July 2, 2022

Joe Biden caught on video – he’s falling apart

There’s something so obviously wrong about Joe Biden’s mental state that even mainstream media outlets are covering the issue.

With so much scrutiny on the issue, you’d think that Biden would tighten up his gaffe-prone style – that is, if he’s capable of doing so.

More and more, it’s looking like he’s not. And his most recent meltdown is a doozy.

Does this look like a man that’s capable of running the world’s only superpower?

It’s long past time that someone in the Biden camp says “enough.” Biden clearly isn’t up to the job.

If elected, he’d be nothing more than a puppet. Or maybe that’s part of the radical left’s plan?

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William (@guest_1030950)
1 year ago

I’m hoping that the people of this country can see through these Democrats are trying to do they will stop at nothing to get power back now there was millions of people That voted for Obama no he did not get elected by just Black people there’s a lot of white people that voted for Obama and I challenge everyone to show what Obama and Biden did in the eight years they were in office And you must be honest with what you find not what is said but what was done he did not even help his on People but he played a lot of golf now he’s going to funerals in giving political speeches at a time When he Should have been Eulogizing A great man But he took the time to make a political statement and Calling white America racist it is true that the democratic party every four and two years Call Republicans racist if you research it was the democratic party that was keeping The black man down I do not know Whin the democratic party switched the True racist Democrat and accused the Republicans I put the Democrats have done and will do and you do not have to believe me it is all written down In the history book and it is the Responsibility for every American who will vote to not just listen to what people tell you but research it for yourself like President Trump told Blake Americans what do you have to lose look at the promises He made and write down the promises that he kept illegal aliens pouring across the border and taking all of the American jobs And when the politicians ship our jobs overseas that is even less work to go around I am praying for our country do you think these millionaire Call players disrespect the American flag you look at all the men and women that laid down Their lives to keep this country free if you think about it if this country is so bad why is everyone from other countries trying to get in people that disrespect our flag And our country should be treated like The firemen that they are if they have no respect for our flag and our country do you think they will respect you just look at what antifa and Black Lives Matter are doing to this country I do not have any mercy for traitor to our country I do not care who you are God bless the USA God bless the Trump administration and God bless our patriot

Donald G Borden (@guest_1030971)
1 year ago

thank u for all your great statements! may god bless u!

Duane Bowen (@guest_1031353)
1 year ago

Any American who was unable to hear and recognize all the lies, manipulated facts and hate for our president broadcasted by the New American Mainstream Fake News Media since 2016 . Which there seems to be many current Americans who believe that false biased information. Makes me wonder how much stupider that group of Americans can get?

Dante Varias (@guest_1031925)
Reply to  Duane Bowen
1 year ago

I never worry about the fake news media. My belief is “the more they lie to people about President Trumps accomplishment the more people will support President Trump and Allies”. Here’s another saying “A kite always rise above the wind”. Its just my opinion and observation. Please use your common sense and your best judgement. For those who haven’t registered to vote yet, please register so we can exercise our right of suffrage. If you love our country and the freedom we stand for, please vote for Trump/Pence and all reds. Thanks, and let’s win together in November 3, 2020.

Alan (@guest_1031434)
1 year ago

Biden does not have dementia. he has always been this dumb.



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