January 19, 2021

Joe Biden accepted millions in anonymous funding during presidential race

Democrats have spent decades railing against the amount of anonymous funding, or “dark money,” poured into elections and politics each year, but they don’t seem to have much of an opinion on the matter when that money benefits them or one of their own.

According to Newsmax, the perfect example of how influential dark money can be on an election-level is evidenced by former Vice President Joe Biden’s — media-declared — victory in the 2020 presidential election, as he pulled in a whopping $132 million in anonymous funding for the 2020 election cycle. 

Biden took in so much dark money that he topped the list of dark money recipients — despite months of posturing against shadowy donors.

“The analysis defined dark money as donations and other spending by nonprofits that don’t disclose sources, and money from limited liability corporations functioning as shell corporations,” the Newsmax report explained.

As a Center for Responsive Politics for CNN analysis indicated, Democrats were the prime recipients of mountains of dark money, hauling in roughly $320 million, which was reportedly more than double that Republicans took in for the 2020 election.

Not surprisingly, Biden’s advisers didn’t care to comment on the matter, but presumably in an effort to save face, said that Biden is bent on proposing “sweeping changes” to address the dark money issue once he’s in office — and after he’s already taken in the most dark money of any candidate in 2020.

Fred Wertheimer, who runs the watchdog group Democracy 21, said that the dark money issue and campaign finance is always a hot topic, but implied that both parties don’t seem to want to take the actions necessary to put a stop to it.

“This is a rotten system, but as long as it exists, both parties are going to use it,” Wertheimer said.

According to 850WFTL, the 2016 election cycle saw much less dark money thrown at candidates than in 2020, with only $66.8 million. However, a report from the Center for Responsive Politics at the time indicated that Republicans benefited then with more than twice the amount spent on their party as opposed to Democrats.

In other words, dark money has been and remains still a massive problem. Until someone brave enough in Congress attempts to reduce its impact, the problem will likely exponentially grow in the future.

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70 Responses

    1. BELEAVE ME HE will try all things & then even MORE things he dreams up !!!! The Man No. 44 is A LIER, CROOK, THIEF & What Ever Else that can be found in order 2 CHEET !!!! Folk’s Please let ME explain 2 YOU that being all those 4 things YOU are a “THUG”, YES NOTHING OTHER THAN A “THUG” & “THUGS” are CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES in AMERICA !!!!!

      1. You forgot he is not even a legal citizen he should get the death penalty for that crime alone. Just wish people would grow a pair of BALLS and arrest these tyrants and try them for their crimes

        1. 10-4 I agree 90% of congress should be arrested and I will be glad to waterboard them all. If my arm gets tired I will use my feet.

        2. John: While we are wishing, I wish ALL “Public Servants”, or those wanting to run for office would be given truth serum to ask if they are telling the truth about wanting to SERVE the People. Some in DOJ,CIA, FBI & other government agencies are corrupt as they can be! Wouldn’t it be fun to listen to their answers!

        1. Obama was the 44th president, the crook, how do we get rid of the traitor.
          Pray for Donald Trump, the best President ever.

    2. Come on, put the dots together! All of the shenanigans are tied into a neat little package called PROTECTING POWER (and money). [Research ‘the [email protected] Re$et’ which aims at a 1 world view of redi$tribution]. Don’t believe that these life-longers are altruists. They play “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” to get and hoard their piece of the pie, then can’t help themselves to more and more pieces. [email protected] of acquisition doesn’t matter. They’ve become embolden over the years. This is why the [email protected] struggled so hard over the past 4 years, using every trick in the book, in attempts to disgrace and dislodge the current true altruist that was voted in (to dry up the [email protected]). The ‘incoming’ head swamper is bringing the leaches along with him (and the former big swampers). The swamp MUST remain the swamp even under the transmogrified excuse of “getting back to normal”; which the [email protected] are now pronouncing as TRUST. Forward is backward and backward is forward – welcome to [email protected] @lice!!!

    1. They should all be in jail including OBama, Clinton,m Comey Struck, Page,Schiff and this list goes on and on

    2. Now, that’s the question of the Hour, isn’t it? Probably take the 2nd Civil War to evict them from office, I’m guessing.

    1. you right , that was the reason the Chinese and the corrupt Derats stepped in and help him to his corrupt election. but it is not over yet.God has different plan for the retard Biden.

    2. And Jill. She wants the white house so bad she also will do anything to live there. This has been being planned for decades. All illegal!!! Im am in awe as to how many people were involved. And to how many americans allowed themselves to be brainwashed or bribed. Bribed with dirty $$. The dems have decades of lieing so there pretty good at it. Check out “trending politics” at the app/play store. New app for patriots. Trump truths…

  1. GlMy
    21 hours ago. dr 10Nov20 There is no two ways about “Dominion Voting Machines” that democrats applied to strategic counties to overturn election results in favor of Joe Biden. These machines were placed well in advance by professionals operating the machines to select voting for a specific person of their choice namely JBiden as opposed to DJTrump. Wherever these machines were hooked too, to manipulate exclusive results for a candidate, is fraudulent, with intention to hurt the other party, in doing so, has determined these facts, then fresh elections to be recalled by the FEC to fix a date where both parties observe recounting and transparency. Dominion Voting machines are manipulative and can be fixed. With this in view, consider Joe Bidan an illigitmate P-elect as being fully aware of this fraudulent act. This case should now rest with the nations Supreme Court to null-n-void the Nov03 elections as being disqualified and manipulative.

    1. You are 100% correct, WE THE PEOPLE must stand up for what is right. The November 3, 2020 election should be annulled and void by SCOTUS, and choose a date for the new election, ASAP.

    2. President Trump Should ask the DOJ Bill Barr to get a spacial proscutor to investage Dominion voting machines & everything to do with the election.

  2. as long as we let politics decide what will happen with scum/traitors , what more can u call them , bottom line find a vacant wall lock and load . ohh any last request , [ can i take obumer , pigloshi and hillary too ] yes as long as you stand in front of each other we will only waste one very dull rusty bullet on you scum ……. i doubt that there would not be aline to deal with these long time crooks .. wait i was only dreaming , damm the good things never happen, GO TRUMP , RED WHITE AND BLUE AND LOVES AMERICA TOO

  3. GlMy
    19 hours ago
    dr 31oct20 dr 15oct20 Here’s a known fact, sleepy Joe (😎) Biden of 47 years in govt., is the founder and creator of the Swamp Creatures, as the nemesis of justice shall prevail upon these liars n cheaters and his cohorts the democrats, some republicans, Obama judges, MSM(msmafia) etc. This nest is huge and will unravel all those involved in the government. WHAT IS A.G.BARR DOING ABOUT THIS CRIME, HE’S RUNNING AROUND MAKING ARRESTS NOT RELATED TO THE MAIN CRIME SCENE OF UKRAIN/RUSSIA, WHICH HE TOTALLY IGNORES FOR AFTER THE 03NOV. The democrats/cohorts have induced so much fear by intimidation and, their gimmicks they shower on those who do not surrender to their Political Evil and bully tactics are threatened after 03nov is what they can expect if dems. win by hook or by crow. To this I inject a change in the Top Military Command and DOD, who should work at the pleasure of the President CIC of the Armed forces with the mandate of the people and not otherwise, and not some nitwit statements made by thieving democrats who do not practice what they preach but accuse PTrump for all their immoral and unethical behavior as reported daily by few honest news media. Democrats have the qualities and characteristics of criminals; they can sugar-coat their words to you, into believing all they will tell you, that they will do for you and never will, if elected.

    1. Time to get rid of the Democratic Party. It’s been done before in history and as corrupt as they are now they need to be expelled and never be apart of our government again. Evil was as evil is!!!

    1. These are not a single or a few isolated cases, there are dozens, and many people willing to testify under oath of many wrong doings, time and mistakes will catch up to these crooks and cheaters.

    2. Is there REALLY a doubt in your mind that this election was fraud? REALLY, do you wonder? You are as blind as those few who voted for Biden. There is no way a person running for office, with NO followers, could get enough votes to even count. This election was taken by cheating, using the very voting machines CREATED in Vensuala in order to win that election. I would be ashamed to admit I had doubts that THIS election was anything but fraud. Use a little common sense and think for yourself.

  4. “WHAT” do we even have “LAWS” FOR….?????????????? So-called democRATS can TRAMPLE them WITHOUT REPERCUSSIONS…..apparently….!!!! BUT, if I were to get caught stealing a Lollypop I end up in JAIL…..!!! I hope “KARMA” gets them all……..!!!!!

      1. BECAUSE they are the Biggest THUGS in AMERICA & CAN NOT TRUST THEM !!!! WALTER MY MAN YOU ARE 1,000% CORRECT, SO AMERICA WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        THE TRUTH HURTS so bad YOU OFTEN DELETE the TRUTH !!!!!!


    1. I wish our people in Government, put there to protect, US the people, would just do their jobs. But the love of money and power have taken over their minds and they are there to just make (NO TAKE more of OUR money) and let us fend for ourselves.
      Oh, that President Trump could get back in office and finish the job he started, to drain the swamp, but when even his fellow Republicans turn against him what do we do? We can’t even vote them out because our votes get adjusted. Our only hope is the return of Jesus and let Him take care of those who are too crooked to be in office of any kind.

  5. I think the Democrats thought what they were doing to win this election was never going to be called out .they thought the Republicans would just give in and move on.and with all the fraud,out side help from foreign countries to help Biden to win with their criminal hand out.the sorry coward Republicans that are not behind their president, party they all will be voted out of office and will go down in history as cowards.

  6. If America doesn’t put a stop to all this illegal activity by the Dems then the children of all the good people allowing them to get away with their crimes can thank you the parents for allowing them to become slaves to the deep state and China.

  7. The media gets the lion’s share of dark money,as well as legitimate campaign contribution money, & as such,has no interest in exposing it!

  8. Shame on these Americans,politicians, Judges that cant or wont see this Election for the fraud, crime that it is.you all will regret your choices if Biden,his criminals get in the white house.its all ready started.Our country will change like you never seen.all your rights will be taken away its called cuba and other dictators in other countries.

  9. There is so much Corruption in the Democratic Party, particularly in the Biden Family, When is it ever going to Stop, for the Sack of the American People and this Great Country! Trump has been a Good President, However, the Far Left and Democrats have hated this Man for years before he became President, Now that we started cleaning the Swamp up, now they are pissed off cause it takes away the money for their Agenda!

  10. Cannot trust Democrats, didn’t Obama make $30 million while in office?! Great pay for 8 years of “apologizing” for America and giving billions of money to Iran, which I’m sure he got kickbacks from this. DO NOT TRUST these people!

  11. “GOD frustrates the devices of the Crafty, so that their hands CANNOT carry out their plans. GOD catches the wise in their own craftiness, And the counsel of the Cunning comes Quickly upon them.” (Job 5) These WORDS of GOD continues to expose and destroy all wicked deeds from the DNC-DEMOCRATS, Joe, Hunter Biden-family members money laundering kickbacks all opposition to GOD PLANS for America. Trump will start his 3nd TERM as Scheduled. I decree in JESUS NAME

  12. If this election was so honest why won’t the people at Dominion answer any questions about their machines? And why did they close all their offices? Why is creepy Joe in such a sweat to name cabinet members & have Trump concede the election? Why don’t the Dems want to have all the irregularities & glitches investigated & explained so that there will be no doubt about who really won the election? Why weren’t the Republican poll watchers allowed to observe the counting of the ballots? Why? Because if the election was truly honest President Trump would be starting a second term in office! That’s why!
    The people who work for Dominion better start looking for another job because no one will trust that company now!

  13. Is anyone going to investigate the 132 million in dark money that sleepy received during his campaign.Why is this man not serving time in jail? He bribed and extorted a Ukrainian official,
    along with 47 years of doing nothing in politics he should not be eligible to run for any office including POTUS.
    Put this guy in jail were he belongs.

    1. It’s too bad he can’t be convicted with the Russia and China dealings to make his family rich ib the next week or so , then as a felon ( he really is one) he wcouldn’t run for office. get rid of the creep

  14. Really? $132 million in anonymous funding for the 2020 election cycle. Anonymous?? Are they anonymous?Look to George Soros and Bill and Hillary Clinton. That’s most of the dark money. Why the President left Soros alone here in the USA is beyond me. All four need to be removed from the land of the free. Including Chelsea. Hillary’s grooming that idiot. Just like her mother.

  15. And “No One” will do a damn thing about it! Do you want to know why? Ans: The entire system of justice is CORRUPT. And why is the justice system CORRUPT? Ans: Because the people in it are CORRUPT! An No One will enforce the laws on the CORRUPT people who break the LAW!

    Is there a solution to this CORRUPTION??? There will never be a solution because this is the way the government operates. It is the government of CORRUPTION and we will always be ruled by a CORRUPT government.

  16. The only solution for these parasites is a pine box, and make damn sure their not buried anywhere near the United States. Maybe the Mossad should be let loose here since we can’t take care of business as required…

  17. This election needs to be overturned. Biden admitted on tv that his election committee orchestrated the biggest fraud America has ever seen and he said the best part no one is going to be able to prove it really…. corruption at its worse.

  18. Hi all. I enjoy reading all your comments. Im not sure if your all aware that there is a new website called “trending politics” you can get the app at app store or play store. It is ALL about the TRUTH. Everything with Trump and conservitives. Yes, a patriot site. Newsfeed, voting, comments, just in. Trump needed a place to let us all know whats going on. No MSM. Ive had it for a couple days and live it. No moredozens of emails trying to sort thru them. Its right on your desktop. I hope to see your comments there.
    “Trending Politics” @ app/play store.

  19. So now they know that Biden took in millions that was not legal. The real problem is not one single person in law enforcement seems to care. Nothing will ever be done regarding all his and his son’s criminal affairs.
    This has got to be the most corrupt time ever, and I will never understand why nothing is done about it, and it just continues…

    This is so sad for good, honest, hard working Americans!!

  20. Folks please,nothing has happened in this election that has not gone on almost forever Other than all the ballots that were sent out without request and this mail in voting which really is enough. and the only folks that get in trouble are the poor ignorant ones they sacrifice. Neither party wants truth in election or you would be required to register,have your photo made,your signature and vote in person if you are not able you should have three witness to certify your vote one from each part and an independent.I am 81,disabled and so is my wife and we make the early voting.

  21. Well its like this When running for office ,Each candidate can only receive and or spend 500 million dollars to run for office. NO more. Also you can only have 5 people speak or campaign for you. Each candidate will keep books on how and where the money was spent and prove it.

  22. Biden isn’t only a liar, cheat, thief and corrupt as hell, he’s a traitor! Things like what just happened in the 2020 elections, will continue to happen as long as American Taxpayers allow people to “BUY” their way into office. I would much rather see “AVERAGE” honest and loyal American Citizens fill the open seats in the House and Senate, than some filthy rich and greedy politicians! To me, it’s nothing less than sheer stupidity to think that people like Obama, Clinton, Biden and Pelosi (among many others) got filthy rich LEGALLY while they were in office! Our enemies here and abroad are making politicians rich so that, they will betray our Republic. I, for one, can’t allow this to continue! Treason is an ugly word and that’s exactly what’s happening now in our government!!

  23. Arrest all of the people involved with the voting machines, make them testify in court! Then you might get some answers. Also haul Obama and Biden in for conspiracy to commit fraud! It can be proven! And make Obama answer for the two elections he stold!

  24. What is the use talking and ranting, nothing is going to be done about it, we will continue going down the path to hell with the Democrats in the lead. We don’t have ONE person in Washington that can do a thing to change it, because the Democrats will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING to get their way to turn the USA into another China, just for a few dollars. May they get what they deserve.

  25. Joe Biden is the oldest, most senile person we have ever had for President.
    He can be trusted to do the worst thing possible at every opportunity.
    What is worse, he will hide in the White House while the many dark crooked people who rigged this corrupt election take over and make America a corrupt 3rd world nation.
    Does anyone care ?

  26. This election steal is not for Biden or Harris. This is Obama’s third term. He will be the puppet master. This man can’t tell the truth. I saw a video of him in Kenya bragging to the people in HIS country that he was the first Kenyan American President! How many times did he lie about that?! He was a disaster for America and he will be again. He is nothing like he pretends to be, he practices slight of hand. God help us all!

    1. I would say “P” that that is about as good a comment on BHO as can be said, BUT, I will say this, that GOD is using this man to correct this nation or to destroy us depending upon what we do! then the man he uses will also be destroyed! GOD always uses men and nations to spank the nations that need correction or destruction! this, I do believe is as it has always been! SEE Joshua 11:20 KJV I also believe that GOD will use the Muslims to punish this nation, for their wickedness! Psalms 9:17 KJV

  27. WHY the H E Double Hockey Sticks don’t candidates pay for their own campaign? Why is all this Billions of dollars poured into an election that pays a fraction of what it takes to be in any political office? BECAUSE it takes MONEY to corrupt a nation and destroy it, and that is why they do this!! BESIDES, IF politicians etc really wanted to FIX what ails this nation they would reverse what happened in 1962-3-4/70 & 73 and return to OUR our old paths! SEE Abingdon v. Schempp/Engle v. Vitale/Stone v, Graham/Roe v. Wade and the Civil Rights Act have all been a NAIL in this nations coffin! Psa 9:17 KJV PREPARE for destruction!!

  28. Biden once again accepting 32million in anonymous donations, not to mention his crooked Ukraine and Moscow
    deal involving his son and also China. He should have been tried on money laundering. Democrats ignore al his criminal activity. By the way these are impeachable offenses should he get in!!!

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