July 25, 2021

Joe Biden caught violating his own executive order hours after it was issued

President Biden made promises of an executive mask mandate a centerpiece of his campaign and followed through on day one of his presidency by ordering the use of masks on all federal property.

Just hours after issuing the executive order, Biden was busted breaking his own rule while visiting the Lincoln Memorial — which is indeed federal property — and there’s video footage to prove it. 

Democrats have always prized the mantra “rules for thee, not for me,” and as a lifelong establishment fixture, Biden is no exception.

Biden’s Twitter account wrote on Wednesday that “wearing masks isn’t a partisan issue — it’s a patriotic act that can save countless lives. That’s why I signed an executive order today issuing a mask mandate on federal property. It’s time to mask up, America.”

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk was quick to point out that Biden clearly doesn’t take his own mask mandate seriously by highlighting a C-SPAN clip of a clearly maskless Biden at the Lincoln Memorial the very same day.

“Does Joe Biden’s new executive order mandating masks on federal property not apply to Joe Biden while he’s on federal property? Because here he is at the Lincoln Memorial with no mask just hours after signing it,” Kirk wrote.

According to Fox News, “Biden’s executive order, the “100-day masking challenge,” will require masks and social distancing in all federal buildings, on all federal land and by federal employees and contractors, and on airlines, trains and transit systems traveling between states.”

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78 Responses

    1. Ca mon James!! You know when a Politician is lying…. (Catch Phrases) Let Me be Frank
      To be Quite Honest with you
      Quite Frankly

      Let Me be quite Frank with you.. James: Whenever we open our mouths, Quite Frankly, we’re lying, because to be quite honest with you, we frankly know nothing of what we’re speaking about.

      That about covers it!

  1. Did anyone really expect the Demonrats to obey any law? They are above it. They do not obey the law nor do they enforce the law. Had they enforced the laws that have been on the books for decades we would not be in the trouble we are.

    1. Ok, I know that this Chinese virus is nothing to laugh about but neither is the flu but if it is so bad then why are countless Politicians being seen not social distancing or wearing masks? I’m telling you, this is a test on just how far our own Government can control the population.

    2. True, the Dems are above the law, the Constitution, and any other rules, regulations, etc.. Even their own.
      Those things only apply to others.

      1. The dem-o-pukes don’t know what the Constitution is or even what it says. They have their own set of laws. If they don’t have it on their list of lies (OOPS. my fingers slipped, I meant laws), they make one or several up. chinese communist bastards. Throw all of them over a cliff. No one will even notice they are gone. There would not be one good body part remaining to recycle. Sorry planned parenthood…you snooze you lose.

  2. I hope they post at least 1,000 VETTED national guard troops at each location to ENFORCE THE MASK MANDATE BY EMPORER BITEME. Gosh darn Americans can’t be trusted!!

  3. The reason Calif is so high in number of covids, the people there, enabled democrats, all go to the beaches, maskless, no social distancing, partying, playing together, etc., then wonder how they got sick! Maybe Biden and Harris will get sick soon, one can only hope!


    1. It’s going to depend upon what Iran and China want? If China Joe and da Ho don’t follow the orders from China and Iran, they’ll be replaced.

    2. To Jerry :

      You are so right!
      But this should not surprise anyone, that was their goal to begin with, to make us be just like China !!!!

    3. Commies living in a third world country slime pit! Biden and his gang of misfits are going to do a lot of damage to America. We may never recover from it because voter fraud will keep them in power.

    4. I’m thinking enough patriots man the points of entry with eveything we have but get close enough the the point of entry that if we were fired upon it would take out the intruders.

  5. Biden is NOT THE PRESIDENT!!! He and the VP will be arrested and removed from office for treason within 30 days! When they both took the oath of office their crimes were completed.

    1. I find it funny that the government would NOT send a government plane for Joe Biden since he is an illegitimate president-elect and had to take a private jet to be inaugurated. Military monitored elections and they know exactly what happened. Military has PROOF OF ELECTION FRAUD.

      Biden took bribes from foreign countries. He was put into office by Deep State and foreign governments.

  6. Well who is going to arrest the President for not adhering to his own policy? Oh I forget they say do as I say not as I do so I guess that explains it!

  7. He must be immune to the virus. He most likely had both doses of the vaccine long before the image of him getting the shot. Can you say placebo. If there is any justice in this world left, Biden and his butt kissers will all become infected and cull the population of evil.

  8. Whatever Bidumb mandates or does I will do just the opposite –it’s just common sense not to listen to the village idiot

    1. DID YOU VOTE FOR THAT BIDUMBer ???????????????

      BUT I DID NOT NOT NOT TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I agree they deserve and bidden and Harris are criminals but they have people that pay them and those people will make sure they never go to jail plus the people that pay them are anti American and two of the top people on that list are Hillary Clinton and Bill gates

  9. Forgetful or Above the rest? Doddering old fool forgot his own orders or were they ordered by an unknown? Who knows, but they really only apply to anyone but a dem.

  10. So that means he and his family have to wear a mask 24/7 while they are in the White House. So will VP Harris and her family at their new home, all is federal property.

    1. She’s refusing to move in til repairs are done. In truth She’s waiting to move into the White House. Why move twice in a couple months.

    1. Queen Nancy needs to be arrested for treason as well as Harris and Bidden And Obama and Hillary Clinton and Bill gates as well

  11. Do as I say, not as I do. We constantly have been ordered by Democrats to follow their directions a they constantly violate these very same instructions. It is so incredible and ridicules in their hypocrisy it boggles the mind. As President Biden says, “It’s going to be a long cold winter”. Let’s pray that it won’t be four long cold winters,

  12. That doesn’t surprise me of course he did every American should do the same thing just like when Nancy Pelosi was getting her hair done we all need to move out of America and leave him with the illegals.

  13. After taking great pains, to write a scathing Clean worded reply post… You didn’t post it…

  14. To David :

    Just like the “sniffer”, would say: C’mon, man ,
    don’t you know, this is just another “ fact check”website ??!!

    1. Thanks Martha… Maybe if we print the facts here…. Those who read,…. may retain enough knowledge to be dangerous, and pay attention to who their voting for.
      Take Care

  15. Dementia Joe doesn’t remember he signed the executive order and doesn’t realize that the Lincoln Memorial is a federal property. Please go back to the basement.

  16. America, wake up! Democrats don’t make rules for themselves. America, don’t mask up! BIDEN IS NOT YOUR PRESIDENT!!

  17. Beijing Biden won’t catch COVID-19 because commies vaccinated him before releasing this on world. They aren’t worried because only the good die young. People need to wake up. There are better than 80 million voting Americans who still believe in the constitution that founded this nation. When will people realize that WE DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT THIS.
    Biden just pissed on America’s relationship with Canada by stopping the XL Pipeline. Killing over 20,000 US Jobs, who knows how many Canadian jobs, stealing money out of Canada’s purse and giving it to the Saudis or other OPEC members and increasing the cost of fuel for EVERY SINGLE TAXPAYER IN THE USA.
    So when exactly will the conservatives in this country begin their own RESIST group?

  18. Well, of COURSE the rules don’t apply to Biden–he IS a Demmunist, isn’t he? The rules NEVER apply to Demmunists. “Rules for thee, but NOT for me” is practically the guiding philosophy of their corrupt, America- and liberty-hating Party|

  19. Whats one more lie. He never intends to bring unity to the country. He will only continue to do what the dems have done for the last four years. That is cause division.

  20. He is an illigitimate president!! They cheated in the election, then he swore an oath, knowing that other countries participated in the stealing of the election This is TREASON and I do believe that he will be arrested. Our great military have all the evidence of treason and it’s just a matter of time before they all go down. I agree that once they swore that oath, it sealed their fate, and I also believe they will be removed in the next 30 days. Biden is not, nor will he ever be my President! WWG1WGA! MAGA!

  21. I know this has nothing to do with anything but he looks stupid,you can tell he has no idea where he is at.Publicity stunt

  22. Can you all think of any more stupid remarks? You have become just about perfect at it so there might not be many left The UnAmerican Digest loves you and so would Joe Stalin if he were still alive.

  23. So, Nobody did anything about the Clinton Cartel’s crimes. Nobody did anything about Ohomo’s or his gang’s crimes, nobody did anything about election fraud. So don’t cry now. DO SOMETHING about the past to change the future.

  24. I noticed that he seems to have trouble breathing?
    His mouth goes open and then shut, open and shut.
    What a disaster. Do as I say, don’t do as I do. WHAMO!

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