May 17, 2021

Joe Biden abandons promise of bipartisanship in cabinet picks

During his presidential campaign, President-elect Joe Biden made quite a few promises to America, including one in which he pledged to begin his mission of unity and bipartisanship by potentially selecting a Republican or two for a position in his Cabinet.

However, according to Breitbart, Biden slammed the door shut on that idea this week after he filled the last two remaining Cabinet secretary posts — for the Departments of Labor and Commerce — with card-carrying Democrats.

The president-elect tapped Gov. Gina Raimondo (D) for his commerce secretary and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh (D) for the position of labor secretary, filling the last two open roles in his Cabinet and becoming the first president since former Bill Clinton — in his initial term — to not name a member of the opposing party for a coveted Cabinet position.

If you’ll recall, even President Donald Trump reached across the political aisle when he filled his Cabinet in 2017, naming Democrats Peter Navarro, an economist, and former Goldman Sachs executive Gary Cohn to join his administration.

Former President Barack Obama named several Republicans to his Cabinet, including former lawmaker Ray Lahood as his transportation secretary and in an effort to make for a smooth and safe transition on the national security front, Obama kept Defense Secretary Robert Gates on from his predecessor’s administration. Obama would appoint several more Republicans for other positions.

Biden, who moved quickly with his transition team to fill virtually his entire Cabinet in a relatively short period of time, claims that it’s the perfect team to help guide America through the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic fallout that has resulted from the spread of the virus.

“This team will help us emerge from the most inequitable economic and jobs crisis. … They will work tirelessly to ensure every American enjoys a fair return for their work and an equal chance to get ahead,” Biden said as he filled out his bench with Democrats — many with little policy experience to speak of.

Given that they will soon control the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate, in just a matter of days, Democrats will essentially be in full control of America.

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78 Responses

    1. This man has NO more sense then could fill the left eye of a blind spider, and couldn’t pour piss out of a boot w/instructions on the heel! YOU’d Think he would w/all the time he has spent in Govt, he’d have some idea of what to do, but, the man is as blind as a bat backing into a blizzard!

    2. Wait Mike , this is news not to be discarded , Biden lied , wow –Sarcasm to the dims . Seriously Biden has not spoken the truth for over 30 yrs . Why publish this news and why not about his statement about the greatest election cheating system ever . We will have another revolution and the world will all be affected plus all governments in the world can see it . Why not the dims , It is very simple , they think they would win and they do not think of Our allies who would very likely support this . Plus the millions of former military ready and waiting .

    3. Hes nothing but a “Stupid Democrat” . . . did you actually expect him to TELL THE TRUTH ? ? ? ‘”Fat Chance” !

    4. I believe he filled his cabinet with the most inequitable demonicrats in history, they are all graduates of the Mafia school of Crime.

  1. That figures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where the hell are these so called republicans, they must be hiding in the basement that really worked for biden.Jerks

  2. Of course he lied everyone KNOWS HE LIES why wouldn’t he he is a criminal they stole the vote didn’t they sure they lied why would he want any republican on his damn cabinet ? These people are power hungry plain and simple this whole election was a planned attack on president Trump AND WE ALL KNOW THAT IT WAS.

    1. I agree with you! They were planning from day one to take him out any way they could and they never stopped. This was their plan, to destroy him before he destroyed them and what they have done is in my opinion treason! They are so evil! They have sold their souls to the devil! (George Soros).

      1. The last four years were filled with actions, but those who listened to the communist propaganda of MSM don’t know it.

  3. Joe Biden doesn’t need to be president, don’t support biden because I don’t agree with him taking away free speech!

  4. With Their Evil Agenda Against Everything American, Why Would The New Criminal President OBiden/Obama and China Chose Any Conservative For A Cabinet Post !?!?!? Although there are a Bunch Of Eager RINO’s Available .

  5. It is going to be a sad two years for all of us. With brain trusts like AOC and her flock plus Fancy Nancy who really cares about the average American plus a group in the cabinet who say Diversity is the answer to the ills of our society, it will be a period to remember.

  6. Day 1: Write Articles for Impeachment
    Biden is NOT my president!
    He won the election through fraudulent means.
    He’s as corrupt as they come, and there’s plenty of proof!
    Don’t forget his Quid Pro Quo in the Ukraine!
    Biden is NOT very bright!
    He’s got Alzheimer’s.
    He touches children in inappropriate ways.
    It’s time to give back what they gave to us for the last four years!!!
    I’m expressing my Constitutional right to Freedom if Soeech!

    1. I agree with justice for all…….President Trump best President ever…..he hasn’t done anything bad..after all BLM and Antifa burned and destroyed with no arrest of shame downs……

    2. The dream world you are describing is great but its a dream, they own both houses and we have nothing other then hope.

    3. The most illegitimate president elect to ever enter politics. He is owned by Satan! He is a horrible father, An immoral husband! This man is incapable of anything moral or honest ! I am completely horrified by his entire cabinet. Do so much of the Obama evil. Please God help us reveal the sin.

  7. We are Doomed for 4 years, how will we ever see any truth, and no corruption in our Gov again? The one thing I hope is that before too long the truth will come out about the crooked elections that we have all seen that happened, ie. the lost ballots, the rigged machines, the teams that quit counting votes just because they wanted to, the vote counters that locked the Republicans out of the counting rooms, all the illegals, prisoners, homeless, that was carefully guided into the voting booths with democrats telling them what to vote, and even all the dead people that voted for Biden. Soros, Obama’s, Clinton’s and all the rest of the power hungry and RINO’S all contributed to the fraud and corruption.

    1. I agree but the cheating Dumocraps know how to perpetuate the fraud from now on. There will be no investigations. No criminal charges. None will go to jail if they are Dumocraps. Big tech has been emboldened and will continue to silence conservatives and charge Trump supporters with sedition or any other crime they can dream up. There will continue to be no confidence in the election process. Antifa, BLM and anarchists will continue to infiltrate peaceful, conservative gatherings with impunity as it has been proven they did in DC.

      1. In two years there will be no elections! The democrats will hold power forever! God have mercy on America! I’m very afraid the next revolution is just around the corner!

  8. Joe Does not know how to tell the truth like all the rest of Democrats all liars the whole bunch of them . America s in real deep trouble .
    (Without our greatest President Trump)

  9. I remember Biden saying, and I quote ” I mean what I say, when I say it” and obviously right after he said it he changed his mind. Did you expect anything else from this man? C’mon man!

  10. Guess demintia Joe forgot what he promised the country!! Are we surprised by this? I for one am not. Will be surprised if he is still in office come Easter – expecting Harris to envoke the 25th Ammendment on him!

  11. Did anyone actually vote for him I know they did a lot of illegal digging up the dead people are sick names a made up so did anybody actually vote for them and how many?

  12. He is bad news but Kamala is worse and I dread the day that she takes over because then this county will be doomed!!

  13. I wish I could still be here four years from now….Will America be America?? There are many clouds floating in…I am 96…so…Cannot “believe” what is going on…The “so-called WIN” was a “STEAL” and the whole world knows it…Joe won’t be here for long…but HARRIS is really the one to “worry about!! She is the “Thief in the night!! Beware!! God Bless America!!

    1. You got it right! Though you have twenty years on me; I’m not looking forward to a better future. I feel for my kids, grandkids, and what kind of world they will have live in.

  14. Biden/Harris are not in charge of America. WE THE PEOPLE ARE!!! They stole this elect through fraud. Biden has put NOBODIES in the Government offices who don’t know what the -ell they are doing. They will all destroy the United States of America. And the Demoratic Party in the House and Senate along with the turncoats on the Repub and Rhino side will all pay for their treason in 2022. You just watch!

  15. True to form Joe lied again!!! If anyone really expected Joe to live up to such a radical idea then they need to remember that Joe is a DEMOCRAT!!!! History has shown that this is an ongoing condition within the party, ever since the party began and especially during and after the Civil War the Democrat Party has been the party of the KKK and ANTIFA and other similar organizations. This is not something I have made up it is HISTORY! One need only to study AMERICAN HISTORY to find the TRUTH! Oh yea the TRUTH will not set you free but it will gove you a basis for decision making, now go back and read the Preamble to the Constitution as well as the Constitution itself!

    Then ask yourself, if each of the elected politicians took a OATH TO SUPORT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION did they lie or isn’t their OATH worth anything! Did they just utter the words without having any intent in following thru and actually carrying out the actual intent of the Constitution, or do they just want to bend it in such a manner as to fit their needs at the time!

    If you are not disgusted with the actions of current politicians then you will need to suffer the consequences of their actions, if you allow them to cheat and lie and you do not take actions to remove them from office then it is shame on you!

    Ask the question ” Is the LAW “you are innocent until proven guilty”? Or are you GUILTY until proven innocent!

    If you are accused by the MEDIA (who most generally jump to unproven conclusions) are you guilty?

    Now ask yourself” Are you allowing yourself to be swayed my the mainstream media who do not have all of the facts, or are you willing to say “PROVE IT”

    Now as yourself this question” If an accusation is never heard by any court, no testimony being presented, no facts being brought forth, no questions asked or answered, no certified testimony of witnesses heard heard by ANY COURT INCLUDING THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES, can anyone say a charge being made is without MERIT?

    Where is JUSTICE IN THIS!

  16. Joe Biden has done nothing but lie his whole career as a politician the Democrats are out to destroy America as we know it covid-19 has been nothing but a distraction to election been nothing but a hoax ever since the start of it

  17. remember how long it took trump to get anyone approved. wanna bet the republicans won’t even object. republicans are losers. but they won’t object and prolong every appointment like they should, don’t hold you breathe, this is why I’m not planning on voting ever again. Only a few good conservatives. rest scumbags
    even loeffler was a rhino no nothing do nothing. need a third party. call it the constitutional patriot party

  18. BWAHAHAHAHA! You mean someone actually believed what came out of that Dementia Riddled Dodderin Old Pathalogical Liar’s Arse/ Whoops, I mean Mouth. Ho Hum(mer) Harris is just as bad. Did you hear her “Fweedom” plagiarism of MLK. I guarantee at 2, Harris was practicing her future skills on her pacifier!

  19. just another reason this man should not have been elected — he is so full of crap and now we are going to pay for it– the USA is in DEEP TROUBLE and dont see a way out soon and as for his running partner she in my opinion is a total dirtybag

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