July 31, 2021

Joe Biden caught mispronouncing famous book of the Bible during Thanksgiving address

Self-styled president-elect Joe Biden issued a Thanksgiving proclamation on Thursday in a rare public appearance, and true to form, suffered a startling gaffe in the midst of the address. 

Biden has relied heavily on his devout Catholic faith to rebuff criticisms of his support for a number of far-left policies, but during his Thanksgiving address appeared to be unfamiliar with the Christian Bible’s book of Psalms, mispronouncing the word twice without correction in his remarks.

Since the election, Biden has made few public appearances, reducing the unflattering coverage of his continual gaffes and memory lapses. However, he couldn’t stay hidden forever, and in one of his few appearances since early November’s election day, he managed to inflame the controversy once again.

In his attempt to quote the “Psalmist,” Biden directed viewers to “claim the Palmist— what the Palmist who wrote these following words … The Lord is my strength and my shield, and with my song, I give thanks to Him.”

Newsmax’s Howie Carr tweeted a video of the incident, commenting: “‘Devout Catholic’ Joe Biden doesn’t know the “P” in “Psalmist” is silent, not the “s.”

Beyond Biden’s obvious gaffe, the Democrat presidential hopeful took the opportunity to reinforce fears about COVID-19, calling it a “patriotic duty” for Americans to forego traditional Thanksgiving gatherings.

“This year, we are asking Americans to forgo so many of the traditions that we’ve long made this holiday,” Biden said. “I know how hard it is to forgo family traditions. But it is so very important. Our country’s in the middle of a dramatic spike in cases … That’s the plain and simple truth. … I believe you always deserve to hear the truth, hear the truth from your president.”

Biden’s ominous message warning about the dangers of family gatherings during the holidays stands in stark contrast to President Trump’s Thanksgiving address, which struck an optimistic tone about America’s history and future, despite COVID-19.

Trump thanked first responders, essential workers, and medical professionals in his address, remarking that “despite unprecedented challenges, we have not faltered in the face of adversity” and lauded the “remarkable courage and boundless generosity of the American people as they come to the aid of those in need.”

“Although challenges remain, we will never yield in our quest to live up to the promise of our heritage,” Trump continued. “As we gather with our loved ones, we resolve with abiding faith and patriotism to celebrate the joys of freedom and cherish the hope and peace of a brighter future ahead.”

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57 Responses

  1. Illegitimate bumbling incoherent China Joe once again
    R they going to wire him when he meets with foreign leaders – ya no need to it’s easy to sell out a country right Obama –
    Kerry Joe & Hunter!!!

    1. BTW a PALMIST is one who reads palms to tell your fortune. Maybe Old Joe(he is now older than me since his birthday) either doesn’t know this or he uses them to fortell HIS future.lol

    2. Netherlands is not at all happy about the so called win and are on to the corruption in high places. But politely says, It is up to the voter of the country to step up and start going after the media for the misrepresentation. Most of the Europeans know about Biden being a victim of Alzheimer. But they will not interfere. They however know more about the shenanigans of the son Hunter then we do here in America. Isn’t that a shame. The American “fake” media are giving themselves a shiner. tsk tsk ysk for the media.

    3. The Big Gaffe is their creation. They proved that they could promote him into being President. of course that had to cheat to do it, but do it they did. Now it is up to the Supreme Court to toss out the unsolicited ballots that gave Biden the win. But will they?

    4. All democrats are NAZI`s and really do not believe in God, I have a tape of Obama and Biden talking about making a one world government just as told about in Revelations and don`t get me started on Catholics, who supported Hitler and the democrats.

  2. Every time he try’s to call for Jill, he accidentally calls for Michelle. It has a different smell…Kind of like crap…

  3. Joe Biden is a false “devout” Catholic. He has a black heart. He is anti American. He would sell you into slavery to line up his pockets. Actually that’s what he’s in the process of doing now! He’s most anxious to turn us over to the Chicoms, and the UN, under “One World Order”. Your friend, he is definitely not! He can, however, teach you how to become a grifter. He’s good at it.

    1. If Joe is such a devout catholic, why did the church refuse him communion? I think even criminals are given communion if they repent their sins. I am not a catholic but read a lot. Joe, 30330 is not my President nor will he ever be, nor will the witch he is sharing? the office with. His wife seems to be okay with his sharing the office, which inside of 90 days if and that is a big IF he is finally deemed President, she will have him removed for mental health reasons and take over with her communist rules.
      Remember Castro? He had everyone fooled that he was a good guy wanting the best for the Cuban people, but, alas, he was a dictator. GOD HELP US ALL.

      1. Delusional sleepy Joe Biden,
        Has no idea where he’s at. No telling when he last read the Holy Bible .
        He shouldn’t be allowed To received Communion. The man for abortion.
        Not only that he’s tied up with Communist China. They are atheists. The man picking Cabinet –
        Members for his administration. He’s not even sworn in yet. President Trump hasn’t conceded it.
        They stole the 2020 Presidential Election from President Trump. Gave all of President Trump votes to delusional sleepy Joe Biden. Which was totally wrong. We will go into the Deepest Great Depression worst then 1929. Him and the delusional radical Democratic politicians and are –
        Dicators. The delusional radical Democratic Party should be abolished.

      2. As was Hitler, in the beginning. People were starving and he was able to turn it all around. And looked how that all turned out!

    2. Biden is not, nor will he ever be the president. His handlers and Trollop Harris are the actual “presidents ”
      Running the executive branch.

  4. The Deep State is in charge and joe is just a puppet. Oh yes, he will give Hunter a big office so he can steal more and no one will open their mouths. This country will go to hell in a hand basket under joe.

    1. AW! Ya’ll be nice to Uncle Creepy, Sleepy Joe. It’s not his fault he makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth. It’s his dementia, you know! He needs his “handlers” around him more often to remind him of where he is and what his job is.

      1. I was curious as to why they called the people around Joe his handlers, I have been around for a few Presidents and do not remember them having “handlers”. Try this CORONA has a total of 6 letters, add the numbers of where the letters are in the alphabet, comes to 66, so take 666 and divide 2020 with 666 and see what you get.

      1. Obama, Biden and Bin Laden all share commonalities in their names and it doesn’t stop there. Must be for a reason. 🤔

    2. America became Amerika in 1865. A well loved tyrant destroyed the republic. The lovers of Lincoln are slaves today

  5. I foresee a lot of voter remorse. You can kiss your freedoms goodbye. Also, Catholicism has always been against abortions. Biden, and especially Harris support abortions and Planned Parenthood. This is total hypocrisy. And voters didn’t see this from the beginning? If hes this blatantly hypocritical, what else do you think he is lying about and covering up. He is corrupt on all levels.

    1. What gave Joe the “win” was mail in ballots that were filled in and sneaked in after midnight. I hope Georgia will guard the ballots so that more can not be sneaked in.

  6. A good, well studied, biblical Christian can see that biden is a total fake. And I bet that if biden was hooked up to a polygraph machine and asked how often he actually reads and studies his Bible, the machine would blow up at his lying answer…Ha! I have never heard any human being mispronounce the word, Psalms! I hope he and his greedy family all enjoy their ill-gotten gain $$$ because I don’t see him living all that long… and then he will meet the REAL Judge in the next life. —Signed: –Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.

    1. But we’ll get VP Harris the anti-American communist. That’s not good. … especially not good for our unique capitalist free United States.

      1. The people who voted had their chance. To bad they chose the wrong road. The road they chose goes right off the cliff, they are the SHEEPLES…….FOLLOW THE LEADER!

  7. Even Satan quotes bible verses.. (at least he gets them right). How or why people keep thinking this babbling fool can lead a country is beyond me! –K I answered my own question– Biden is the stool pigeon for that psychotic NO MORALS flatbackin Californicator!

    1. Tom, Ha! You are such a ‘word- smith’ and have a way with your colorful terms! Good for you, buddy! But biden has a ‘god’ too… “STD” –Satan the devil. Sorry, but there is no ‘in between’; as it’s just either hot, or cold, in Father God’s eyes. The One, True, God also has a name… just check out Psalm 83: 18, in the proper KJV Bible. But here is one for old biden: Psalm 14: 18, “The simple [stupid] inherit folly: but the prudent are crowned with knowledge.”

  8. I have a question does the future maybe president have to have a connitive test to make sure he or she is capable of doing the job that is for the job like any other person getting into a new job or is it get the job then get fired

    1. If they did, the dems would have hacked results and would have made another attempt to impeach President Trump. But if they manage to steal the elections we won’t have to put up with babbling biden very long. His own party will declare him incompetent or they will leak all the contents of his son’s laptop and let the inquiries begin.
      The down side? His VP would even make obama look good. And THAT is very difficult to do.

  9. You got that right. I feel his devout catholic has long sailed. He isn’t for American people. He was only for American people to get elected

  10. Until the real deplorables patriots rise…
    We will suffer because we have yet to be a real “ log”
    Still twigs on the ground…

  11. Biden is no more a Catholic than pond scum. I will never believe he is President. He is the great Pretender. He has no honor, no ethics and is a corrupt plagaristic liar. President Trump is and will be our President.

  12. People if this is the best the Democrats had to run for President & VP I see why they committed voter fraud, now they have two Democrats running in Georgia who are just as bad with all the crazy things they say & do & not one of them can quote the Bible correctly or pronounce half the words. WOW!!!

  13. Everyone that voted for Joe (sleepy Joe} Biden is a traitor and they knowingly and willingly sacrificed the lives of their children and grandchildren! They are the lowest of the lowlifes and they need to be exterminated!

  14. If Biden ends up being declared winner of the presidential election, I doubt that it will be more than a few months before he is declared incompetent because of his dementia. At that point our country will be saddled with a vice president who is by far much more dangerous than Biden. If she gets the reins, we’ll need to be ready to live as if we’re under Communist rule. So–those of you who voted for Biden may find yourselves extremely sorry about electing a democrat. Just sayin’ …

    1. If by chance Harris did become President due to Biden’s political demise, who then will be her vice-president?

  15. We all know that Biden has dementia and memory lapses. Calling them “gaffs” is not making Americans forget that some people elected a senile, dementia (possibly Alzheimer’s) victim to the highest office in the land simply because their hate for President Trump was stronger than their love for their country and her citizens.

    I give it six months before they use Amendment 25 to take Biden out of the Presidency and insert Harris. Then America and her citizens are in for a WORLD of HURT! It sucks that 71 million Americans who have the sense God gave a goose will have to suffer for the stupidity of some people!

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