May 25, 2022

Jesse Watters: Hunter Biden indictment, subsequent pardon likely to derail father’s plans for 2024 run

Millions have wondered whether President Joe Biden’s wayward son, Hunter, would ever face accountability for the grift and illegality in which he has allegedly long engaged, and according to Fox News’ Jesse Watters, a reckoning may indeed be on the horizon that effectively thwarts any ambitions his father may have had for a second term, as Breitbart notes.

During a Friday episode of his nightly prime time show, Watters explained that he had been hearing rumors that an indictment of the president’s son is indeed forthcoming, and he speculated that it would likely set into motion a chain of events that would take the current commander in chief out of the running in 2024.

Watters predicted that once Hunter Biden is indicted in the ongoing federal probe of his taxes and financial dealings, his father will issue a presidential pardon and then declare that he will not seek re-election as he had previously planned.

As the popular Fox News personality put it, “We all see that Emperor Joe Biden has no clothes. Joe Biden isn’t perfect. Joe Biden is not making anybody happy. He is not delivering for Republicans or Democrats or anybody.”

“[H]is polling numbers are terrible. And, Democrats are about to get wiped out. And America knows it. So does the media,” Watters continued, adding, “[b]ut, the media has too much pride to admit they were wrong. So, the cover-up continues.”

Hypothesizing that the Democrat Party sees an eventual way out of the self-inflicted disaster that is the Biden presidency, Watters stated, “Primetime is hearing that Hunter will be indicted. Biden will probably pardon his son and announce he is not running for re-election.”

Pointing out what many view as the fatal flaw for Democrats in such a plan, however, Watters further mused, “So, who else is there to carry the torch? Could it be Kamala?”

Though Watters did not go into detail about the aforementioned scuttlebutt, an attorney who has had recent access to Hunter Biden’s financial information has gone on the record and predicted the likelihood of charges. “I expect him to be indicted,” said Clint Lancaster, a lawyer for the mother of one of Biden’s young children. “Just based on what I saw in his financial records, I would be surprised if he’s not indicted.”

It would certainly be nice to see Hunter Biden called to account for the seemingly countless nefarious dealings in which he has been involved over the years, and, if Watters’ prognostication is correct, and Joe Biden abandons plans for a 2024 run, the resulting chaos and disarray within the party would almost certainly inure to the benefit of the Republican nominee – a tantalizing prospect, indeed.

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SUE (@guest_1285086)
1 month ago

biden is a dunce



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