April 18, 2021

Joe Biden has a long history of lying for political benefit

Joe Biden has been exposed as a serial liar numerous times, but nobody has put it together quite like this before.

Appearing on Tucker Carlson’s Fox show, conservative star Mollie Hemingway launched into a brutal takedown of the Democratic hopeful’s many lies and explained the thread that ties them together.


Hemingway didn’t hold back. She noted:

“And he’s had a lifetime of storytelling. I mean, I don’t think he’s the only politician out there to exaggerate or tell stories but he really is notable for this, and it was something that caused problems for him the first time he ran for president [in 1988] when that candidacy was derailed by his lies, his plagiarism.”

“He adopted a fake persona of a British politician [Neil Kinnock]. He had lied extensively about his academic record,” she said. “He has lied about the circumstances of his family’s fatal [1972] car wreck that his [first wife, sons and daughter were] in. He lied about whether the person who was involved in that was responsible or whether he was drunk.

“He really has a long track record of lying for personal benefit,” Hemingway argued, “and if we had a media that was even remotely careful, they would be talking about this and they would’ve probably presented these issues to Democratic voters before they chose him in their primary.”

How is Biden in a position to become the most powerful man in the free world?

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91 Responses

  1. ANTIFA who is supported by Biden, and the Demo-Rats, has a New Quote,

    Every City-
    Every Town-
    We’re Burning-
    Every Precinct Down!

    So if you want ANTIFA in your town, burning your police precinct down, vote for Biden, and the Demo_Rats!
    That’s one promise, Demon-Rats will Keep!

  2. No question but that Joe Biden ranks among the Elite Democratic Communist Partyโ€™s liars, criminals, dishonest, deceitful, do nothing politicians Who have used their political office to enrich themselves and their families. Biden has been at the top of the list, alongside Obama, Schumer, Pieceafeces Pelosi, Nadler, Schitt and so many more who are out to destroy the United States.
    I believe that Biden is also currently a named suspect in a Criminal Investigation in Ukraine; which if the Investigation progresses to the point that Ukraine wants Biden in the Ukraine for trial, I would gladly hand him over in shackles.

  3. In response to Mrs Obama. Now she knows how many of us suffered this same illness when he was in office

  4. Obama’s Oldest Daughter was involved in the early Riots in NY w/Mayor Deplosios Daughter they are Communist. Tax payers pay for this College Punks to destory what the WHITE PEOPLE BUILT SICK OF THERE RACISM.. THEY DIDNT STEAL ANY WORK BOOTS.

  5. poor michael is so depressed maybe its because she lives with all those libs in marthas vinyard. looks like she had a silver spoon and is soooo depressed.

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