August 12, 2022

Jobs Not Mobs

Voters have a clear choice this November.

If you want mobs vandalizing stores, destroying public property and setting churches on fire, then vote for Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who has spent the majority of his time hiding out in his Delaware basement while our country has been in flames in the aftermath of the George Floyd tragedy.

If you scroll through Uncle Joe’s Twitter feed from the past several weeks, you’ll notice he hasn’t condemned the burning of St. John’s Episcopal Church by violent protestors. He hasn’t denounced the heinous assaults and killings of police officers that have taken place throughout the country. Nor has he said a peep about the brutal murder of civilians — including teenagers — shot and killed in the Seattle CHOP zone controlled by armed left-wing anarchists. And he certainly hasn’t called upon Democratic mayors and governors to get their ransacked cities and states under control.

The stark reality is that Democrats today would rather appease anarchists, looters and violent criminals than uphold law and order.

Make no mistake. Republicans who elected Donald Trump are just as horrified by the appalling death of George Floyd as Democrats. We want police reform so that type of excessive force never happens again. That we can all agree on. Conservatives also support peaceful protests of any kind. But where conservatives draw the line is arson, mayhem and murder, which are antithetical to a civilized society.

Loudly and clearly, President Trump has condemned the mob’s violent destruction and murder of police officers. In early June, he tweeted his respects for David Dorn, a 77-year-old African American retired police officer who was killed in the line of duty: “Our highest respect to the family of David Dorn, a Great Police Captain from St. Louis, who was viciously shot and killed by despicable looters last night. We honor our police officers, perhaps more than ever before. Thank you!”

The president has also taken action against those who deface America’s historical monuments. On Wednesday, he tweeted: “My Executive Order to protect Monuments, Statues etc., IS IN FULL FORCE AND EFFECT. In excess of a 10 year prison term. Please do not put yourself in jeopardy. Many people now under arrest!” The president has also threatened to use military force, if necessary, to break up violent protests.

Undoubtedly, Trump is our “law and order” president, and, thankfully for our nation, he’s also our jobs president who’s succeeding, once again, in creating millions of jobs.

The jobs report released Thursday smashed expectations, with the creation of over 4.8 million new jobs in June. That welcome news follows 2.5 million jobs added in May as the economy continues to rebound under Trump’s leadership post-lockdown.

But that’s not all. After years of negotiations, the president just inked the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement on Monday, benefitting America’s farmers and car manufacturers. The International Trade Commission estimates it will create up to 589,000 new American jobs.

So, while Democrats are defunding the police and turning a blind eye to the mob’s criminal destruction in cities nationwide, Trump is bringing back millions of jobs and increasing wages for union workers.

The USMCA requires that 40% to 45% of car vehicles are built by laborers making at least $16 an hour. The historic trade agreement also stipulates that 75% of qualifying cars must now be manufactured in America, reducing the outsourcing of parts to other countries — a win for America and the forgotten men and women who finally have a president fighting for them.

When voters cast their ballots in November, they’ll choose between a president that’s creating jobs and Joe Biden, a career politician, who tiptoes around the mob. The choice is clear.

Adriana Cohen is a nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate. Follow her on Twitter @AdrianaCohen16. To find out more about Adriana Cohen and read her past columns, please visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at


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Linda Cardin (@guest_1018028)
2 years ago

God help us all. President Donald Trump is the only man who can keep America from imploding. His brilliance and soft but
compelling way of speaking has been great.

Alan (@guest_1018117)
Reply to  Linda Cardin
2 years ago

Trump is non stop doing his very best to handle everything that’s being throw at him and our country and u have these sick Democrat communist sympathizers and their corupt msm going after him non stop.dont know how he does it, but I give thanks to Mr D.J.Trump,president of these United States for fighting those that want to take down America..Trump 2020

alicia Cervera (@guest_1018652)
Reply to  Alan
2 years ago

We MUST back him and the STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET in November. (eventhough im not too happy with some of the chicken GOPers who are not backing him.)! These are COWARDS and need some testicular matter implanted since they lost the little they had.

russell d remmert (@guest_1018298)
Reply to  Linda Cardin
2 years ago

Linda you hit the nail on the head

Ramona (@guest_1018473)
Reply to  Linda Cardin
2 years ago

He is our only hope on this planet. Place you faith in the one true living God! For these are the end times.

Avatar666 (@guest_1018031)
2 years ago

“If you want mobs vandalizing stores, destroying public property and setting churches on fire, then vote Democratic” because “The stark reality is that Democrats today would rather appease anarchists, looters and violent criminals than uphold law and order.”

Gary m (@guest_1018086)
Reply to  Avatar666
2 years ago

The DNC is not appeasing anarchists they are leading them.

Teresa (@guest_1018137)
Reply to  Gary m
2 years ago

Yes they are demonrats are good for 2 things no good and good for nothing

russell d remmert (@guest_1018300)
Reply to  Gary m
2 years ago

Gary I agree , do we have enough prison space for them

Sulig (@guest_1018032)
2 years ago

I seen a video of Biden saying something about Lilly speaking and went and and my wife Joe Biden and I am Joe Biden. Something is going on. To me on my opinion of course Biden is not fit to be President. I can not even seeing him taking care of anything and believe our country would go down. Quick!!!! So who would take his place possible Karmala? She couldn’t get through primaries. Is this a plan of Demorats? Keeping this person on the side making tons of false votes in? Come on. Joe would not make it one debate with him. Obama been around Joe and now he is not. I feel Obama and gang is doing something. They are always anyway. I feel strong about this. Something is up. Wait and see if I am right.

Gary m (@guest_1018104)
Reply to  Sulig
2 years ago

I think that at the last minute Hillary will jump in, and Obama will be VP. The DNC is the party of slavery. If you want to be a slave you may register at your local DNC headquarters. After they take your guns, anyone that doesn’t apply for slavery will be shot.

NANCY JO EVILSIZOR (@guest_1018033)
2 years ago


Gary m (@guest_1018438)
2 years ago

And the evil is the DNC communist party, run by Putin.

Ron (@guest_1018078)
2 years ago

Let’s just get Trump re-elected and save our great Country!! TRUMP 2020!!!

Undecided in America (@guest_1018079)
2 years ago

Good vrs. Evil? Really more like Evil vrs. ? We don’t know what’s going on or who doing what. You all are saying that Biden can’t put two thoughts together but then blame him for the acts of people that want to defund the police, looters and the mayors and governors that are not doing anything to stop this. Put blame where it belongs. On the people that are doing or not doing something. Biden isn’t in a position to do anything right now. However, Trump has learned a thing or two in this past 4 years and is listening to someone because he is making some sense now. He did not bring back all those jobs though, remember a lot were lost due to COVID-19 and when we started opening back up they became available again. So he did not bring those jobs back to us. Don’t give credit where it is not due. I’m also think that a bunch of us are sick and tired of people just assuming that because a person is a Democrat or republican you must be this way or that way. It’s stupid get over yourself and act like Adults please.
To be honest I don’t know how I’m going to vote I don’t like either Biden or Trump. It wouldn’t be a problem for me had Bernie been running. I know everyone says he’s to old but I know a lot of older people with more wisdom and energy then a lot of younger people these days.

Gary m (@guest_1018434)
Reply to  Undecided in America
2 years ago

DNC ruled by Putin

GW (@guest_1018080)
2 years ago

Joe Biden and Obama are both showing their true colors, both idiots and not it is coming out really just what they are

Gary m (@guest_1018433)
Reply to  GW
2 years ago

If black people knew what Obama really did for them, the KKK wouldn’t need to hang him, black people would.

Gary m (@guest_1018436)
Reply to  GW
2 years ago

Both are Chines property

Ron (@guest_1018084)
2 years ago

We need Trump now more than ever!! TRUMP 2020!!!

Vic Anderson (@guest_1018102)
2 years ago

Bidet : literal RIC0 BaRacketeering M0B$TER and figurative 0chlocrat of Mafia/LaClintoNostra rule !

Sue Rich (@guest_1018103)
2 years ago

I think the Democrats ran out of (or were caught at) schemes to get rid of President Trump. So they hired thugs to create chaos. It may backfire, but right now, they are concerned about loss of power and the money that goes with it. They’ll deal with the monster they created later…if there is a later.

Gary m (@guest_1018108)
2 years ago

Are Chines nationals spies, according to the CCP they are, so should we deport all Chines nationals.

PASTOR-PHIL BIGGS (@guest_1018114)
2 years ago

The statement I received during the past two weeks has my head spinning. I received the information from a source within Minneapolis authority figures. I cannot prove this as of yet but I am sending this message out seeking to have someone willing to let their name be publicized so that America can know the truth. The attack on George Floyd who worked with the police officer who placed his knew and tilted his weight onto Mr. Floyd’s neck was a personal friend of the victim. I was informed it was all show, bought and paid for by the puppet Master of the Democrat party George Soros and his heir apparent, his son Alexander. This is truly heart breaking if the Democrat party has been willing to go this far in their efforts to gain absolute power over the lives of the every American. It goes even deeper when it is being said that Dr. Anthony Fauci delivered a speech in January of 2017 at Georgetown University days before Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the greatest country in the world. If this is true and with so many reporting this as fact I am inclined to believe it is true. This revealed that the Democrats knew of this three years before the actual attack with the virus took place. DR. Fauci in his position both as a high ranking employee of the National Institute for Health and a board member of the Gates foundation responsible for the deaths of millions within third world countries where the populations where used as gineau pigs for lethal non tested vaccines. We all know that Bill and Melina Gates and major players in the field of eugenics and Dr. Fauci who stands with them has been lying to we the people since the beginning. The Democrat party knew of all of this from the beginning. They used a phoney impeachment in an effort to hand cuff the senate and make it impossible for a coordinate response. Does this mean they willingly participated in the murder of half a million people globally simply to regain power? George Soros their puppet Master travelled to Wuhan during October days before the deliberate release of the virus which took place during the last week of that month. The first effects of this deadly virus appeared two weeks later on the 14th of November. From that point on the Chinese government closed off access to the whole of China while sending thousands of infected people on vacation world wide. Nancy Pelosi held up the passing of the impeachment documents for three weeks while waiting to assure sufficient numbers of infected people had arrived in America to ensure the virus had taken hold before passing the false claims on to the Senate. Nancy was willing to kill millions if need be to reclaim the nation. When President Trump responded in January shutting down the nation to anyone coming from China the party membership and every bought and paid for media outlet called him every name that they could think of. When we look at the Democrat Hydra’s response over the past 4 years to the election of Donald Trump which began with 25 attempts to assassinate the peoples choice during the period of time from November 9th to January 20th 2017 the very day President Trump was sworn into office. They then began to play rough which after 3 1/2 years has culminated with the deaths of innocent elderly American’s deliberately murdered in nursing homes located in blue states. Let me ask you did anyone ask those who perished whether they were supporters of the Democrat party before adding their lives to the death toll meant to terrorize the global population. The lies continue the masks we are forced to wear weaken the immune system and make we the people more vulnerable to the attack and by forcing this upon American’s living in many states force increase numbers of those who are counted among those the left has murdered. Add to that the results of the attack on American cities in blue cities and desperation takes over. The Democrat and R.I.N.O. representatives who have chosen to serve themselves over a period of 57 years beginning on November 22 1963 the day that President John F Kennedy was assassinated on the orders of Allan Dulles director of the C.I.A. Those orders were carried out by a five member team led by George H.W. Bush who was arrested by Dallas police twice that day. Vice President Johnson who ducked even before the shooting began ordered Bush released both times that day. The truth is being revealed to we the people now. Will you continue to embrace those who have lied sought power and sought to secure personal wealth above and beyond that which is best for America. Hatred for this great nation has fueled death and destruction for decades and for proof you need only look at blue cities as they stand today fulfilling the satanic agenda of kill steal and destroy. God bless America!!!

RICHARD R KUEHNER (@guest_1018128)
2 years ago

The article written by Adriana Cohen was superbly written and nailed it powerfully. My hat off to you !!!

phxgeo (@guest_1018312)
2 years ago

This is one of the very best clearly written facts based articles I have read. Thank you Ms. Cohen. I wish it would get wider circulation however, give what I just said about it will keep t from that distribution. I think PRESIDENT TRUMP’S reelection campaign and emphasis should not be focusing any at all on Biden. I think there are enough issues that can be cited that mark the stark difference between the Democratic party and PRESIDENT TRUMP’S record and focus that he can run on regardless of who the democrats will pick to replace Biden but their values will not change. This would also allow PRESIDENT TRUMP to be more positive results oriented which should bring some Senators and Representatives along to help him implement his plans.

Sandi (@guest_1018420)
2 years ago

Pastor -Phil Biggs, So does Trump know all this now? If So, sure hope he points some of this along with Republican members who have stood side by side with Trump?
Hope something happens dam quick with these facts. We don’t have much time at all.
Great for u to point this Out and sure It’s just what Trump needs to use.
Last, I think Trump should stop commenting about Joe and tweets and just concentrate on this matter. I pray this is the plot that wins this election.
Trouble is, lots of Dem’s for Biden will not believe it their so devoted and of course fake news will never report it and the one to get the story to is: Tucker Carlson, he’ll put it out there. Thanks for your imput.

Jim (@guest_1018513)
2 years ago

Please if you love this Nation reelect President Trump and take back the House and retain the Senate majority.

Ole AL (@guest_1020258)
2 years ago

Teachers aren’t supervised (Principal & Superintendent) laxadaysical in job performance. Like Me attitude instead of stern leadership. This is evidenced by lack of Math skills, understanding of English, Reading or Writing and Proficiency after College…

Ole AL (@guest_1020283)
2 years ago

Here’s a question;
How many people (U.S. Citizens) are currently holding DUAL CITIZENSHIP?

Either Nationally or Dual State? Dual State would be to affect voter rolls. Who’s looking or cares about illegal votes or registrations?

ปั้มไลค์ (@guest_1021002)
2 years ago

Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

Hossain Mohammad Imran (@guest_1083304)
1 year ago

I always emailed this blog post page to all
my friends, because if like to read it then my links will too.



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