May 13, 2021

Joe Biden loses support of national police union

In a move that reversed their previous support of Joe Biden, a huge national police union just endorsed President Trump. It’s a stunning rebuke to the Biden campaign.

PJ Media reports:

On Wednesday, the National Association of Police Organization (NAPO), which represents over a thousand police unions and 241,000 police officers, endorsed President Trump’s reelection. The group cited Trump’s “steadfast and very public support” for law enforcement in their endorsement letter…

NAPO had previously supported Biden:

NAPO previously endorsed Joe Biden as Vice President in 2008 and 2012.

NAPO President Michael McHale noted that Trump’s support of the police during the wave of anti-police sentiment that came in the wake of the death of George Floyd was critical, and appreciated “during this time of unfair and inaccurate opprobrium being directed at our members by so many.”

The endorsement is a huge blow to Joe Biden, who fancies himself both a “union man” and an ally of police. Earlier this month, Biden referred to the police as “the enemy” and seemingly endorsed defunding the police.

The impact of the decision goes far beyond the few hundred thousand members of the organization. It solidifies a trend in union voters toward the right.

The left has taken labor for granted for decades, while supporting trade and immigration policies that hurt American workers.

In 2016, union workers made Democrats pay, and in 2020, we could see an even bigger impact.

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55 Responses

  1. Good decision!!! President Trump never stopped believing in the men and women in blue uniforms! God bless you all always!

  2. How could any police person support a democrat/socialist in this country after the dem’s are reducing their support in every way possible !

  3. Now with the Police backing Trump Biden will before long start his “ so what as I’ve got China backing me and the whole Socialist Devilrat Party“

  4. BIDEN u going down down down , TRUMP not only gonna win the election but by 80 % of the vote. Gonna b alot of crying on Now 2020 cant wait. VOte TRUMP 2020

    1. I’m like you can’t wait just makes me wonder what the Dems are going to come up next after Trump wins God Bless him he will have another 4 years of hell if we don’t take the House back

      1. You are correct maybe some forget the Democrats are not only out to remove Trump but their ultimate goal is to control both houses. If that happens most americans will have no choice on many decisions and our rights will be diminished.
        Proud Veteran & Patriot

      2. If we don’t take the House back and/or Trump isn’t re-elected, we won’t have a country as we know it. Trump/Pence 2020

    2. Dems are for lawlessness, coruption.the blmob, anti-police hi taxes,big government, dictatorship.control capital gains .this is not china. We are not sheep.Trump 2020

    3. Hell yeah! He is just a puppet, hollow inside. I would like to know what drugs they have him on, he is not as “uh, well, you know…”

  5. Glad someone realized that President Trump and the Republicans are fighting to SAVE AMERICA and Make her GREAT once again. KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK, MR. PRESIDENT and REPUBLICAN SUPPORTERS. It is time
    we STOP THE LEFT’S SOCIALIST approach and concentrate on America once again. STOP THE PROTESTERS, STOP THE ATTACK ON LAW ENFORCEMENT (just wait until you need law enforcement…and IT WILL HAPPEN). Very few law enforcement officers are “bad” and, believe me, the good “Cops” hate the bad ones as much as the “protestors” do.

  6. Three cheers for NAPO and God Bless all LAW ENFORCEMENT. I bought the police department and sheriff department the Law Enforcement Coin St. Michael for the work they do in my city.

    1. Marie, we MUST retake the House and increase the Senate; in other words, a #REDTSUNAMI2020 or they’ll still be in the majority and make all our lives horrible as they have since traitor Ryan all but personally handed the gavel to Peloooooosi. If they keep the House and take the Senate, we’ll have no more conservative judges; we’ll have impeachments of both the President and VP, so Pelooooosi would then be POTUS. Don’t think they wouldn’t do it. The DEMONRATS are evil, vicious, hate-filled maggots slurping at the trough of the taxpayers. Am I angry? You bet I am.

  7. U know obama keeps talking about his and Trumps IQ, so i looked it up low and behold TRUMPs IQ is higher then obamas. Just goes to show u should know what u talking about b-4 u open ur mouth. So lets all go and vote Nov 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP


  8. Thank God for sanity!

    The people art the problem, not the police. I believe that there should better training and more funding to insure that our great officers are doing things right. We know there will always be problems from time to time just because we are human. But if people would do as they are asked to do and not resist the police they wouldn’t have to use excessive force to control to person(s) and the situation. If they don’t then they are the ones that are the problem and not the police officers. Personally, if everyone knew that the police had the right to shot you if you struggle then maybe they would think twice. Notice I didn’t say “Kill You”. Training would include non lethal shooting but still able to shoot you. Perhaps a less lethal bullet could be used? Thank you for everything you do.
    God Bless you and your family’s. These are tough times. We will get through them as we always have. Stay true, stay Blue and know the country is with you. God Bless America!

    1. i’m wondering why people in these cities that are being destroyed don’t band together and get out their guns to protect their property. the mayor can’t put them all in jail. why don’t they recall these mayors and governors who have thrown them to the wolves. i just don’t get it.

  9. Yeah Team Trump!! 2020!!!

    Let’s send in the troops and start arresting and charging these stupid is as stupid does A holes that have and are still trying to be the Wake crowd.
    Destruction of property and vandalism should be punished to the MAX…

    1. I agree, Trump has warned the leaders of these cities if they do not get it under control he will take care of the problem. Most of the vandalism, destruction of property and violence is the leaders are weak or afraid of the anarchists/terrorists groups and/or the Democrats want them to do their dirty work, make Trump look bad and will vote for them. My guess is if they do not get their way they may go after these corrupt Democrats! Americans need to stand up and help Trump take back our country. Democrats have no plan to make America great. Trump did it in three years better than previous 2-3 administrations and will do it again. If Joe Biden gets elected most of us will suffer.
      Proud Veteran & Patriot

  10. the left took the african american vote for granted, now they took the police and law enforcement and military for granted. they deserve whats coming to them because of all the chaos and lawlessness theyve brought. you created frankenstein, now hes come to destroy the creators.

  11. I am glad to see the Police Union finally realizing that not only have the Democrats done nothing for them they don’t even care about them. In typical Liberal Fashion they made promises they didn’t keep and cut the Police off at their Knees because they want the Votes of a bigger block of People to stay in Power. I hope all Voters realize that the Democrats just want to control everything , and they don’t care about anyone once they get their Vote.

    1. the democrats do not care about americans. they only care about power at a global level. and as for the unbelievable hatred they spew, that started with nancy p. she won’t even do anything to help her own state. surely caifornians have had enough. if not, they will reap what they sew. God Bless American and our President.

  12. Just need the colored people to realize that Democrats only pander to them for their votes. They have never cared about their lives or futures.

  13. All the DAs beholder to George Soros should be sent to Cuba for getting in bed with a terriost remove George Soros from this country jon

  14. As a retired Law Enforcement officer I think they did the right thing, they see what could happen if Biden gets elected and it is not nice

  15. I am not surprised, the Clintons, the obamas, the pelosis, are all actually dumb. They’re in office, because, millions of dummies vote for them. Dummies voting for dummies. And they think a simple citizen is stupid!!!!

  16. Agreed with you, Ms. Price! Biden is a HYPOCRITE! He proclaimed that he is a Roman Catholic, but, he is Pro-Birth Control, Pro-abortion, Pro- euthanasia and Pro- gay marriage! All those LAWS are Anti God LAWS! Because God is LIFE! Everything within the UNIVERSE that is a GOOD, it is a creation of GOD! Especially, HUMAN LIVES! “Thou shalt not KILL!” Commandment # 6. Birth Control, Abortion, Euthanasia, Gay Marriage they are all Pro-Selfishness and Anti Life Laws! No one has the Right to force anyone to vote for whom or for what! But, one must makes clear what one stands for! However, when one declares oneself in one way, then, to act and promotes the opposite, that action is bringing shame upon one’s name ~ one’s PERSONHOOD! Thus, it reduces one’s Dignity as well as made oneself known as an UN-TURST-WORTHY PERSON! That is Biden!

  17. they can say what they want but President Trump has keept his promises of 2916. to bad for the demos Trump will prevail again in 2020.

  18. I could not believe that they ever supported Biden! As a member of the FOP I support President Trump and will state that Biden is a proven corrupt polititian who I could NEVER support. Plus he is a pedifile and suffering from dementia.

  19. The police all over the world are a conservative bunch. In the U.S. they favor the Constitution and the rights of man. There are those that have individual feelings and grow up with prejudice views like all children and there are those that necessarily do not have specific prejudishes. There are those that grew up in a neighborhood of lower paid families and there are those that did not have lower cash inflow. There are those that could go on to college and there are those that couldn’t. What you make of your life and dreams is up to you. Mostly by family influence, but also by friends and peer pressure. Some by a life of military, but everyone has a mind and a look to the future as to what they want to do and be. We all have a choice, a good one and a bad one. Make yours!

  20. Biden NEVER talked to the Police Union because Biden is going to DEFUND them. So why would he go and talk with them? Biden is so far left that being a Marxist is be kind to call Biden that. Americans better look out and fast. Because we are going to lose our everyday lives as we know it. And you can bet that Biden and his Marxists friend will be taking homes belonging to conservatives and giving them to the Black people and leaving Whites live on the streets. That is how bad Biden is now. But he doesn’t realize most of it because he has dementia and it’s getting worse. Beware America!

  21. Now as soon as the unions wake up and realize that Biden will kill their jobs with the nightmare “Green New Deal” by shutting down the energy sector, they’ll abandon him too, if they’re smart. That story about building windmills and charging stations is BS. As soon as the rest of the country figure out the Democrats will squeeze every penny, including from seniors, with higher taxes to fund “Medicare for All” and to pay for the pork spending trillion-dollar coronavirus stimulus package, they’ll realize Biden is not the person to vote for.

  22. All red blooded Christians and Country Loving American Citizens should join and form what I am calling the RED HAT Brigade to combat Antifia and any other socialist groups that are trying to destroy and tare down our way of life. To help protect Law abiding Citizens and also to help protect our Law Enforcement in every part of this great nation. We must defeat these democratic thug while we still have the United States of America!

  23. That is great news for Trump. God is watching and I know will help us if we help God by obeying his Commandments, and by doing that we are showing him how much we love and appreciate him too. God is on our side, if we’re on his. I think Trump knows this and will always be blessed if he sticks with God.

  24. Did you ever notice in half the pictures of oobama he is looking for the stars? You know that means the other end is down where his fellow Democrits cad in hors shipn get there nose full. They play dirty and nasty games and peloosi is right in the middle covered in hors ship. But of course that me ans we can smell her a come in long before she gets nigh. And lets don’t forget her Nephew ol soiled diapers.

  25. I have never understood WHY unions and labor groups have supported the Democrats. They are not now, nor have they ever been for the worker. President Trump is the one who did away with the awful trade deals that Obama made and Joe Biden endorsed. The Obama/Biden administration also oversaw the closing of factories and the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs, and even laughed at Candidate Trump when he said he would bring them back. But President Trump did what he promised, he brought those and other jobs back. What does Biden want to do? Shut down the energy industry and all the jobs that go with it. No, a vote for Biden is a vote to decimate the jobs in this country and to decimate the law enforcement community. Not because they are racist, but because Biden is beholden to BLM which does not give two craps about black lives!

  26. I’m so encouraged by these comments. I was getting worried that the Liberal Media are constantly giving
    President Trump the worst publicity they can, even if they have to make it up…. and those people who only
    watch Liberal Media are filled with all the hatred for Trump and consumed with how to get ride of him.
    Little do these haters know, that once they get rid of President Trump they will suffer too what the rest of us
    will suffer. They don’t seem to even have a little bit of common sense to their credit. They deserve to get what they will vote for, but the rest of us do not deserve it , so for the good of every single American Citizen, I hope
    God will once again help President Trump win. But it is imperative that we can win the House and Senate, otherwise, no matter how hard Trump works, they will obstruct and handicap him which will tie his hands of
    doing all the good things he wants to do for America and the American People. He gave up a rich life and has lost a lot of money because of his love for this country, and has not even accepted his salary always reinstating it back to help veterans and American causes. All other Presidents left the office much richer than when they
    came but it is working out differently for Trump. He doesn’t care, all he cares about is getting back our America back in good shape and he cares very much for ALL people not just the rich but the poor and all people not just the white. I know he has done a lot for our country, but I also know he would have done a lot more if only the Democrats had cooperated with him , they are the ones that have divided our country, but they blame everything on Trump even the virus. We must pray to God to keep on helping Trump to do the job he is trying so hard to accomplish for all Americans. God Bless him…

  27. I’m a retired professional Fireman and I am going to vote for Trump and if are union was smart they would back Trump!

  28. The constitution will be one just sword if Joe blow Biden is elected. God bless President Trump

  29. The constitution will be one just sword if Joe blow Biden is elected. God bless President Trump

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