December 5, 2020

Joe Biden announces that he’s selected VP pick – then his campaign walks it back

Joe Biden created a confusing situation for the media and public on Saturday, following an exchange with a Fox News reporter.

Peter Doocy, a Fox reporter who has had run-ins with Biden before, asked Biden if he had picked a running mate yet. Biden responded: “yeah.”


But Biden’s response to Doocy’s followup muddied the waters. Doocy asked who the running mate was, and Biden responded: “You.”

Obviously, the second part of the exchange was a joke, or at least what passes for a joke for the often inexplicably belligerent Biden. And Biden’s campaign certainly made sure to do damage control as well.

Biden’s press secretary jumped on Twitter to explain: “Folks, this is clearly a joke. When Vice President Biden has made a decision on who his running mate will be, he will let the American people know. And can confirm, it’s not @pdoocy of @FoxNews.”

Read the full story here.

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44 Responses

      1. True. I think he would have trouble FINDING his nose to pick! He seems increasingly “out-to-lunch” mentally, to me.

  1. This is unclear what will happen? A man in his dungeon campaign? You kind of feel sorry for him because you know whoever he picks will be the upcoming President. The nut is ready to either expire or go to the Resthome. No, this is not a a very good situation. Poor old man Biden.

    1. no…..Biden is not winning…..Trump is winning with a landslide…Get over it!!! We do not need a puppet for President.

  2. Firstly, he’s gotta find out if she can leave the farm during Cotton Picking Season !!!

    That’s not a joke joe…

  3. Wasn’t a joke. Media is trying to help Dems run or ruin the country. It is their vice. Lol. Even he knows his power is naught.

    1. Sheryl that is why Sleepy Joe has to be retired.The Damn News media CNN* MSNBC are trying their damnist to brain wash the public. i know some people can’t get Fox news but my gosh if they would look around and see what is fact from ficton it would make more sense but some people like be led by their nose.

  4. In my opinion, the Democrats have not had any viable candidate for the past 20 plus years. They have been inconsistent, ill advised, and most of all evil. Why can’t Congress resolve the issues affecting American citizens? One would think at $174,000/year of taxpayers money… they could resolve something. Not the case. Democratic party needs to move back to center and disregard the left agenda.

    1. Personally, at this point, I think the democrab party needs to move all right–preferably someplace out of this country, so they can stop being the divisive force in our country.

        1. Well said Sgt. Preston.
          Years ago, when I was in college, I heard that Joe Biden as senator, he plagiarized a Labor party’s speech from U.K. & I thought to myself “what a fake person/ what a dweeb, how dumb is JB, that he can’t even write his own speeches.” It’s been downhill from there. He’s sold America to China & became rich w/ China & Ukraine connections. He does pay for play politics giving his sister uses her consulting co., daughter & son-in-law use a health co., 2 brothers made Billions in contracts and the whole family have ways to make million$ using his VP position. He has his hands on children. He’s a pedophile. Dirty old man. Can you imagine what he will do as president?

    2. You are missing the point! If you are in your forty you should know what the DEMOCRAT PARTY plan is! If not go find some history book from the 60’s- 90’s! Then you will know their plans! It is to make CHINA THE WORLD SUPER POWER OVER US!

  5. Biden represents his communist party well..keep lying somebody will believe you. BLM is in his corner as he mimics their dishonest BS.

  6. Disorganized Dems. Can’t even clean their toilets properly! Add to that, Biden’s mush head. Can you imagine if he wins the election? China may just decide to take over like they did in Hong Kong. Dems. are more than likely to shoot themselves, since they don’t know which side of the gun goes BANG! Oh, wait a minute! They just may bow to the Chicoms, and worship them.

    Russia may make a deal with the Chicoms, to take over our resources. So, who’s left to do the fighting? Yeb! The Conservatives, doing a Davy Crockett, and shooting from behind the forest trees.

  7. It will Be Michelle Obama and then Biden will be diagnosed with dementia and Barrack will become Emperor. The reason they’re waiting till the last minute is to impede the ability to investigate and expose Michelle and Barrack as the pedophiles and tools of the Globalist they are.

    1. Exactly!!!!!! I have been saying that all along but nobody would listen. I hope Trump is prepared for Michael Obama. I thought Biden promised a woman.

    2. Can only hope and pray that Durham report come out before this happened! Obama get the firing squad! We already know Michelle or Micheal is a REAL RACIST AND HATER AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE! AND CONSERVATIVE PEOPLE!

    1. GTLC= Group Think Losers Club, People that group think can’t think for themselves, so they follow blindly where ever their blind leader goes. Off the ends of the earth. You remember when the earth was flat.

  8. Biden and his team are making a mockery out of our very important upcoming election. They know he can’t win, but continue to make a fool out of Biden and show just how destructive the Democrats have become. Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. Biden announces he will make his Vice President choice known in the first week of August/That position, superseding previous promised announcement dates, is no longer operative. We await the next scheduled (O.K., promised) announcement date. Given the options announced so far, it may benefit Biden to leave the announcement until after the election, campaigning as “Biden for President, VP to be announced.”


  11. Won’t matter who biden picks , IT will be as corrupt as him , Just like biden being the 8 year V.P. of a terrorist .

  12. This is perhaps the most important election of our lifetime. Biden alone is an idiot who can be manipulated and thus is very dangerous. The democratic party is the dangerous ones and they must be stopped. The Constitution is hanging by a thread and Donald Trump and the republican party can save it. Vote Republican except for Romney. Get him out of the Senate!

  13. I am sooo breathless waiting for another loser to enter the democratic stage. Please notify me as soon as act 1 has been cast. Another bad B movie about to go up in flames. You know the rerun will be breathtaking.

  14. Biden has dimentia no doubt. I feel sorry for him the way the “Dems” are abusing him. But it is their crazy choice to get landslided. By the way for the treasonous acts Obama has created his portrait at the Whitehouse should be veiled.

  15. It is a sad time for America. I pray that people will see through all the hoop-la and re-elect our great President Donald Trump!

  16. Hey! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading your articles. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same subjects? Thanks!

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