May 24, 2022

Joe Biden confirms he will pick black woman to the Supreme Court

President Joe Biden has the chance to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court with the best person for the job. Unfortunately, his criteria for picking a replacement will have nothing to do with actual qualifications.

Biden announced he will nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court by the end of next month, Breitbart reported. This was something he had promised during the 2020 presidential campaign, and now leftists were eager to hold him to it.

Justice Stephen officially announced his intention Thursday that will take effect after the end of the current session. Biden used the publicity as an opportunity to make his own remarks and tout his next woke move.

“It is my intention to make my decision public before the end of February,” Biden promised at a joint event with Breyer. Washington, D.C. was abuzz the day before as news of the upcoming vacancy leaked.

“The person I will nominate will be someone with extraordinary qualifications, character, experience, and integrity, and that person will be the first black woman ever nominated to the Supreme Court,” he continued. “It’s long overdue in my view,” Biden said.

“I’m fortunate to have advising me in the selection process, Vice President Kamala Harris,” Biden went on to say. Harris had served as California attorney general and sat on the Senate judiciary committee prior to being exalted to her current position.

This is not the first time Biden has decided that sex and race were the most important considerations when filling a job. When he was still a presidential candidate, Biden had promised that a black woman would become his running mate before settling on Harris, according to CNN.

There is nothing noble about choosing someone for the high court based on physical characteristics. The better strategy would be to pick the best person for the job and let the chips fall where they may — but this is all Democrats have to offer as an enticement to voters because their actual policies are terrible.

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