May 23, 2022

Joe Biden promises he will try to “prevent” World War III from breaking out

The world is in a precarious position, thanks to the incompetence of President Joe Biden. Now he’s intent on making it worse with his rhetoric.

Biden said the U.S. will try to “prevent” the conflict between Russia and Ukraine from turning into “World War III,” The Hill reported. The president has simultaneously promised protection for Ukraine while also shying away from military action.

“We’re going to continue to stand together with our allies in Europe and send an unmistakable message,” Biden said Friday following remarks about additional sanctions being imposed on Russia. “We will defend every single inch of NATO territory with the full might of the united and galvanized NATO,” he promised.

“We will not fight a war against Russia in Ukraine. Direct conflict between NATO and Russia is World War III, something we must strive to prevent,” Biden said.

Russia is on the march in Ukraine while NATO and lawmakers stateside strategize how to stop it. Some have suggested imposing a no-fly zone over Ukraine, but the implications of that are too severe since it would necessitate shooting down Russian aircraft.

“The President and our NATO partners have not changed their assessment about their plans to send U.S. troops in,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Thursday. She also warned of Russia’s capacity to use chemical weapons and pin it on increased American involvement.

Had Biden been a better leader, Russian President Vladimir Putin would not have been so bold as to invade Ukraine in the first place. He’s not, and Putin has become aggressive to its neighbor all while Biden talks out of both sides of his mouth regarding protecting Ukraine.

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