July 3, 2022

Joe Biden has weakened America in the eyes of our enemies, international crisis on the horizon

President Joe Biden’s age and mental competence don’t exactly instill confidence in the American people. What’s worse, his terrible policies send a strong message to our enemies that it’s open season.

Rep. Mike Waltz warned that America’s adversaries “smell weakness” in Biden’s foreign policy. The Florida GOP lawmaker blames the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan and inaction against Russia’s saber-rattling.

“There was no coincidence that Russia invaded Crimea and Ukraine under the Obama administration, that China took the South China Sea under the Obama administration, and that Iran was marching across the Middle East alongside Russia, also in the Obama administration,” Waltz said Friday on “Spicer & Co.” on Newsmax. In March 2014, Russia annexed Crimea without pushback, and foreign policy experts are warning Russia may try the same in Ukraine.

“But that same crowd that was around Obama is now around Biden,” he said. “They smell weakness, they see opportunity, and you’re starting to see the results of it,” Waltz added.

The lawmaker sent a joint letter the Biden administration to do something about gathering Russian forces at the Ukraine border. He was joined by Reps. Mike Rogers (R-AL), House Armed Services Committee ranking member, along with Michael Turner (R-OH).

“With the recent massing of Russian forces on the Ukrainian border, we urge your administration to take immediate and swift action to provide support to Ukraine in the form of intelligence and weapons,” the letter said. “We also urge your administration to deploy a U.S. military presence in the Black Sea to deter a Russian invasion.”

Waltz places the blame squarely on the ongoing inaction of the Biden administration. “The reason they’re doing it is because they know they can get away with it with no consequences.” Waltz pointed out. “You have a fundamental flaw in the team,” he later added.

The Biden administration is either unable to or disinterested in neutralizing any foreign threat — and our adversaries know this. His incompetence in foreign policy is only eclipsed by the mess he’s made stateside with his domestic policies.

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