September 29, 2022

Joe Biden goes on bizarre rant about kissing grandchildren amid concerns about President’s health

President Joe Biden is almost 80 years old, and it’s beginning to show despite attempts to conceal his problems. However, he gave a bizarre excuse for what appears to be an undeniable illness.

Biden blamed “kissing” his sick grandson for his apparent ill health, the Daily Caller reported. He was responding to Fox News senior White House correspondent Peter Doocy who pointed out the president’s voice “sounds a little different” Friday.

“First of all, Mr. President, your voice sounds a little different. Are you okay?” Doocy asked after a briefing on November’s jobs numbers. Biden’s voice sounded hoarse during his remarks, and he turned from the microphone to cough several times.

“I’m okay. I have a test every day to see, a COVID test,” Biden replied, his voice deeper than normal from the congestion. “What I have is a one-and-a-half-year-old grandson who had a cold who likes to kiss his Popโ€”and kissing my, uh, anyways. So, it’s just a cold,” Biden said.

Despite his excuse-making, observers on Twitter suggested the president was unfit for office because of grave health concerns, Breitbart reported. Many of the reactions included calls to invoke the 25th Amendment whereby Biden could be removed for ill health.

Last month, Biden had his first physical as president and doctors announced he was in good health except for a stiff gait and repeated “throat-clearing” that required further examination, The Hill reported. “The President’s gait appears to be perceptibly stiffer and less fluid than it has been in the past,” the president’s physician Kevin O’Connor said.

Noticeably absent from the battery of tests was anything regarding his cognitive functioning, Fox News reported. While his doctor’s assessment sought to explain away the stiffened gait as aftermath from a fall Biden suffered last year, NYU internist and clinical professor medicine Dr. Marc Siegel speculated whether the fall wasn’t a result but rather the cause of balance issues.

It’s a fact that Biden is an elderly man, meaning he could expect to have some cognitive or significant health issues regardless of his station in life. However, he must step down if he’s in some way unfit for office — or face removal via the 25th Amendment.




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