September 30, 2022

Jill Biden defends Joe Biden after new poll reveals Americans believe he is mentally unfit to serve as President

Rumors persist about President Joe Biden’s mental unfitness because of his repeated public gaffes and blunders. First lady Jill Biden attempted to dismiss those fears, but does it mean anything coming from his own wife?

On a “CBS Sunday Morning” appearance last week, Jill Biden said Americans’ lack of confidence in the president’s mental acuity was “ridiculous,” according to Fox News. However, a majority of those polled think the president is “not mentally fit” for office.

“Quite a few Americans have some questions about the president’s current mental fitness,” correspondent Rita Braver presented to the first lady for comment.”  That’s ridiculous,” Jill Biden responded. However, the president has made some embarrassing public blunders that make it hard to deny something is not right.

Regardless of what Jill Biden claims, a recent POLITICO/Morning Consult poll found that as of November, 48% of voters disagree with the statement that “Joe Biden is mentally fit.” Only 46% of voters agreed with that statement — and what’s worse, that is a seven-drop from where the president was in May.

This comes at a time when Americans are losing confidence in Biden’s performance, according to the Independent Journal Review. While Joe Biden’s overall approval rating is at 43% currently, more than two-thirds of voters disapprove of his handling of inflation and 57% feel he’s botching the economic recovery.

Still, the first lady did what she could to paper over those concerns. “I look at it a little differently,” Jill Biden said. “During the campaign, Joe made certain promises, things that he would do. And we were going through a pandemic, which no one could have anticipated,” she claimed.

“So he did come in and rescue America with the American Rescue Plan,” Jill Biden continued. “And millions of families got money because they were desperate.”

Jill Biden is doing what she can to contain the damage, but assurances from the president’s wife are not enough to convince Americans not to believe their own eyes. Something isn’t quite right with Joe Biden, and voters know it.




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