August 8, 2022

Jimmy Carter slams GOP-led election reform efforts in Georgia

Former Democrat President Jimmy Carter just made a rare public statement Tuesday announcing his opposition to new voting proposals under consideration in his home state’s Georgia General Assembly, arguing the changes seek to “turn back the clock” on ballot access.

Carter added the GOP-backed measure to end no-excuse absentee voting appears “to be rooted in partisan interests, not the interests of all Georgia voters.”

The Georgia Republican voting legislation follows a controversial 2020 election that led to Democrat Joe Biden winning the state by a small margin of about 12,000 votes that required a recount.

A 2021 Georgia Senate runoff election also led to two new Democrat Senators from the Peach State. Both Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock won to give Democrats control in a 50-50 tie in the Senate, with Vice President Kamala Harris as the tiebreaker.

Carter also claimed the Republican efforts “are reactions to allegations of fraud for which no evidence was produced —allegations that were, in fact, refuted through various audits, recounts, and other measures.”

Yet many Americans remain skeptical of the results of the 2020 presidential election. Trump’s legal team presented more than 60 cases to U.S. courts, with only one small win.

Georgia is one of numerous states where Republican lawmakers are pursuing new legislation for voter reform. Many changes resulted in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, though conservatives claim these exceptions will no longer be needed in future elections.

The state’s legislative battle also takes place as Washington debates the H.R. 1 bill regarding voter reform. The bill addresses many of the same issues under consideration in Georgia.

The state’s voting process could certainly use improvement, as Georgia’s ongoing 2020 vote extended much longer than most of the nation. The problem will be how to improve it, with much of the process facing the same heated political battles seen in the previous election.

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Come on man! (@guest_1170347)
1 year ago

Jimmie needs to stay on his peanut farm and let the rest of us try and clean up this commie mess! We don’t need any input from someone who wants to keep on going with the crooked government agenda!

Peggy (@guest_1170351)
Reply to  Come on man!
1 year ago


Middy (@guest_1170493)
Reply to  Peggy
1 year ago

That;s a double AMEN< AMEN from this old lady. Jimmie needs to stay the he11 out of politics, since he is irrelevant now. Actually, he was irrelevant when he was president, oh well.

doodles (@guest_1170396)
Reply to  Come on man!
1 year ago

Who cares what the most laughable ineffectual and useless president ever, has to say.

DWB (@guest_1170481)
Reply to  doodles
1 year ago

I like your comments except for a possible runner up position with obama for the ineffectual and useless make believe President.

Linda (@guest_1170846)
Reply to  doodles
1 year ago

He’s as crazY as biden. He probably hasn’t even figured out that there was voter fraud and twice as many ballots as voters in GA. He needs to keep his mouth shut before he exposes his ignorance.

Kenneth sheats (@guest_1171876)
Reply to  doodles
1 year ago

He was just peanuts anyway

Bruce (@guest_1170548)
Reply to  Come on man!
1 year ago

Definitely Agree!!!

Harriet (@guest_1170577)
Reply to  Come on man!
1 year ago

Right on! I was wondering what old Jim thought of this last clown show. Guess he answered the question. Old Jim needs to keep quiet. Oh yeah Jim, freedom of speech is being stripped by your damn party. Ya gotta watch what is said unless it pleases the world old baggage in the house and Senate.

Debbie Hyams (@guest_1170589)
Reply to  Come on man!
1 year ago


The Iceman (@guest_1170691)
Reply to  Come on man!
1 year ago

Carter should stay home on the farm but since Obama took his place as the worst President he’s been feeling like he needs some press.

RB (@guest_1170714)
Reply to  The Iceman
1 year ago

Actually presidential historians have once and done Trump as the worst President in American Histury

Beverly Padjune (@guest_1171263)
Reply to  RB
1 year ago


Sgt. Preston (@guest_1170750)
Reply to  Come on man!
1 year ago

AMEN! Carter is a dyed in the wool Libtard and has no concept of reality in government. As I recall, he made a real mess of the federal government when he was president. Why should his attitude be any different now.

Altbig (@guest_1170946)
Reply to  Come on man!
1 year ago

Hurrah for Honest Jimmy. Take that, UnAmerican Digest!

Robert W (@guest_1170979)
Reply to  Come on man!
1 year ago

AMEN !!!!!

Robert Cantrell (@guest_1171338)
Reply to  Come on man!
1 year ago

carter is just another STUPID dem yes man

Aline (@guest_1172322)
Reply to  Come on man!
1 year ago

I agree that Carter should keep his thoughts to himself.He is as bad as Biden,

robert w sanders (@guest_1172828)
Reply to  Come on man!
1 year ago

stick his head in a PEANUT hole.

Marsha Smith (@guest_1172905)
Reply to  Come on man!
1 year ago

Remember when Carter won his only election? The GREATEST journalist ever, Walter Cronkite, asked Jimmy’s mother who his political heroes are. Ms.
Lillian named 3 men at which time Cronkite interrupted and said, “But, Miss Lillian, all 3 of those men are COMMUNISTS”!!
Are we not surprised that Carter thinks the 2020 election was fair, honest and above board?
Just for the record, the number of VERIFIED, LEGAL REGISTERED voters in the U. S. in 2020 TOTALLED 133,000,000 voters.
Trump’s total has been VERIFIED at almost 75,000,000. That only leaves 58,000,000 remaining LEGALLY registered votes for the rest of the 5 other candidates to split.
And, BTW, Biden’s vote tally has not even yet been verified as being LEGAL!.
Trump won the election in a LANDSLIDE —- UNTIL —– Biden’s mudslide took over.
In Georgia, the ALLEGED vote difference between Biden/Trump was MORE THAN 11,000 votes. Yet, MORE THAN 10,000 DEAD people voted AND almost 67,000 kids (children) voted. Talk about a CROOKED election. (But, then, so was Arizona and ESPECIALLY Pennsylvania who completely circumvented their own state Constitution.)
If nothing else, DemonRats have proven 1 thing:: The LAW means NOTHING to the SWAMP.
We NEED election reform badly. Let’s throw out the computers and do ALL OF IT by hand.

Patriot II (@guest_1170348)
1 year ago

Why doesn’t he just STFU and go dig some peanuts!!!

Phillip Gleason (@guest_1170370)
1 year ago

Jimmy carter was one of the worst one or two presidents we have ever had! He should tend his farm and shut up! What says now and what he said and did as president are wrong!

Larry Gaines (@guest_1170379)
1 year ago

Jimmy Carter was a stupid President and he is still a Dumb know nothing Democrat

DWB (@guest_1170485)
Reply to  Larry Gaines
1 year ago

Well stated, he was and still is a total idiot.

Rivahmitch (@guest_1170398)
1 year ago

Has he even looked at the audit reports that 400,000 votes have no chain of custody? Does he understand what that means? Doubt it!

Eugene (@guest_1170414)
1 year ago

he really was bad then came obama to take the lead now we have Beijing Joe who is going to beat both of them for being the worst president in AMERICAN HISTORY

bob onit (@guest_1170417)
1 year ago

Does Jimmie still have that magic marker ”big L ” on his forehead to sport around like the mark of the ” Cain of politics ”

Stephen Russell (@guest_1170437)
1 year ago

Jimmy Carter still fighting the Civil War or Civil Rights then.
Backward, narrow minded & dated

don (@guest_1170452)
1 year ago

Carter and Biden need to be in insane institution—they both are short of a full deck—————–

Calvin King (@guest_1170486)
1 year ago

No doodles, Carter is not the worst President in history. That distinction belongs to Bathhouse Barry the Chicago Fair, better known as Obama. It appears, however, he will be eclipsed by the current demented occupant of the Peoples House, Beijing Biden. Even Bathhouse Barry did not screw up as badly as Quid pro quo Joe has done in just a few weeks, and continues to do so. It appears Democrat voters are brain dead as they keep electing the worst men to the Presidency. I hope Beijing’s terrible policies will hit them right between the eyes, but even that pain will not get their attention. If the Devil Incarnate appeared, ran for office, and had a (D) after his name, these morons would elect him.
Our Republic is in real trouble. Survival is in question. The Democrat Party is a criminal carte.

John Mahan (@guest_1170492)
1 year ago

Jimmy Carter? Is that decrepit old bag of stupidity stiĺ alive?

CJM (@guest_1170605)
Reply to  John Mahan
1 year ago

My goodness!! There was no need to explain yourself, John M, had you made an actual statement, we could have accurately guessed who you are. And by the way, if you’re so darn smart, why haven’t you occupied the White House as President of the USA?

Cordell (@guest_1170505)
1 year ago

Carter is just glad to see Biden as president, it means Carter isn’t the worse president in history any longer. For those of us old enough to remember, it took the election of Ronald Regan to get our hostage’s released because Carter was too weak and spineless to do anything about it. The minute Regan was elected Iran released the hostage’s. Biden is just as spineless and weak as his buddy Carter was.

PennyAnte (@guest_1170543)
1 year ago

Who cares? Was the worst POTUS in history until OWEbama took that title. Proves there was fraud in GA. Go away, DEMONRrrrrAT and take your cohorts with you.

Jan (@guest_1170649)
1 year ago

The peanut man should have stayed in Georgia. If you remember, old Carter said when Obama was president, that he (Carter) was not considered the worst president, that Obama was. Well, neither were good. Just corrupted. Besides Carter wasn’t really president, his wife was. How I remember. There hasn’t been a half way good Democrat president since Kennedy and he was killed too soon to really determine if he would really be good. Harry Truman was good, but people didn’t like him, but ol’ Harry didn’t take any s— off anyone. I liked him and Trump was like him. Somehow we need to clean up D.C. Get rid of the corruption and that means any Democrat or Republican, we need new blood in D.C. Old timers need to be kicked out.

BC (@guest_1170796)
1 year ago

Jimmys comment/statement is as meaningful as his rescue of the Hostages from Obamas good buddies in Iran. If you need something screwed up royally then seek the advice of a past administration that FAILED to. Caster needs to keep his OLD mouth shut. He was bad for the country back then and still is I see.

Mr. Aaron Griffith (@guest_1170871)
1 year ago

As remember during his presidency he failed every thing he done, cause lack of common sences which totally absent from his brain, it was hilarious event, as periodically his brother Billy was often disrupting, which he & illegal Kenyan born citizen both failed totally as laughing stocks, as Funny man Jimmy couldn’t identify which ends as front or back, therefore how he wouldnt able to making any rightful answers, he has proven he is involved in building a homes for poorer families, that’s wonderful things he is involved in & very appreciative for what he doing & done, but totally disagree on his opinion & his though is almost child’s I. Q leverage, but definitely needs vote reforms as personal photo I. D and No absenceted votes with hand accounts with out machines that’s what completely eliminating voter frurds, there many other pursudures ways to eliminate this reoccurrence voter frurd , but Good old Jimmy is a need to focus in job building houses for poor families, He is in every things outer touch, with respectably saying to Jimmy.

Pyara Chauhan (@guest_1170984)
1 year ago

President Carter is probably not fully informed of the election irregularities in 2020. Most of these irregularities like an arbitrary extension of time to vote by days and weeks, extensive and unnecessary use of mail-in ballots, and exclusion of republican observers during counting, have been documented. For America to fully trust the electoral process these and any other problems adversely impacting our elections should be discussed and refomed as necessary.

Majik (@guest_1171273)
1 year ago

Either Carter has also been corrupted, or HIS PARTY is keeping him in the dark (I just can’t see him watching real news on Newsmax). I’m sure they don’t want him to know just how low and evil his democrat successors have sunk. Isn’t he close to 100 years old? Stick to peanut butter Jimmy. Something in which you know the whole story. ~S

Robert Glade (@guest_1173193)
1 year ago

Carter is merely repeating MSM Democrat talking points that we all know are fake news and lies. The evidence has been produced, it has just been ignored. Allegations were actually proven through audits, recounts, proven voting machine errors deep sixed by by fraudulent actions.

Elvira (@guest_1175080)
1 year ago

I agree too!! Amen to that

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