May 13, 2021

Joe Biden calls Kamala Harris ‘President-elect’

It’s no secret that President-elect Joe Biden is one of the most reliable gaffe machines in the history of American politics.

According to Breitbart, during a recent COVID-19 update he provided to the press in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden seemingly momentarily forgot that he was declared the winner of the 2020 election, as he referred to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris as “President-elect Harris.” 

“I hope the president will clearly and unambiguously urge all Americans to take the vaccine once it’s available,” Biden said. “I took it to instill public confidence in the vaccine. President-elect Harris took hers today for the same reason.”

Biden’s flub came after Harris, who originally proclaimed that she wouldn’t dare take a COVID-19 vaccine under President Donald Trump’s watch, was administered the first dose of the vaccine on live television. She made clear that it was only because of the “scientists” that she agreed to take the vaccine.

“Literally, this is about saving lives; it’s literally about saving lives,” Harris said after she received her dose. “I trust the scientists. And it is the scientists that created and approved this vaccine.”

Biden’s gaffe referring to Harris as the president isn’t the first time it’s happened. Earlier this year, Biden made headlines after referencing the incoming “Harris administration,” which immediately fed conspiracy theories that claim Biden is only a temporary puppet who will soon be removed from office and replaced with Harris as president.

According to the New York Post, the 78-year-old president-elect has taken serious flak over the course of his 2020 presidential campaign, with many suggesting that a sharp, cognitive decline is responsible for the numerous gaffes and flubs he has made and continues to make in front of the cameras.

Though he’ll probably be a disaster for America for the next several years, at least there’s a solid chance that he’ll provide a never-ending supply of chuckle-inducing gaffes during his time in the White House.

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82 Responses

  1. Joe and Harris are both total traitors. Liars and Unamerican. Harris has no right to VP or president. Joe Biden is a criminal. Democrats are disgusting Unamerican pieces of trash.

      1. Harris is NOT legally qualified to be President of the USA, Neither one of her parents were US CITIZENS at the time of her birth in California and that is a requirement to be President at least ONE parent must be a US CITIZEN.

          1. Sadly we have 2 of the least qualified people occupying the white house in January. I am sick and tired of the situation that we find ourselves in now, I came to this country legally in 1960 and never regretted it till now. I might as well had stayed were I was because this country will be worse from now on. How a evil party like the democrats are allowed to be so powerful will be the destruction of our so loved country. We belong to communist China now and nothing but nothing will ever be able to change that.

      2. No, she is not legally qualified to be the President. Nor should she be the VP due to the fact that she might have to take over for the President in case something (like dementia) happens to him.

        1. To run for the Presidency AND Vice Presidency, a person MUST qualify for both positions. They cannot be qualified for just one position. The reason for the wording in the law is because the VP becomes President in the event the President dies in office, becomes incapacitated, or commits a high crime or treason. Also, according to law (as in the US Constitution), if neither parent was a citizen when she was born, she is INELIGIBLE for both positions; she can be a Senator or a Representative, but NOT the President or VP. The American public should reject her outright; if biden insists she is his VP, the American public is justified in rejecting him as well in spite of his having “won” the election.

    1. Right on, Both are traitors. In addition, Biden has an increasingly severe case of dementia. In other words, his elevator is NOT going all the way to the top floor more and more frequently. My personal prediction is that Biden will be “removed” from office due to his dementia within 6 months of his inauguration.

      1. Think this one out: if Harris can’t be the president, the next in line is the Speaker of the House… this case…. Crazy Pelousy !!! Damned if you do, double damned if you don’t. What a freakin’ mess !!!!!

    2. Orange Peel
      You said it all. These two are total Misfits. This whole thing is an abomination. We must be the laughing stock to the whole world I am revolted. I can’t stand even looking at these two misfits on the TV. They are a curse on our country

      1. I couldn’t agree with you more. It is the saddest thing that could have happened to us. Most disturbing thing millions of our own citizens participated in our destruction.

    3. i think he got it right! right after he can’t remember his name she will take over and complete their mission to destroy this country!

  2. Well, that’s the “bottom line” in this election, BiteMe gets elected (fraudulently), Pisslosi initiates Art 25 (per Obummer’s instructions) and then we get the Kamal as POTUS!! However, since Harris was born outside of the US, I think Canada and neither one of her parents were US citizens, she should not be qualified to be POTUS even though she’s a US citizen!!!!!!

    1. She doesn’t qualify. But neither did ovomit—and he was allowed to stay in office. Those in high places are NOT upholding our Constitution as sworn in their Oath of Office. The only way to rid ourselves of the pestilence in DC is to have every State recall their Senators and Representatives for failure to represent the PEOPLE. If just one State would do that, others would follow…….but I won’t hold my breath to see if any action is taken because no one will do that.

  3. Most of my contacts hadn’t heard about this latest comment Biden made, since they have been shielded from it by the MSM, and are appropriately appalled at the underlying agenda implied by his ‘mis-statements’….Harris would never have been elected on her own merits and needed the ‘hook’ of a former weakling VP to ride coattails into the White House. If GA falls to the China-funded Left mob we are doomed to a future of third-world subservience. Good luck to you younger folks…have fun being slaves to your communist overlords!

    1. Ted. Trump has made us look like a 3rd World country all by himself.Get over it he lost by 7plus million votes, 306 to 232 Electoral votes all up held by The Constitution.DOJ,DHS,and SCOTUS

      1. Do some research, get an education… This was the most obvious fraudulent vote in the history of the United States

          1. Back off the crack homie & quite watching Don Lemonade, bone smoking is bad for your health… Sua Sponte & God Bless🇺🇸

      2. Was your Kool-Aid good? Are you feeling a little light-headed yet? Our country is bought and paid for and idiots like you make me sorry I bothered to spend any time defending the country for you. Pitiful!

        1. So many of our voters are un-educated, illiterates and, don’t keep up with the current events, so they vote whatever their parents voted for so many years and to them, it is just fine! They don’t consider what they are doing to this country or if they even care, they get their welfare and keep having more babies to be raised on the streets just so they can get the additional welfare money for having more babies!! WHITES AND BLACKS AND NO, I AM NOT PREJUDICE, JUST STATING THE FACTS. I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE ANSWER IS, BUT SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE!! Thank you Ted for your service!!

      3. You have lost your brain somewhere on your road for righteousness. It’s actually funny that you people have been so brainwashed 😂😂😂

      4. You are so uneducated and a real dumb fool. You will regret your allegiance to this criminal Biden and his skunk kamal

      5. sadly people like you are here in our country who have no morals and conciseness. I call them traitors to the USA.

  4. Soros & Mullet Boy will be in charge, were doomed. The question is, what will be do about it??? Sua Sponte…God Bless🇺🇸

  5. Patriots stand your ground. We know and have proved that our POTUS was re-elected by a landslide. Don’t give in and don’t accept a Harris presidency under any conditions. Our forefathers fought for our freedom. Guess we didn’t learn because if you don’t, history will repeat itself. FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT !!!

  6. Maybe it’s not a gaffe. Maybe this was the plan all along- put Mr. Dementia out in front, pretend he’s running for POTUS (not a difficult thought as “run” is a fake word for his inertia-induced campaign) but – it would ultimately be Kamala Harris who’d sit behind the big desk…you think? He’s proven he is not fit to run this country, period, and will make us the laughing-stock of the world. I’m not laughing…


    1. Did POTUS back off because they didn’t want it to look like they were beholden to Trump because he appointed three of them? I’m still hoping that our country has enough PATRIOTS to PROTECT US and OUR COUNTRY by doing the job POTUS should have done. This election was stolen by people who used mail-in voting to over rule the votes and will of patriotic Americans. I had phone calls to try to get me to use mail-in voting. Turned them down. The callers were annoyed when I told them voting was too important to use mail-in votes. Now I know why. Have to wonder how many votes were cast in my name? Guess that is why there were more votes and eligible voters.

  7. I agree with Orange Peel, it was planned in the first place that she would take over. They are all liars and theives. Mitch Mcconnell is just as bad as they are. He gives our money to forgeiners and is related to the Chinnese.

  8. I do not understand the headline DEMENTIA BIDEN tells truth and leaves MILLIONS in shock ! This was all planned out get DEMENTIA JOE in oval Office for 30-60 days declare him incompetent to full fill the duties of POTUS remove him and install KAMALA HARRIS as POTUS and either HILLARY, MICHELLE OBAMA OR HUSSEIN OBAMA AS VP !

  9. Jan 6 will be very interesting. How many more senators will join Josh Hawley in objecting to the bogus electoral vote count? Supposedly some House republicans will also object…. The jungle inhabitants in the democrat run cities may riot when the results don’t go their way.

  10. I will NEVER EVER CONCIDER THIS CRIMINAL BIDEN AS A PRESIDENT OF T5HE UNITED STATES OR THAT VBIMBO HARRIS AS A VICE PRESIDENT, President Trump won the election fair and square and biden was the criminal who rigged the election with voter fraud and illegal ballots even ballots from people long dead were voting and the filthy criminal news media was all in on it. They who committed this crime of the century should all face long prison time in federal prison up to fifty years, these criminals are the scourge of our country attempting to hand America over to the Chinese Communists to destroy America from within they the democrats have committed TREASON and prison time is too easy on them. PRESIDENT TRUMP WON THE ELECTION AND TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT.

    1. Carl, i agree with you! couldn’t have put it better myself! we had better win GA SENATE SEATS! And pray that someone grows a spine and actually looks at the mountains of voter fraud EVIDENCE

  11. He has done this so many times. I really think in his own way he is warning the American people of what is about to come down, but we are poohing him for being honest. Maybe we should have been actually listening to his messages and voted accordingly. He is getting older and losing some of his faculties, but even he has SOME scrulpes!

  12. I guess most of these uninformed people have not heard of the procedure for challenging the electoral vote count at the January 6 meeting

  13. President Trump spent four years cleaning the swamp and multiple great things for our country.
    Now, (Gecko) Biden is putting the slimy creatures right back in. The only reason I can come up with why americans would vote for democrats is they think democrats will raise them from birth to death. What happened to people taking care of themselves.
    Government was formed to protect the country and its citizens from danger from outside forces and nothing else. Not raise everybody.
    What a freaking mess is in-store for us the next four long yrs.
    I knew before the election the mail-in ballots was going to be full of fraud. And you in the courts don’t have any balls to investigate.
    Demon-rats make me sick.

  14. Conservatives are so tired of digging out of the messes liberals get us into everytime we turn around.
    You liberals have yourselves to thank for the mess we’re going to be in for the next four yrs.
    I can see it now: foreigners decide to bomb, attack from within and Biden says, ‘where am I’. Lock-em up Kammy says, ‘what did i get myself into’ and the b-itch Pelosi says, ‘Aaaaaaah, can we get Trump back.’
    One more thing.
    What kind of human votes for a party that votes in a bill to kill our unborn, even up to the day they exit the womb…and as they sign their names they clap and laugh w/ glee.
    I wonder if God will have mercy on your miserable souls.
    Can you liberals please crawl back into the dirt where you came from and let us conservatives take care of important matters.

  15. It appears that all who vote for democrats are ignorant slaves that just do what they are told and only believe what the master says. They are unable to think for themselves so they are tricked into feeling good about doing what they are told to do by their master. Democrats, the masters of slavery.

  16. What kind of people do we have running our goverment…? When Hillary was in the W.H with Bill she had an affair the whole time with a Women ,In fact Bill said she had more Women than he did…Obamas old Lady is a MAN…She has a D….The Comedian Joan Rivers was Killed because she seen it…!!! There children were bought and paid for from Africa…( We need D&A Test) They are really good at what they do!!!! The Bidens are the most corrupt As-Wipes in America…I know the Rep.did some running around but these sickos are PERVERTED…!!! The Kenedys were bad to…John had his brother kill Marilyn..Teddy let Mary joe Drown…Robert also had an affair with Marilyn..The old Man ran around with Marlena D.The Nephew killed a young girl with a golf club…I can go on and on…and they pretend they are good people…Piglosis Father as Mafia…ex ex ex ex

  17. Its hard to believe that a known criminal could be the president of the usa. please somebody with the power (Trump)to hopefully stop this sham will stop it!!!

  18. i would not lose one minute of sleep if Biden, Harris and Pelosi got a 50cal third eye. I would have another beer

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