July 1, 2022

Joe Biden demands more funding for local police forces in direct repudiation of liberal defund the police narrative

Democrats made abolishing police a main talking point in the runup to the 2020 elections. Now that they’re in power, they’re backpedaling as they suffer the consequences of such irresponsible rhetoric.

President Joe Biden is urging state and local politicians to beef up police forces ahead of the summer months that will likely bring increased crime, The Hill reported. The president is distributing $10 billion of coronavirus relief bill funds to that cause.

“It’s up to the cities, the towns, and the counties to spend the money and spend it now,” Biden said. The president was speaking to mayors and police chiefs at a White House event Friday.

“It’s there, it’s been appropriated,” he said of the funds which are coming from the legislation passed early last year. “We know the challenges we’re facing as we head into this summer. We need to meet those challenges with a sense of urgency, which this group is doing,” Biden said.

“Use these funds we made available to you to prioritize public safety. Do it quickly before this summer, when crime rates typically surge,” the president urged leaders.

“Taking action today is going to save lives tomorrow. So use the money, hire the police officers, build up your emergency response systems, invest in proven solutions,” Biden said.

The president said the relief package would go toward restoring 460,000 jobs for state and local municipalities, including increases in law enforcement. Biden named two municipalities that were doing just that but also added that Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner would use the funds for mental health services, a point that is a nod to the radical left’s alternative to police.  

Though Biden always stopped short of joining the defund the police crowd, his fellow Democrats were fully in favor of such madness. Now cities are a seeing increasing crime, and constituents are angry — which is likely why Biden has taken up the cause to add more police.

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