2020!!

        1. Remember, we will only get the President we want and need if we ALL get to the poles to vote on November 3rd♥️🙏🏻🇺🇸Trump2020 for All of America🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. Well said, my friend. I am the ripe old age of 71 and my memory is just as good as it was when I was 30 or so. I recognize Biden’s memory is “going south” rapidly and he doesn’t seem to have the mental acumen to govern himself, much less this great country, unless of course you count “sniffing hair” as a desirable characteristic for your President (I don’t)

  3. This can only get worse, even with a brain-dead media, totally under control of the devious Democrats! This will quickly become a real-life Where’s Waldo episode! Where’s Joe!

  4. It is terrible for them doing this to. This poor man his family should be shame .Just do Dr Jill can live in the White House she was in the little one for 8 years now she wants the big. Shame on them all

  5. Hilariously has mounted the donkey again and will try to rescue the failed party she helped destroy. Biden the destroyer will be out before election time so watch for another failed lackey thrown in the mix to fleece donors. Donors to that party are the ones taking the real ride on the flea bitten mule.

  6. And people have signed in their front yards,”Biden/Harris”?

    “What we have here, is a failure to communicate”!

  7. Yes, this is elderly abuse plus, I I used to work on a Psych ward and with Joe this is only going to get worse. The Democrats are so dishonest. To do this to Joe so they can take control of out wonderful country. Please vote for a Trump

  8. To all the people who want Biden remember he has dementia. Is this who you want as our president.Can you imagine him trying to have conversations with other world leaders. If he becomes president you will regret it.

  9. Jackanapes Joe is really off the rails now. However, it has been apparent all these years that he never was really ‘on the rails.’ He was always just a grinning, vacant-brained guy with a smile who didn’t know what was going on in the USA nor in the world

  10. The Democrats lie is JOE BIDEN
    They say WHAT a great president he will make
    They tell that to there own voters
    They tell that to America…
    They know he has dementia LIES LIES LIES BIG HOAX they have solded US OUT At least let’s try to live free for 4 more years .

  11. can you imagine haris polisey shummer shift burnny running country? start out with no borders and free everything who pays?

  12. Jackanapes Joe is really ‘off the rails’ now. However, it has been apparent all his years of politicking that he never was really ‘on the rails.’ He was always just a grinning, vacant-brained guy with a smile who didn’t know what was going on in the USA nor in the world

  13. I will be 83 in October and do not have the lack of continuity shown by Mr. Joe Biden. His lack of ability to know where he is as well as his obvious lack of honesty is unacceptable in anyone especially one who wishes to be the President of the USA!!
    His excessive bragging and exaggeration of events and issues indicates a lack of confidence in his ability to control a given situation, his repeated desire to challenge anyone in a fight indicates he is one who has never grown up but retains the schoolyard bully ideals!
    We have little or no use for a schoolyard bully in the Whitehouse and especially one whos’ elevator appears to no longer go to the top, in fact it appears to have trouble making it to the second floor!

    1. One of the signs of dementia is because of being frustrated with their situation, they want to argue or fight about everything.

  14. Jesus said, “That Satan is a LIAR from the beginning and the father of all LIES.” So if you lie and make it your life style, you don’t have to be a genius to know who Biden’s father is.

  15. Dr. Jill Biden is committing elder abuse to let her husband continue on this path. Let’s keep praying that Donald Trump is reelected!

    1. She is not a real Medical DR! Degree is something else. Elder abuse is a shame on her and the demonrats! I think the medical test is exactly what needs to be done! Trump is willing! Wonder who s $$$$$ is doing all the talking!

  16. Jill and the party don’t care. They are just greedy communist traitors. She just pats him on his head and says it’s ok.

  17. My mother is 99 and has more wits than Joe Biden does. It is elder abuse by his wife and the leftist handlers. They all should be charged. The left will keep it up as long as they think people will go for it.

  18. Mr. Owens, you said what I have been saying all along! Biden is a school yard bully who hasn’t matured mentally since the age of thirteen! Can you see him getting angry with a leader of another country and challenging him to a fight”behind the barn”? Do we really want a “ loose cannon” running our country? Running bieng the key word! Isn’t the leader of the country supposed to LEAD, not RUN? Obama’s Thing of “ leading from behind” is another word for PUSHING! He NEVER LED OUR COUNTRY! He PUSHED it over the edge of the cliff! He backed radical Islam, negated that we are a Christian country, said “ we don’t need Jesus”, lied about EVERY THING HE DID, and laughed behind his hand at how STUPID the amerucan people are! Come on man, wake up! We don’t need a Marxist in our White House! Vote RED across the ballot, get the skunks out of our government! Take back control of our congress, vote Piglosi and her henchmen out, that includes “ the anti American squad”, and take our country back!!!

  19. Biden’s statement that “Edison did not invent the light bulb” is true. Here is what I found concerning this well known fact when I googled “who actually invented the light bulb”. ** No, it wasn’t Thomas Edison. Two lesser-known inventors, Humphrey Davy and Joseph Swan (who won a patent lawsuit against Edison), both developed working electric lights well before Edison.Jan 27, 2015
    Edison did not invent the lightbulb (The Myth of The Lone …** Also, Have you never heard people say,”They’ll shoot me”? Do you really believe Biden thinks his team is going to shoot him, or perhaps might it be the more obvious explanation that Biden used a commonly used expression? If there is an actual fact to bring up, by all means do it, but stop the mud slinging crap that divides us! PS, I do not think you are going to literally sling mud at me… It’s just an expression!!

  20. Biden’s head is like the muck bucked I used to use when cleaning (mucking out) horse stalls. His handlers shovel in the muck that he is supposed to spout out later. But, all too frequently a barn fly or other critter with a bit of a brain gets mired in that muck. When it comes out >>> BOINK >>> one of his gaffs or mis-statements.

  21. He says “MAN” when he is frustrated or angry. I know i dont want a frustrated, angry president in charge of my family or my felliw citizens. Isnt thete somebody to call to report his abuse? Does the regular adult protective services do a wellness check on……. What do you call his position in politics nowadays? Lol

  22. Can you imagine Joe Biden sniffing a foreign dignitaries hair or touching the wife’s shoulders. Wax on walked off.

  23. Biden is just a bookmark for the demoscum. If he got elected, heels up Harris would be president. The real demoscum plan is to put Pelosi in the White House by default. If you don’t vote in person, it will make this even more certain.

  24. Can you imagine joe being in charge of the nuclear football scary. Almost as much Nancy Pelosi who said she was duped be a hair salon

  25. I hate conspiracy theory’s, however i believe that those in Biden’s camp are using and abusing him. I am not a fan of his, but I hate to see people used and abused.

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