July 31, 2021

July jobs report defies Wall Street predictions, economy adds 1.48 million jobs

Mainstream media’s attempts to hype coronavirus appear to have failed as the US economy continues to recover from Democrat-mandated lockdowns at a record pace.

Though the US is still experiencing historic unemployment levels, the economy is adding jobs at an unprecedented pace. July’s job numbers are in, and despite rising COIVD-19 cases in some states, the national unemployment rate dropped from 11.1 percent to 10.2 percent. 

Some states opted to slow or reverse reopening progress made in the last several months, but it didn’t stop the economy from adding 1.48 million jobs.

Additionally, jobless claims declined by 249,000 to 1.186 million last week — the lowest since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis — data from the Department of Labor showed Thursday.

CNBC reported:

The total unemployment level is at 16.3 million Americans, a decline of more than 1.4 million, according to the survey of households. That compares with a peak of nearly 23.1 million in April.

Finally, despite claims that the Trump economy and administration has done nothing to help the black community, Breitbart reported:

The better than expected jobs gains in July boosted black employment in the United States by more than it boosted white employment. As well, the black-white gap in unemployment is at a historic low.

The number of black Americans holding jobs in the United States rose 1.4 percent in July, according to data released by the Department of Labor Friday. That bested the 0.6 percent gain for white Americans and 0.7 percent gain for Hispanic Americans.

The Trump economy was President Trump’s strongest argument for re-election, and Democrats were beside themselves with glee that COVID-19 presented the perfect opportunity to destroy all of Trump’s progress.

However, despite their best efforts, the US is recovering faster than anyone could have predicted.

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36 Responses

  1. President Trump demonstrates his love for America and Americans by doing his best to restart the economy with no help from the Soroscrats with help from the Islamacrats! MORE JOBS WITH ZERO HELP! What have the DemonRats done? NOTHING!!

    1. The DemonRats do nothing and then try to blame the president for what happens. I hate democRats – they are not nice people at all.

        1. I don’t like what the Democrats do much of the time, but to call them evil is a little over the top. They do have a different way of looking at things, but I know many who are really wonderful people. I think we all need to take a giant step back, take a deep breath and realize that calling names will never unite this nation. We have got to get back on a strong Republican footing so that we can actually try to do the things that need to be done. We must find a way to make people realize that nothing is free and once you lose your rights and freedom you never get it back. Thank God for President Trump. Not a saint himself, but who we needed at this time to rebuild this nation. Let’s all hang together,help get out the vote and get on our knees and ask God to lead us back to the nation we were meant to be.

    1. Either post in english or keep quiet please after all this is still the USA as of today. An example of illegals input I guess.

  2. Stop the political nonsense.Reinstate unemployed.We will spend it on the economy.We can’t go back to work tomorrow if there aren’t any jobs.Kapich……

    1. Do like I have done, applied for everything from stocker in a store to Leasing Manager — a job, for now, is a job and income.

  3. Trump is the man who knows how to get things moving. He doesn’t hide away and let the citizen hating dems destroy this great country. Go Trump you are the best.

  4. Tc you are so right , Democrats are getting worse by the day, we need President Trump in charge not puppet joe


    1. i love it they hate him because hes not politician and hes not out to scew the american people he has exsposed the democrats on how evil they really are

  6. Trump is and will forever be the best.
    Cher, your a gutter hood rat.
    Go let Obama pull your strings some more, you homely little puppet you.
    Oprah is just an ugly, miserable thing with all her wealth. She’s one EVIL woman.
    Michelle Obutma,
    Sorry you have a condition, but,
    BOO WAH. There are many people in worse condition than you are. You’ll be ok. Toughen up butterbutt.

    1. And gates and fauci helped china do it. It was not an accident! Recently fauci stated there is another virus coming.

  7. I agree with those last few
    comments. Thank God for
    Trump. He is the best! Hard to
    Imagine what our country will
    Be like without him. Vote Trump!

  8. Oprah and michelle , crying like that we have people out of work for weeks and people in food lines just need a little help, all the destruction of so called peacefull protest. I have yet to hear or see any oprah or michelle say what can i do to help any body or any ideas that could help the problem were all in. I think michelle is depressing not depressed. i would be too if lived with obum just saying so Nov vote TRUMP TRUMP and let the crying start late Nov 3rd 2020. TFF

  9. The whole Democrat party should step down because all they are doing ,other then nothing, is causing the Americans a lot of unwanted distress and damage to our country.

  10. just left a democrat office closed so i called and told the lady who anwserd about what joe biden said about the black folks and told her she better watch her new sign and her building also told her i would not vote for biden for a dog catcher vote trump all the way

  11. IF the DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE LOWLIFE DEMOCRATS were it the WHITE HOUSE and PERVERT Joseph Biden was cough cough was pres. There would be 1.48 million jobs lost in JULY instead of 1.48 MILLION NEW JOBS under PRES.TRUMP Watch. BIDEN is very lucky to have Dr. Jill Biden around to change
    PERVERT Joseph Biden DEPENDS.

  12. Hard to imagine anyone being low enough to attempt to slow down the recovery of the country but I guess democrats got confused by Michelle’s message “when they go low we go high”, i.e., “they went low”. Proof of that is, the democrats are doing everything they can to slow down the recovery. Come to think of it, they have been doing that since Obama was elected and told us “2% is the norm for recovery and not to expect more”. Trump on other hand knows better. He knows Americans are unique and will rapidly recover once Covid19 is defeated.

  13. Clearly, the demonrats are stalling ANY thing that will help the American people. Piglosi’s “ political stunts” are blocking any progress we might make, yet MORE jobs opening, a better economy, while Piglosi is making a total A$$ of herself, calling federal officers “ stormtroopers” saying cannabis is a proven treatment for covid, ( no data on that), and in general accusing President Trump of what SHE and her “ flying monkeys” shifty schiff, nadless nadler( aka the penguin) cryin’ chuckie screwmer, are doing! Don’t forget Obutthead using John Lewises funeral as HIS political platform! Just shows how disrespectful, arrogant, inconsiderate, he is. Wasn’t Mr. Lewis supposed to be his “ friend”? If I were Mr. lewises family, I would be very angry at his disrespectful behaviour! That should show people just what Obutthead is, A JERK! He could care less about respect or decorum, he has neither one!

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