March 7, 2021

Joe Biden deflects questions, speculation about investigations into family’s business dealings

Joe Biden, the media-declared president-elect, got off easy in the run-up to the 2020 election as most of the mainstream media ran cover for a brewing scandal involving his son, Hunter Biden. Luckily for Biden, the situation never really saw the light of day.

In recent days, that has changed significantly, as it was revealed this week that the junior Biden is under federal investigation on multiple fronts. When the former vice president was asked about the situation, he abptly ended the conversation, simply saying “I’m proud of my son.”

Since the news broke of Hunter Biden being actively investigated for years by the United States Attorney of Delaware for “tax affairs,” Joe Biden has been bombarded with questions from reporters every time he’s spotted in public.

The last incident came after a press event in Wilmington, Delaware when Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked if his son had “committed a crime.” Unsurprisingly, the elder Biden refused to answer the question. But when Doocy followed up by asking if he’d spoken to his son in the wake of the announcement, Biden gave him the “I’m proud of my son” answer and walked away.

Interestingly, according to the Daily Wire, Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, took the same defensive measures when confronted about the issue on Thursday. The moment she was asked about her son, reporters were reportedly “shooed” away while some of her handlers essentially jumped in front of the cameras.

Hunter Biden originally broke the news about his situation earlier this week through a statement, when he announced that the U.S. Attorney of Delaware was investigating unspecified tax issues. But in later reporting, it was also revealed that he’s involved in a federal investigation reportedly looking into his foreign deals and money laundering.

“In addition to Delaware, the securities fraud unit in the Southern District of New York also scrutinized Hunter Biden’s finances, according to the person with direct knowledge of the investigation,” a Politico report indicated.

Joe Biden’s brother, Jim Biden, is also reportedly the target of a separate federal investigation, leaving many questions as to just how compromised the Biden family might actually be.

It’s clear from Joe and Jill Biden’s constant deflections that they were not prepared for any of this news to come out so soon. Only time will tell where it all goes, but it’s probably safe to say that the Biden family Christmas dinner is going to be a little extra awkward this year.

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75 Responses

    1. What he might have meant was ” Like father like son “. He knows he has taught his son how to be corrupt and get away with it .

      1. That’s what I was also thinking. Makes me cringe to think of a Biden/Harris administration in the WH. We will be owned by China. (If we are not already…)

        1. i saw a poll a few weeks ago that showed that 4.5% of people that voted never heard anything about the hunter problems.stating that they may have voted for trump if they knew that!they must be watching cnn or msnbc! what a bunch of idiots! 4.5% of say 100 million votes equals 4.5 million!i don’t believe in polls but even if it was 2% that’s a lot of votes!

          1. I dont believe in polls and voting anymore and besides they would have just added more votes to the count

      2. Joe Biden will threaten to remove those investigating Hunter and make them drop everything against his crime family if he makes it t to the White House. He knows everything about his son and brother but lies about it. When Kamal toe Harris takes over she will Pardon all of the corrupt Biden’s and Democrats.
        If Biden is inaugurated prepare for the funeral of the United States as he will finish whit Obama started.

    2. Our Country is in serious trouble and we better hope the Republicans win Georgia! Obama started all this BLM nonsense and it will only get worse with the Squad!!!


    3. That’s what should scare the hell out of people. How proud is he? Proud enough to place him in a position of authority? What about the allegations about his brother ,his wife, and even his brother, How many other relatives may be involved? Why did both the government and the media neglect to inform the public?, or the President

  1. Of course Biden says that my son because he has on one else(a dope head a bum and no good like him self. He needs someone to take care of him now that hes losing his mind.

  2. Of course he is proud of his son, He is in it just as deep and I am sure Hunter is proud of him. Most of the country (at least one half) know Joe Biden by his fruits. They are not sweet.

  3. Unbelievable. Absolutely astonishing. And this idiot is supposed to become President of our country? How on earth can that be allowed to happen?

  4. And he is the man that may be in the white house. It’s a very dark day for our country. Not to mention Harris and her background.

  5. Biden did NOT win the election and everyone with a working brain knows it. Neither he or Camala will ever be my president. The demonrat party needs to be ended. All they know how to do is cheat!


    2. What? Are you still wearing your tinfoil hat and receiving those radio waves regarding Trump’s criminality related to:
      Russia-gate – haha
      Ukraine-gate – wow
      Any-gate – I’d say educate yourself, but that’s probably not possible with that stupid tinfoil hat on (dunce cap).

    3. What is Trump going to trial for , explain, show us the facts not only opinions. Opinions do not count, every one can opine and goes no where. Facts count and better have the proof.

  6. Of course biden is proud of his son – criminals love other criminals , especially a son he trained well to be a treasonous , anti-America , communist criminal like him !

  7. “The danger to America is not Joseph Biden, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a Biden presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Biden, who is a mere symptom of what ails America.

    Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Biden, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president.”

    1. Astute perspective. Sad commentary of the state of America, American idealism, American fortitude, American patriotism, American leadership…that shining light on a hill. Yes, for America to elected Biden as a representative does not reflect or bode well for its present or future.

    2. And we can thank the public education system and the communist college professors for most of this problem. They have been indoctrinating and brainwashing our kids for decades. A college degree no longer means what it once did.

      1. James H Dobbins, Sir, you are 100% correct. The demorats/liberal teachers have been brain washing our kids for decades, and this is what we get. These kids are going to be our next leaders…God help us all!

    3. Husband & I call those who cast a vote for the Gecko (Biden), No I.Q.s.
      Should be mandatory to take an I.Q. test before being allowed to vote.

    4. Almost half of our country are ‘No I.Q.s
      The Bible says they will be blinded and will call evil good and good evil.
      President Trump has accomplished such great things in four short years while being tortured unmercifully.
      Let’s give the Gecko (Biden)/his family and Squeaky (Kamala) the same treatment.

  8. Ask biden a question about his pay to play scheme or what his real plan is for America, and he will end the conversation & run to the basement. Oh boy, what a great leader we have now. The only thing he seems to be good at is stealing elections. the world can’t wait to deal with Sleepy. This will be obama 2.0. No leadership all talk & no action or anything good for the American people or America.
    Never biden !!

  9. Biden is so stupid he can’t even remember which foot to put his boot on so he just alternates thinking nobody will notice. Once a liar always a liar. Thousands of witnesses come forward under oath to reveal fraud and all look the other way but when some unknown whistleblower come up with false information and isn’t under oath the dems try to impeach the President.

    1. Even the Supreme Court doesn’t have any b#lls.
      What’s the matter justices ?
      You afraid cities will be set on fire?
      Hey Biden. Black Crappie Matter !

  10. Talk about the dumbing down of America, Biden and his followers are perfect examples of persona needing to be removed from the “GENE POOL”.

      1. Why do you think this is now being talked about?
        It is a plan that has been in the works for a long time.
        Biden is only the nose in the tent, soon to be discarded.

      2. That’s their plan. Inaugurate the Gecko (Biden), say he’s not mentally fit and then slide (squeaky) into his position.
        Wake up, Joe.

  11. Well, I finally agree with Hillary on something. She openly said that Democratic Voters were stupid and easily “led”. I had no idea that they were so corrupt, but still, not many people would vote for a man when they know he’s sick, don’t know the Party platform, have no clue about the reputation or history of the family, and don’t know that the entire family is under investigation by the FBI.

  12. Christmas dinner will not be awkward-this is normal day too day protocol for all of the Bidens. I am so tired of “untouchable politicians”. No one in the public sector is untouchable, ask General Flynn. THEY ARE REQUIRED TO BE TREATED LIKE AN AVERAGE AMERICAN, which they actually are

  13. In my opinion the reason they haven’t indited Biden yet is due to the fact they are waiting to impeach him as president so Kamala can take over the presidency. We all know the far left doesn’t like Biden they’re just using him right now.

  14. Biden is not our president and never will be!!! I pray to GOD that he and Obama and the Clintons are held accountable for their actions!! And all people involved in the voter fraud held accountable for their actions as well!!

  15. I’d like to see for Biden not to take all his salary like President Trump the whole time of his tenure if he become the President of the United States to prove if he cares for the America First than China.

  16. Joe Biden sr nor jr need to be aloud to set foot in the whitehouse, and Harris doesn’t need to be in either.
    Trump can and will make america great again!

  17. Who really runs the universe The Bible says God is on his throne and he’s in total control
    and he controls all things the evil and the good.,from His throne. He works all things to his perfect will . It is God that controls all things and He will take care of this. My ways are not your ways says the Lord. When you can’t trace God’s hand you can always trust God’s heart

  18. When Joe Biden started out about 47 years ago all he did was LIE, Plagiarized others, it was so bad he was on the news often being criticize by real news casters & even Jonny Carson would say during his monolog how much he lied & plagiarized. Some how this liar became a Senator and never did a dam thing except make retires pay taxes on social security which they already did through payroll taxes, that is what I call double taxing, thanks Joe#!$#. He has always been arrogant & thinks he is somethin special also very racist. This was his third run for president and the only way he won was by the democrats committing fraudulent votes & rigged machines but there were some people who actually voted for him, now over 17% say they wouldn’t have if they knew about his involvement with China, his son & the rest of his families involvement. So all you who voted for him please check out his career on the internet which you should have done before you voted for him, just saying, Plus before you believe a word out of his mouth check to make sure he is speaking the truth, the only thing I got out of what he said when he campaigned for President was Trump bad, really you feel for that??? Now he is saying is I’m proud of my son again he is not answering the question nor giving us any information.

  19. Hunter had no marketable skills or clout. He was getting these plum job and benefits only based on his familial connection to the vice-president. Likewise, if Joe Biden wasn’t vice president these folks in China and Armenia would not give Joe the time of day. Influence pedaling and nothing more. They were cashing in on their positions in the government of the good old USA. They are low life of the first order.

  20. How can you be proud of a son who is a liar, cheat, thief, pedophile, etc. etc. I guess you can if that’s what you are!

    1. Don’t forget his qualifications, skills and achievements as a Cocaine addict in and out of rehab.
      C’mon Joe and Hunter, fess up.
      Don’t snort up. lol

  21. And oh Kamala.
    Don’t forget what a tyrant she was locking up black men.
    Brush up on your history, people. Let me help you, Democrats never did anything for black folks. That’s fact. It’s a lie they’ve always told.
    And you keep voting for their
    sorry as#es. See what that gets you. Nothing.
    Flip flop, flip flop.

  22. I use to be proud to be an American. Not anymore.
    My fellow Americans have voted in (again) the party that disregards human life (babies too small to cry out for help).
    That makes everyone of you whom voted the Biden/Harris ticket guilty of infanticide.
    It makes me sick that you turn your head and ignore what our country is doing to our babies.
    They laugh and clap while signing a bill to kill a baby up to the day it’s born.
    You make me sick.
    What does HE say. “They know not what they do.”
    May Jesus forgive your moral-less wicked souls.

  23. Hunter’s crimes are money laundering, bribery, crimes against children, and more. And Hunter learned it all at his criminal father’s knee. Yes. The International Criminal Joe Biden head of the Joe Biden Crime Family. Sadly he is now a Dying Bumbling Stumping FO** in Severe Cognitive Decline, but insists on going our as the worst sc** the Democrats have ever put into office. As bad as Obama was, because he truly HATED AMERICA for the entire 8 years he ran it into the ground, at least he had all his marbles.
    TRUMP is so much better for AMERICA than any of the Communist SC** the Democrats have to offer!

  24. n recent days, that has changed significantly, as it was revealed this week that the junior Biden is under federal investigation on multiple fronts. When the former vice president was asked about the situation, he abptly ended the conversation, simply saying
    “I’m proud of my son.” and his TREASONOUS work for China, All HAIL CHINA! Quad-pro-quo little Joey Biden the Communist

  25. Communist are winning. Their manifesto says Take control of the media and the education system and the rest will fall in place easily. Well, they have the media and the education system. The American public are like the frog that was put in a pot and slowly were boiled alive. We have slowly been letting the commies into our society a little at a time until we are all going to be boiled alive.

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