July 4, 2022

Joe Biden calls for investigation into oil and gas companies over skyrocketing fuel prices

President Joe Biden has overseen a myriad of problems created by his own terrible policies. Of course, the Democrat is blaming anyone but himself.

Biden called for an investigation into oil companies over soaring fuel costs, Breitbart reported. The president has asked the Federal Trade Commission to look into “anti-competitive or otherwise potentially illegal conduct” while ignoring his own administration’s disastrous energy policies that have sent prices sky high.

Biden claimed in a letter to the FTC Wednesday that there is “mounting evidence of anti-consumer behavior by oil and gas companies,” he wrote. “The Federal Trade Commission has authority to consider whether illegal conduct is costing families at the pump. I believe you should do so immediately,” he urged.

“I do not accept hard-working Americans paying more for gas because of anti-competitive or otherwise potentially illegal conduct,” Biden went on to say. “I therefore ask that the Commission further examine what is happening with oil and gas markets, and that you bring all of the Commission’s tools to bear if you uncover any wrongdoing.”

While Biden shakes his fist at the oil companies, he’s ignoring his part in the record-high oil prices Americans are shelling out at the pump. Biden used one of his first executive orders to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline which would have carried crude oil from Nebraska to the Gulf Coast — up 35 million gallons per day, in fact.

At the same time, his administration has been investigating whether to close the Line 5 pipeline in Michigan under pressure from a dozen “federally recognized tribes” to shut it down. He’s also given the green light to a Russian pipeline in a move that is simultaneously hurting American energy companies while helping the Russians.

Still, Biden ignored his own part and called on OPEC and Saudi Arabia to produce more crude oil and stop fixing prices, the Washington Examiner reported. It makes no sense to shut off American pipelines while asking foreign oil producers to do more, but he’s done just that while blaming everyone else.

For decades, politicians have been working towards American energy independence and were largely succeeding. Now Biden is shutting down our supply and blaming the companies for rising prices — could he truly be this oblivious to the laws of supply and demand?

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