June 25, 2021

Joe and Jill Biden tell Americans to stay away from their families in Christmas message

While President Trump’s Christmas message was filled with thanksgiving and hopeful optimism about the future, former Vice President Joe Biden’s took a decidedly different tone.

Biden’s Christmas day message to Americans focused heavily on encouraging them to stay home and avoid gathering with their families — in spite of longstanding traditions. 

Joe Biden and wife Jill declared in a video message posted on Youtube:

Jill and I wish you and your family peace, joy, health and happiness this season. But we know for so many of you in our nation this has been a very difficult year. And we’re reminded in this season of hope, our common humanity, and what we’re called to do for one another.

Many of our fellow Americans are struggling to find work, literally put food on the table, pay their rent or their mortgage, reminded we’re on this earth to care for one another, to give what we can and to be a source of help and hope to friends and strangers alike.

After the brief nod to the purpose of the Christmas season, the Bidens immediately launched into a tirade about the necessity of staying home amid the holiday festivities.

“For the Bidens, we usually have 20 to 25 people over Christmas Eve for dinner, but not this year,” Joe Biden explained. “We’re going to miss our family, but it’s what we need to do to keep our families safe. We hope you’ll consider limiting travel in the size of family gatherings as well this year.”

In the early days of the pandemic, most Americans did comply with requests to stay home in order to “slow the spread” of COVID-19. However, as politicians — especially Democrats — were repeatedly caught breaking their own rules, many began to choose to prioritize their families and traditions as the holiday season approached.

Now, Democrat-led pleas to stay home are mostly falling on deaf ears, as many — even in states with skyrocketing COVID-19 cases like California — refuse to allow politicians to dictate their every move any more.

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86 Responses

    1. Backstabbing lieing hypocrite.. Nazi agenda. No food,no energy,no water, just a bullet in the head. From a non essential white American . Democrats even have the hell salute down pat

        1. On the one hand I agree, John. But, for the citizens, they were both just leftist authoritarian dictators with no discernible differences.

    2. Amen do as I say not as I do remember Cristy when he shut the shore beaches in NJ there he was the whale with huis family big as life alone on the beach perfect proof

    3. I shop, play cards and dominoes, and visit AND I am always around friends, none of whom are stupidly wearing masks. ALL of us think the left is from another planet, NOT planet Earth, what with all of their stupidity and ignorance and love of SELF. Dems plan to dictate to us and can anyone tell me how that will happen? Will they shoot us or hang us or merely put us in prison for not obeying their dictatorship? We must all know that if put in jail THEY are the ones who provide our food, our clothing, our health, etc…..bet the little turds have never thought about that, huh?

  1. Dollars to donuts, biden did NOT separate himself from his family because he’s too selfish. He’s just another one of those “do as I say and not as you see” types…never to be trusted. It’s amazing that such a selfish, uncaring nincompoop has been elected to reside in the White House. He represents himself only, he does NOT represent the American people or the American values. He and his kamalback watchamacallit will degrade this nation like no one else before him has.

    1. And to top it all they went to California for xmas. How is that not stay away from people. And staying home. Do as I say not as I do.

    2. He was NOT elected by the people. The demonrats stold the election aand they are planning to do the same with every congressional seat that is up for election.

      1. Why in Hell our “government” has not arrested the left who openly cheated at the voting booths!!!!! And the lies they are constantly expecting everyone to love . If you or I had cheated, the left would have seen to it that we land in prison.

    3. If the truth was exposed, he wasn’t elected. I don’t think he’s going to find his time in office to be a lovely cakewalk with the public. The longer he’s in, his support will dwindle.

  2. WELL DEMENTIA JOE has no right to tell me or my family what and how we can observe the Holidays. This lying cheating POS needs to crawl back into his basement and wallow in his own BS. HE IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE MY PRESIDENT !

    1. ICE, well put. How anyone could be stupid enough to vote for him is even more stupid than he is & that takes some doing!!

        1. That’s true, in the first poll of its kind after the election, when people finally started finding out how corrupt the bidens are showed 17% of bidens voters wouldn’t have voted for him had they known the truth. The disgraceful media is equally to blame for hiding everything bad about sleepy Joe.

          1. What gets me about those who voted for Biden, then claimed they didn’t know about his families crimes – must not have researched and watched the senate impeachment hearings.
            Florida’s Attorney General, Pam Bondi, made Joe’s crimes crystal clear.
            IF they had watched that, then maybe they would have researched more about the “Biden Crime Family”!

          2. They’re not watching true news; you think they’d learned by now which journalists are true & unbiased; unlike the fake morons.

      1. Thing is the dems and their cheating friends fed polling stations with millions of illegal ballots. There’s no way potus could’ve lost being ahead by a lot in all 7 uncalled remaining states after election and get crushed by up to 10 million votes. Trump got more votes than any incumbent president in history by millions! No way he lost! States like PA where they mailed out 1’800’000 absentee ballots but got back 2’500’000 were more than obviously cheating. It’ll be the biggest political travesty in history if biden is allowed to win.

        1. O’Relly reported that a whistleblower from China admitted that China sent over 5 million ballots to the U.S.. Don’t know how true that is, but something to look at.

      2. When I think that, I then remember that people did not vote for him (not enough to win). Soros and China bought the election for him and there are enough people in America that will do anything for money. Bags and suitcases of ballots elected Biden.


    2. Amen. I will never recognize him as my president..nor the president of my country… besides in all truth long before the end of this next 4 years those idiot democrats will even be sick of having vile nauseating CHIN-I-RAN FRUITCAKE. Maybe then they will beg Trump to come to the rescue…

    3. Exactly! I am still dumbfounded how he will get it? The proof of fraud is rampant- yet every judge in the land is crooked too? It is infuriating that we have to live in this hell to come! (and scary)

  3. what a brainless nut job. His wife should go hide in a corner after what she has put this half mined man throw. He can not talk for 1 minute unless he is reading and piece of paper. All of his questions from the news are prescreened. If not he would just stand there. What a shame

    1. The only thing scarier than this senile idiot is the nut job he chose for his running mate. He’s illegitimate and she is just plain scary. What a team! Hope this great country survives this insult.

      1. If demonrats take over the government, the country will not survive. China will take it over like they are trying to do world wide. Time to blow China to HELL!

        1. There is an article about an American company owned by the Chinese purchasing 130,000 acres of land in Val Verde County, Texas conveniently located near our military base at Ft. Hood. You can check it out on the Internet.
          The site could gather sensitive intel from nearby U.S. military facilities like Fort Hood, Fort Bliss, and Lackland Air Force Base. Lackland and nearby Laughlin AFB that graduates hundreds of pilots a year. It could also attempt to compromise personnel from those bases as well. The Chinese could monitor U.S. border operations and defenses and plug into critical Texas infrastructure including its electrical grid.
          In the event of armed conflict with China or a Chinese proxy, that location could serve to interdict U.S. forces and supplies. Selling it to the Chinese was a grave breach of national security.
          Our leaders need to take a hard look at this. It’s concerning.

    2. Didn’t matter how many times he was obviously lost in thought, not even knowing half the time where he was and the rest of the time he outright lied to all Americans because nobody who watched cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, nbc and all their affiliates NEVER say any of his hundreds of complete blunders. This has been the most calculated, in depth cheating and deceiving scam 4 years in the making. Trust me, they’ve been making illegal ballots since trump was elected!

  4. IF I was as stupid as him I think I be a lot more happy would just go to China, and never return to AMERICA HE would be much happy as most people would not know his English.. AS he HAS DONE nothing FOR AMERICA in 47 years except steal money from AMERICA.. HE should be in prison for TREASON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Well said BBO! The bidens have millions in savings and multiple properties and homes. There’s no possibility they could’ve afforded all that on a senators salary. And you’re right, he literally hasn’t done anything good for America in his 47 years in office. The majority of African Americans voted for him and he’s none nothing for them either.


    1. Agreed but will that ever actually happen? There’s a plethora of evidence proving his and his families corruption but nothing’s been done? It’s truly depressing. If anyone of us did even a fraction of what he’s done, we’d never see the outside of prison walls again!

  6. His family is probably afraid to be with Jill, I mean Dr. Jill, and Joe, for fear they will be swept up in the net and hauled off to GITMO. There comes a time when what goes around really does come around!

  7. Disgusting speech. He is dictator,phony and a great pessimistic he is not competent to become a president of a great country.

  8. Everyone of you spoke the truth but will happen is that they will get away with everything like OBO, Clintons, kerry and on and on. God only can change the votes and put Trump back in and in my opinion some heads will swing as he has pardoned a lot that deserved it. We the PEOPLE have to stick together no matter what color or race. Support our Law Enforcement and see something wrong speak up and then and then is the only way we can take our country back and CLEAN HOUSE.

    1. Robert: agree with you 100%!! I have been holding on to hope and faith that the election gets overturned. We all know Trump won, if these people get the WH this country will see horrible things happen. We are presently being censored and lied to by MSM. That is just the beginning.. extremely concerned 🙏🏻🙏🏻

      1. Agreed, I’m very concerned too. Time to shut down Twitter and Facebook! And create new laws governing media, preventing them from lying to the American people. No wonder only 17% of Americans trust the media.

    2. I agree with you too, Robert. God & faith is what we have to depend on to see this through. That’s what keeps me from going bonkers.

  9. Doom and gloom Biden. I am already so sick of this old man it is all I can do to keep myself in check. Touch anything I have worked my whole life for! Try it! You and your “S” Corporations and phony tax returns. Shove it! And your rotten family. TRUMP FOREVER!

  10. When the United States of America is listed as >(Chinese North American
    Territories)>: Biden has received all the money he and his family ask of China >:
    So he goes back to his basement and dies there > because the DOJ >FBI>

  11. It is so hard not to be bitter with what the leftist have done to us it makes me sick a fearful. We have to fight but how do we start? I believe the Demacrates have all the exits blocked. We waited to long. Right now I feel like I only have 26 days before I start giving in fear. How I wish Trump could come back on riding on a big horse with him wearing.awhite horse. I dont feel the blacks are the problem at all and never were until.Obama stirred the pot. Yes I’m white but that’s not my fault. I was born here. I have no grudge with ethnicity, and never will but we can not let everyone in with their politics and evil intentions. I can’t even pronounce most of the names of people
    Can’t let fox in hen house and demand a different outcome. You should have to be here for many years before you can be elected to office. I would never in a million years go into Africa, India, China or any other place and demand they change their ways because I want them to change to mine. We have been taken over and God help us now because once they march on us they will keep taking power every where. Right now we have no where to go and only our voices to fight them

    1. Relax if you can Pam, there are other ways to get Biden out of the White House. For one thing, the Dumbs stole the election, and we can’t let that stand or they’ll do it every time in the future. Trump and the people behind him will do whatever is necessary to make things right. You can count on that, no matter what it takes.

  12. I am tired of the doom and gloom message. He will an illegitimate president for the next 4 years. People will get their lives back despite his stupidity.

  13. we need to start shipping these people out of our country and who ever complains about it has to go with them and if they resist the forcefulness needs to happen eliminate them all

  14. True Americans will rise up against these traitors and we will protect our great country no more closing us down no more telling us what we can do and not do we are a free Republic many gave their lives for that and many more will if you hate our country get out no one is forcing you to stay we the people don’t roll that way.


  15. We’re in for 4 dark years of the one horse pony man and his Dr of What wife get in. Biden will NEVER be my president. Let the revolution begin…

  16. I feel so sorry for my fellow Americans who have lost everything that they have had, their livelihoods, their family members due to the virus. The politicians who are destroying my country, in the name of the virus. The Corona virus has been here since August and September of 2019, it really didn’t start spreading until the first of November. The CDC checked some RED Cross blood samples and found that traces of the virus were in the samples, Congress and the CDC didn’t tell the president until January 2020. The democratic Congress didn’t start doing anything until Easter, that’s when we were told to stay at home, wear a mask, wash your hands and don’t touch your face, and it has went downhill ever since. Joe, Jill, and the ho, are nothing but domestic terrorists.

  17. Hey Joe- Go suck an egg!

    Joe and Jill went to the Hill
    To do Red China’s biding
    Joe sold out without a doubt
    “Doc” Jill’s pride’s now high-riding!

    (Sung to the tune of “Yankee Doodle”)

  18. This old man is not my president and I will never adhere to any of the garbage he spouts. Kamala will never be my president either she is nasty and a horrible individual.

    1. Good for you Baily. There are millions of us who feel the same way. We need to let them know that we aren’t going to be their followers – ever. Time for us to resist them and to treat them the same as they did Trump and his administration. Karma can be a harsh visitor.

  19. “Common Humanity?” What the H E Double Hockey Sticks is this man talking about, Common Humanity? The man is SOOOOOO much the political politician! YOU can’t believe a word he says!!

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