April 11, 2021

Joe Biden caught on video – he’s falling apart

There’s something so obviously wrong about Joe Biden’s mental state that even mainstream media outlets are covering the issue.

With so much scrutiny on the issue, you’d think that Biden would tighten up his gaffe-prone style – that is, if he’s capable of doing so.

More and more, it’s looking like he’s not. And his most recent meltdown is a doozy.

Does this look like a man that’s capable of running the world’s only superpower?

It’s long past time that someone in the Biden camp says “enough.” Biden clearly isn’t up to the job.

If elected, he’d be nothing more than a puppet. Or maybe that’s part of the radical left’s plan?

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88 Responses

    1. Most likely you are a Trump supporter and they don’t like that or else you presented truth and they don’t like that either. If you want your post printed praise Biden or condemn Trump. Works every time.

      1. That’s not going to happen. There is nothing to praise Biden for unless he would drop out of the Presidential race. I find it appalling that his spouse or close friends would allow him to go through this mockery. This is pure shameful.

        1. I agree with John ….. how can your spouse say she loves you and even worse she is a doctor …..what would she let him go thru this mockery? We are talking abt running a country not a local grocery store…. has the left completely lost their minds?

          1. I agree and am aTrump supporter 200%, but I think he believes his sister in law is his wife. Also even though his wife is a Dr, she is not a medical Dr. she has Phd in education. The fake media implies she is a medical Dr.

        2. Hell, his spouse is beside, behind or to his left front clapping her hands off, nodding her approval. She sees this as wonderful as she wants in that Whitehouse so bad she can taste it. Biden can continue to make a fool of himself, she doesn’t care one bit . One thing for sure we don’t need biden in the White House cause if he ever were to get there, this country will be in the bloodiest civil war ever !!!

        3. Old saying: “Power corrupts…..absolute power corrupts absolutely” That’s the basic democratic problem.


        1. Could be that they are waiting for Michelle O. to give in and enter the race with Biden. Tell me it’s not so!!!

      3. This watching Biden thing has become a challenge. I almost want to see him get something right.

    2. You must have HIT a BULLS EYE aboud DEMENTIA BIDEN …. He is FADING FASTER than a snow ball in the FLORIDA KEYS !! STICK A FORK THE DUFUS IS DONE !!!

    3. You are so Correct, Democrats would KILL AMERICA, The Democratic party must be abolished, All they want to do is destroy America, God Help us if They are elected in the Presidential election, DOOMED AMERICA !

    4. They’ve “lost” my comments for the last couple of weeks Mary Jo. This site leans heavily in favor of the left I guess. I’ll know in a minute because I’m about to post something they won’t appreciate.

  1. This is why China , Russia , and Iran all want him to win in November ! They know he’s a sell out and brain dead !

    1. Seems MaryJo, Dee and Ruth did not reply to you as you wanted. That is why you will not publish their remarks?

    2. Ruth! Welcome to the club! Next comes your posts being rewritten exactly opposite from what you wrote by DNC! Altered posts being posted under your name is another of their trucks! And don’t overlook your posts that are censored before actual posting and just Corp deleted! Been there, seen it first hand! Semper Fi


    4. I know the feeling. I recently made a non-threatening remark on Facebook about Ilhan Omar and now I’m suspended from commenting for 7 days. Meanwhile Mad Max Waters called for the murder of President Trump and Facebook took no action against her. Go figure.

    1. That’s exactly what they are doing, hand picking the person they want as President to be his running mate.
      Kamala Harris, dear God no. As corrupt as they come. What is WRONG with these people?? I’ve come to believe “Democrat” really is a mental disease.

  2. Biden is a Old man with a mental disorder, why i the American Government allowing this to go on.. Trump is and will be our President in 2020 ,.. Let Trump Make America Great Again and keep the Democrat’s out of his way. He was doing a stellar job since day one

  3. Why was Pelosi not FIRED when she showed us the childish (and un-American) act of tearing the President’s State of the Union speech: which, by the way, belonged to the House of Representatives?! Why are the House Dems so timid???

    1. because she is a SHE-BULLY in a bra and adult diaper and hung over 50% of the time a HALF DRUNK to other 50% , that is why the demo-communist reps, are NEUTERED EUNUCH LAP DOGS , they sit and play dead when she snaps her fingers.

    2. Exactly what I said! What she did was grossly improper even for her. God this country is in deep trouble and those loony dems don’t even know it.

    3. It call IMMUNITY LAW! She is untouchable unless her district vote her out! Or she died! I believe the second is around the corner! If Trump win re-election then we can have her REMOVE FROM OFFICE AND ARRESTED FOR TREASONOUS AGAINST AMERICA! AND CORRUPTION IN THE HOUSE! There is NOT one DEMOCRAT who is honest enough NOT TO STEAL THE FEDERAL FUNDS FOR THEIR DISTRICT! CUMMINGS COME TO MIND?

  4. Of course Dementia Joe has a severe mental disorder… Biden said he will beat Donald Reagan in December 2020…

    1. You are so Correct, Democrats would KILL AMERICA, The Democratic party must be abolished, All they want to do is destroy America, God Help us if They are elected in the Presidential election, DOOMED AMERICA !

  5. If Biden is elected it will be in effect a third term for OBAMA, Protect America and vote for our President’s 2nd term.

  6. IF the DNC chooses (we know it’s not Biden doing the choosing) Kamala Harris for a running mate, she is not constitutionally eligible to BE vice president, so not eligible to be president, either. Both president and vp have to be “natural born citizens”. That is not the same thing as “citizen at birth”, that unfortunately, so many people believe these days. Since she was born on U.S. soil, and her parents were here legally, she was a “citizen at birth”, but a “natural born citizen” is one not only born on U.S. soil but also born to parents (plural) who are themselves, citizens. It takes a minimum of 5 years legal residence to be eligible for naturalization, but she was born in Oakland, CA in 1964. Her mother had come here from India in 1960 and her Jamaican father came here in 1961. They had not lived here long enough for her parents to have become citizens. Kamala is a “citizen” only through the 14th Amendment, which doesn’t and can’t make anyone a natural born citizen. The 14th A didn’t even make citizens of the Native Americans, when the former slaves got citizenship through the 14th, because the Native Americans owed their allegiance to their tribes, not to the U.S. Citizen at/by birth is not the same thing as natural born citizen. Kamala is not a natural born citizen because her parents were still foreign nationals when she was born. If a child is born here and both parents are citizens, then there is no other country that the child could possibly be a citizen of, and no other country that could demand loyalty from him/her.

      1. He had a fake birth certificate from Hawaii. Obummer got away with a lot of things normal people would not of. They spoke to his brother in Kenya and is mother was a prostitute not born in America. His brother told a news crew that Obummer was born in Kenya. Because he was the first black president and a soothe talker no one wanted upset the apple cart and he got away with it. Be the reverse and the Republican would of been evicted from the presidency. That is how Obummer got away with it.

        1. There is a documentary on Obama’s brother George Obama. He was in the slums trying to help the children and the people there. Barack Obama had nothing to do with him. It showed B Obama when he was running for senate telling he was born in Kenya.

    1. And no one will care if they want her in, they will say this is all conspiracy theory just like they did with Obummer. Kamala is a corrupt and pandering person who only cares about herself. She had an affair with Willie Brown to get to her positions.

    2. Sadly the Native Americans were not even listed as humans until 1924 when the US Gov. voted them as such. They were treated as part of any land, cattle, etc. that were part of what the Fed Gov. deemed. As for Biden, if he were POTUS , he would be a puppet controlled by the Puppet master, OBAMAnation. Remember OBUMMER said he stayed in DC to shadow Pres.Trump and he had over 30 groups across the country that awaited his word to take down Trump and America as we know it.Wonder who the ones in dark gear when BLM and ANTIFA were rioting? THINK FOLKS…He wanted an illegal 3rd term and the only way he could get it is to get Sleepy Joe in so he could turn America into a Caliphate ran by his fellow Brotherhood members. Speaking of citizenship, he is a citizen of Indonesia. When his mother married an Indonesian and he adopted him so he could be fully trained in Islam as they believe in that country, Obama’s mother and he denounced American citizenship. Indonesia does not have duo citizenship. When he went to college, his student ID had his name Barry and his last name was the name of his father that adopted him. The Indonesian man married to his mother. The ID also was stamped with “FOREIGN STUDENT”. He admitted that he did not start “using his real father’s name until I visited his grave in Kenya at 22 years old”. He never legally changed anything. He just started using the Obama name. Now tell me how he could legally run for the Senate much less President, if he never took citizenship courses and became a citizen of the US? The fact his paternal grandmother swears she was present when he was born in a little clinic in Kenya. Even if he were not born there, he still was not a US citizen because of his being adopted by an indonesian step father and was a citizen of Indonesia. HE HAD NO LEGAL DOCUMENT TO BE IN THIS COUNTRY. HE HAD NO GREEN CARD. HE JUST WALKED IN AN PRETENDENED TO BE WHATEVER AS AN ACTIVIST AGAINST AMERICA. His maternal grandparents were active Marxists and of course he was trained in Jihad as an Indonesian. A DOUBLE EDGED SWORD TO TAKE DOWN OUR NATION. If Biden wins, he will have his agenda completed and will take over running this nation from behind the scenes with help from the SQUAD in the SWAMP. VOTE TRUMP OR GET AN OBAMAnation!

      1. It going to come down to a civil War! You might not hope so! But you are not going to stop the DEMONcrat party and it ANTIFA and BLM army! It either we BAND TOGETHER TO FIGHT BACK! IF YOU DON’T WANT TO FIGHT THEN CONSIDER YOURSELF A TRAITOR! This country was found by those who believe in Jesus Christ! And they fought BRITISH laws to be able to have their own RELIGIOUS AND FAITH! NO THE BIBLE DOESN’T SAY NOT TO FIGHT! IT SAY PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD TO FIGHT EVIL!

  7. I didn’t think so!! COWARDS!!! It’s because I’m a Trump supporter. I didn’t think your were biased!

  8. Thank God Trump does not have a mental disorder! Trump has not forgotten how to lie! He still holds the record for being the most out lying President the US has ever had. Elect Trump again and see what this country will be in the next four years. Everyone will be afraid to go out their front doors because of all the racial riots. On second thought maybe that is what you want!

    1. There wont be any riots cause all the liberal left pansies w9nt be around to handcuff,Trump,and the police to stop them.

  9. Another sad day for America. Who in their right mind would vote for Bidon he’s mentally challenged let the old man go out to pasture. He’s done

  10. AOC wants old joe to win .then muslim obama and VP rice can run the country. .her mother born in iran..Iran’s clan.

  11. If Biden should somehow win in November, the DNC will make sure he is never inaugurated. As for all the rioting, the root cause is spelled OBAMA.

    1. Then CIVIL WAR! IF you are a Patroit AMERICANS you need to fight! Either way you will died at Obama or whoever hands! I will go down fighting for my heaven father!

  12. Biden doesn’t know where he is most of the time. He hides in his basement to avoid tough questions. When he is interviewed the questions asked of him are a joke.

  13. One way to look at it . . .Biden will not run short on campaign funds, with Soros to back him up . . . And one has to also wonder who will be chosen as his Vice President ? No shortage of funds there either ! ! ! !

    1. Money doesn’t work on the people! YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CHECK THE BOX! Soros money is dirty money! Biden campaign has already started showing HIS LIES ON TV! China is his baby!

  14. Like others, my comment today and yesterday was not posted on various .Am I being censored on American Digest,ETC.

  15. I think it is terrible that this poor man is being put through this for the sake of the Democrat party. I f he makes it, he will be deemed incompetent and whoever the vice president is will go with whatever the Democratic party has planned. He will be a puppet or the previous will take place. We have a good president that has made things happen for the better and we need to keep him for another four.

  16. Biden is being mistreated and made fun of for the sake of the Democratic party. He will be used as a puppet or deemed unfit.

  17. Who in there right mind would vote for Biden or any other Hateful Marxist Leftist Democrats. All they want to do is destroy America.

  18. The riots and upheaval all over the country are not legitimate protests! They are CHOREOGRAPHED CHAOS and are being orchestrated by the Democratic party and Barack Obama with the intent to disrupt the country so much that BO will be viewed as the savior and peace-maker after the election. All in the planning of the left wing!

  19. My argument with Obama is not where he was or was not borne. Obama is now past tense (Many thanks to God). What I cared about is: Obama was and is an ignorant, incompetent, narcissistic, egotistical fool. He did his best(worst) to destroy the USA. And you are welcome to tell him I said so. And I am not RACIST, I am happily married to a beautiful brown Filipino lady with an equally beautiful brown family.

  20. After seeing the campaign ads on TV by BIDEN. There is NOT any truth to him! He is using Trump 2016 ads and talking a LIE! HE DOESN’T SUPPORT JOBS FOR AMERICA! HE IS ALL FOR CHINA TAKING CONTROL OF THE WORLD . Trump should sue whoever fix the video of his for BIDEN.

  21. One way to look at the situation that America is now in ! Biden will not run short on campaign funds, with Soros to back him up . . . And one has to also wonder who will he choose to be his Vice President ? No shortage of funds there either ! ! ! ! It‘s about time for all of us In America, with values, to stand up for what everyone knows is right and not allow the Liberals to destroy everything that the generations before us have fought so hard to defend ! Those in the service, the police, and yes many of our politicians ! It is shameful that we allow so many to cause this destruction, every night, with it being labeled as demonstrations ! ! ! GET WITH IT AMERICANS ! ! !

  22. BLACK PEOPLE need to come to their SENSE! All these years they have VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRAT PARTY! WHY? EVERYTHING they believe in is HELD THEM BACK! And that has been the goal of every Democrat Congress and president! KEEP YOU ON THEIR SLAVERY PLANTATION! God gave you a BRAIN use it! TRUMP IS THE first PRESIDENT TO HELP YOU! WANT TO SEE BLACK PEOPLE AS WELL AS WHITE PEOPLE REACHING THEIR DREAMS!

  23. I continue to see a question as to why the democrats have “ol Joe Biden out there when even they know he’s working a few cylinders short. Believe me this is not a mistake. Joe was never meant to be president. But if they can push him through the REAL president Barack Obama has picked will get the job when Joe goes to pasture. I’ve believed all along that Susan Rice will be the VP pick. Think about it. Joe goes, Rice moves in, and Obama gets his own set of keys to the white house. That’s better than the third term the democrats have pushed. He can call all the shots, can’t be criticized, and certainly can’t be impeached. Sweet Deal. Of course the democrats have to win first. But with this sabotage of the election system they’ve cooked up it’s entirely possible. Mail in voting isn’t being pushed for their fun. Mark Twain said,”It is not he who votes that wins election. It is he WHO COUNTS THE VOTES”.

  24. Biden IS ALREADY the Left’s puppet, and yes, IT HAS BEEN the Left’s plan all along, including Obama’s the Clintons, and the circus we know as Congress today.

  25. Think about it !!!!
    What happens when Biden loses it, and they declare Bidens V P incapable of running the country and she gets impeached.
    Whose next in line ?????????
    You want Pelosi in the Oval Office ??????

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