May 14, 2021

Joe Biden LOSES IT when asked about COVID-19 school closures

If former Vice President Joe Biden formally takes over the White House in January, news media outlets around the country are likely in for a wildly different scene, as Biden consistently appears to not prefer many questions during press conferences, unlike President Donald Trump.

According to the Daily Wire, the latest incident in which Biden made clear he wasn’t interested in answering tough questions happened Friday, when he exploded at CBS’s Bo Erickson after being asked “if he will encourage teacher unions to cooperate to get kids back in school because the COVID task force said it is safe to be in the classroom.”

Biden not only refused to respond to the otherwise extremely important and curious question, but also snapped back at Erickson by saying, “Why are you the only guy that always shouts out questions?”

Erickson posted a video of the encounter on his Twitter account, which you can watch below:

The question from Erickson was, in fact, one of importance — arguably one of the most important matters surrounding the increased lockdowns involves the continued closure of schools, which studies have shown are some of the safer gathering places in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a recent Washington Post piece, Brown University economics professor, Emily Oster, wrote that “in-person schooling does not appear to increase the risk of Covid-19 transmission for staff and students,” which was data from New York — a state with one of the highest COVID-19 caseloads in the country.

Teachers’ unions have politicized the matter, siding with Democrats in refusing to encourage schools to reopen, even though emerging data shows that it’s extremely safe to do so. Instead, parents are left with surprise shutdowns, reopenings, and shutdowns again, causing great financial and emotional hardships as parents have to take time off to become in-home teachers.

Instead of tackling the matter head-on and using available data, it appears as if Biden has no interest in ticking off the unions. In other words, he’s putting politics well above the safety and overall well being of American schoolchildren and the easiest way to do that, apparently, is by refusing to answer the tough questions.

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73 Responses

  1. Biden can’t answer any questions, that doesn’t have an answer on a Teleprompter!

    Anybody that was stupid enough to vote for him, will regret it, when he sends your job to China, De-funds Police, gets rid of ICE, and opens America’s borders to criminals, and disease!!

    1. So very well said and ohhhhh so true! This imbecile will sell out our country –
      Question??? Will they wire him to speak with foreign leader???

      GOD HELP IS!!!!!!

      1. God help US! & USA! Biden needs to go into a nursing home.!
        Can you imagine him in a G20 Summit?????
        USA Laughing stock of the universe.

        1. I remember when the world leaders were laughing at Obama, when he thought he was making such great deals, Biden will be a repeat of the Obama era policies, and the world will have a good laugh again, at our expense.

          1. I agree. The whole world laughed at Obama, but he believes he was a gift. He was the most UnAmerican President we have ever had. I still don’t believe he loves this country. He just enjoys basking in front of the cameras. Why is he still even involved? I guess it will really be he and Kamala running things if they are annointed. She couldn’t even get on the stage for her own party debates. What a joke.

      2. I am giving him 3 months and he will be gone. who ever voted for him voted for Kamala Harris for President

      3. God is the only one that can help us and we let him be taken out of everything. What is going on today in our country is the direct result of this. So sad!

      4. No, BDS, there will be no need for them to wire the imbecile, because shortly after inauguration ( if that happens??!!) they will announce that for medical reasons, the President will be replaced by the VP, and we will have a “ Madam President “, the commie, Kamala !
        Then, God help us !!!

      5. If Biden is called as president, America will become like the movie, “Red Dawn” with Patrick Swayze!! I remember going outside after the movie to see if all was well and it wasn’t true!!

      6. They will have to, he is incapable of speaking for himself. Can you imagen plugs in his ears and a speaker in his mouth. They will have to make sure that he can’t talk for himself.

      7. He already has sold out this country!!!! And Obozo will get his 3rd term!!! Watch….. “Riding the Dragon” ( on YouTube)…

    2. He has no answer! His normal reaction is to get mad and ask a question back! we’ll have a few years of this crapola until Pelosi et al pull article 25 on him!!!

    3. I couldn’t have said it better! The man has Alzheimer’s!! IF he actually does become president, he will be usurped by that Harris woman and God help the rest of us!!

    4. A stupid populous is a controllable populous! The perfect storm has been created to leverage just that – dumbing down of the average citizen/student. This has been done in several countries and cultures throughout history. Restriction of citizen knowledge and media control is how non-violent government coups happen.

  2. Of course the teachers unions would favor schools remaining closed. Since they will still get paid why not enjoy an extended vacation. Plus maybe the feds can mandate schools will now run 12 months of the year.

  3. Only problem with the statement of those who voted for Biden will get what they voted for is this, so will the rest of us and we didn’t vote for the idiot because we knew what it was all about. We all live in the US and under the same rules, except politicians.

    1. This is a battle between those who want to make their own decisions and run their own lives, vs those who want to be “taken care of.” Those who are battling for the latter are in for a very rude awakening. Unfortunately their bad judgment would drag the rest of us (the responsible ones) down with them.

        1. You will never find love, peace, or good will in a communist atheist world. If you can not find these thing in you, you will not find them anywhere else.

  4. I have never been this scared for our nation – Basement Biden is a puppet of DNC – there is NO way he was elected if this had not been a STOLEN ELECTION!!!!

    1. They DON’T care! Their minds and souls have apparently been sold and bought! This appears to be a result of the brainwashing that has gone on in our public school systems nationwide for the past 40+ years!!

  5. Since the Dem politicians want to defund the police we should defund the security details that surround them that are paid for by taxpayers. Then we should impeach Biden/Harris!

      1. Since we the people are out of work anyway why don’t we just not pay taxes anymore. they just take most off the top and give us the little that is left, and act like they gave us something, when it was ours to start with. Why don’t somebody tell sleepy Joe to get a real job. It is not my place to feed him.

    1. Best idea I have heard all day!!!!! I will vote for that. Then Burn, loot, and Murder little children squad can have a field day with them. When they are done Antifa can work them over.

  6. Glenda !!!

    Unfortunately, the only problem is that the rest of us will have to deal with the consequences of those who stupidly and brainless voted for a puppet!!!

    1. Yes! and all of the walking dead that voted for him, will live long enough to regret it, a long with everyone else.

  7. Anyone who believes Biden got more votes than Obama is not a reasonable person. It may get the outcome they desire but not a true and legal outcome. There are so many instances of voter fraud but the fix is in. The so called journalists got rid of bad orange man. So basically their job is over. People with a brain and common sense know Trump won.

  8. I agree that it appears as though the Presidential WANNA-BE Biden is UNABLE to respond to questions with out someone else telling him what/when to say. And He (or his Handlers) wish to run this Great Country??? What a CALAMITY That would be!!! Better that Bumden (mis-spelled on purpose), return to to his Basement and let his rats continue to coach him.

  9. Biden isn’t competent to be in office -you know this and I know this -oh yeah and his own party knows this! They are pushing to get that NO MORAL Cu** in power. She IS DANGEROUS to America!

  10. I enjoyed and believed every comment so far.. Now my problem is how can this criminal so-called new president be considered, as any thing other than a Chinese, Russian A(SS)et?? The proof is everywhere in his whole family.. If anyone should be accused of breaking “The Logan Act” it is Joe Biden..

  11. I can’t believe that the people of this country (even Democrats) didn’t remember how great our country was doing before the virus hit us. Trump did a fantastic job for our country prior to the virus. It was Trump that messed it up because he did the right thing stopping traveling because of the virus.


  13. HELL, HE ALREADY SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL. He’s neen bought by CHINA a long time ago and owes them billions of dollars. China will be pulling the PUPPETT STRINGS OF THE CHILD MOLESTING POS JOE BIDEN . We The People will be another chia commie 3rd world country, and there will be nothing we can do about it.

  14. Hmmm…I wonder if any of the Dems are noticing how they are becoming less noticed by Biden? What’s coming folks isn’t only going to affect Republicans, but will also affect Dems.

  15. The reporter didn’t shout his question. Instead he was very calm and respectful towards Mr. Biden. I believe that Mr. Biden panicked when it was asked because, as many have suggested in their comments, it was on his teleprompter. Biden simply could have stated that he didn’t have a response to that question or was still thinking about it.

  16. Wonder what China is gonna pay Biden for selling us out again. And this poor reporter asked a legitimate question & they just ran him out of the room. Poor guy. Looks like the people who voted for Biden are getting what they deserve. He is even ignoring the far left & I am happy about that. Bernie & the Squad will not be happy

  17. Communism/Democrat Party—They do not realize that Americans who cherish freedom will not succomb to their criminal ways and Marxism/COMMUNISM–The Media? will also be embarrased but their commie monies will keep them afloat to spread more lies….Prayers needed!!!!

  18. The Biden impeachment effort should start Jan.21 2021. Don’t give this demented POS a minute of peace. Bring back the Hunter story. The Reade story. Make him sorry to be a part of this election scam. Make his last days on earth hell.

    1. Only one problem with that, though temporary is his hoe of a vice pick becomes President then she has to be impeached also. Still hold out hope that the legal process is seen through to prove all the fraud that took place in the election in those designated states.

    2. I agree. We should do to them exactly what they have done to Trump. Never ending court cases and accusations. Find the real stories and go after them! Hunter is a good start, but Biden has been corrupt for a long, long time.

    3. I whole heartily agree with you. Start impeachment and keep throwing his past in his face, just like they did to President Trump. It was non stop from day one. The only difference would be that we will be telling the truth about Biden’s corruption. For 47 years he has lied his way and it’s about time it all comes out. He should be prosecuted and convicted including his son Hunter. These people are making money hand over fist bringing our country down, we can’t stand for this, the USA is the greatest country in the world. We have to take a stand and get our country back!!

  19. U people are so weak. Cry, cry, cry. Sleepy hasn’t won, and by the way, he isn’t winning. Trumps campaign is going to the Supreme Court, with very solid evidence. They have this Dommion software that was downloaded from Trump to sleepy. And there’s proof of that. Take out hankies and wipe your tears. U all make me sick

    1. Ruben- Trump winning has the same chance as a snowball in hell, the snowball will come out whole Trump will be spinning his wheels, just like he has for the last 3 years, he has quite working for the country ever since the election and I know it is difficult to tell the difference but he is living on the golf course and said f you to the USA. Really we are better off with him doing nothing. He has done that so well for the last 3 yr. 9 mo. guess he thought that was all he had to be around, him being so numb.

      1. You know Verne that is what I like about someone like you. You really know what you are talking about. You walk around all day with you fat lips stuck on lil’O’s big ahole just sucking up all that sh-t. Maybe some day you will go from woke to awake, I wont hold out much hope though, you don’t sound like the type that will ever clean the crap your eyes.

  20. So much for transparency! The news media will have to continue the Obama lovefest with Biden, there will be nothing else they can report on. The problem is we (the people) will never know what is going on until we are victimize by his actions. There will be NO ACCOUNTABILITY!!

    1. They didn’t tell the people in the media the truth. If they don’t keep lying they will be in big trouble.
      That is the trouble with sleeping with snakes, you usually get bidden.

  21. Has anyone read up on how Joe Biden and John Kerry are going bring in NWO as soon as Biden steps foot in the White House? I pray Joe Biden never becomes president. I going stick with Trump 100%

  22. Dumb stupid dems think that they voted against Trump and not for Biden are not very smart. Yes they voted against Trump, and yes they voted for Biden. Like it or not they don’t seem to know the difference. Even if you don’t like Trump you can not deny the good that he has brought to the country. That is what you vote for, not some one that wont even tell you what he wants for the country. These people don’t think that they will suffer under this dictator. But they will suffer just like everyone else. Biden does not care who gets hurt as long as he gets what he wants, not what he promised them, did he promise them anything, I don’t think so. He just stayed in his basement, and let them make fools of themselves. I hope that they are ready to pay the price, it will be steep.

  23. All I can say is I hope the people that voted for Biden
    are going to be happy watching our country crumble. Biden is going to undo all the good things President TRump had done with the other countries. Now Biden will give into China and watch our jobs go. There won’t be law and order, kill babies, our gas prices will go up, he will destroy America and all of you that voted for him can thank yourself. Eventually Harris and probably Obama will run our country. God, help our country!


    1. Ya! I can see Headboard and Overboard in the oval office, But don’t tell Michell. She has got one bad temperature.

  24. I didn’t know they were so dumb.I hope he and the democrats get caught rigging and cheating in the election.Its out there ,they need to be in jail.Sicum Barr ,put them away for good

  25. I think that all of the red states should succeed. That way we would not have to use our tax money to bail out all of the blue states, that are going broke because of bad management, because of governor like Cuomo, or Newson, or Whitmer, or Lightfoot to mention a few. They will have to dig in their own back pocket, and spend some of the money they stole from their people.

    1. That is the problem with not letting people work, governors lose a lot of tax money, then they have nothing to work with. I guess you can’t tell a liberal anything. Good way to defund their bodyguards.

      If you want to make sense to a liberal, talk gibberish.

  26. I Pray that they find Voter’s Fraud etc. If Biden gets in, our United States of America will be placed into HELL…I am in my final stage of life…but I worry about the life my family will be subjected to! The freedoms of past will be gone…mark my words.!! Today’s Democratic Party is NOT the same party of yesteryear…It should be called the Demonic Party…it will be HELL on Earth!! Please “pray” for America…May God “SAVE” America!!

  27. You know Verne that is what I like about someone like you. You really know what you are talking about. You walk around all day with you fat lips stuck on lil’O’s big ahole just sucking up all that sh-t. Maybe some day you will go from woke to awake, I wont hold out much hope though, you don’t sound like the type that will ever open your eyes.

  28. Joe is just setting himself up to be replaced by the Kamal, via 25th Amendment, with a possible Pisslosi as VP!!!!!!

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