May 24, 2022

Joe Biden bails on Americans again to vacation in Delaware

World leaders are strategizing during the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is off to the beach.

Biden spent the weekend at his home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, ahead of next week’s trip to Europe, Breitbart reported. The president will travel to meet with heads of NATO nations to discuss what to do about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine.

Earlier this week, Biden pledged U.S. support for Ukraine amid the onslaught for Russian military forces. The president called his Russian counterpart a “thug” and a “war criminal” this week.

“We are reminded by the appalling events in Ukraine that freedom and democracy can never be taken for granted,” Biden said from the White House Thursday during its St. Patrick’s Day celebration. “Each generation must be ready to stand up and defend them.”

However, the president’s tough rhetoric has done nothing to dissuade Putin from ongoing aggression. Biden had also struck out Friday with Chinese communist dictator Xi Jinping whom he failed to convince to join in exerting economic pressure on Russia.

The conflict began on Feb. 24 when Russia invaded neighboring Ukraine. Now other neighboring European nations like Poland are increasingly on edge with the violence coming closer to its borders.

Biden is headed to Brussels Wednesday to meet with other world leaders, though the changing conditions could alter those plans, Reuters reported. The president has been adamant that the U.S. will not go into Ukraine, but NATO powers worry about the need to engage with a nuclear-armed Russia.

The world is heading toward serious conflicts with the real possibility of another world war on the horizon. It’s not wrong for Biden to take some time for recreation and to regroup, but it is a terrible look for him to be loafing at the beach when the future of the world hangs in the balance — especially when it’s his weakness that allowed it in the first place.

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