May 12, 2021

WATCH: Fox’s Kurtz says WH Spox Jen Psaki is becoming Biden’s ‘deputy president’

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is quickly becoming a major target of the right — and for good reason. Her persistent refusal to give a substantive reply to press questions is frustrating for both reporters and viewers looking for real answers from the Biden administration.

To make matters worse, President Joe Biden himself won’t answer questions about his flurry of major decisions during official White House appearances either, leading Fox’s Howard Kurtz to speculate that Psaki has been chosen as Biden’s public-facing replacement.

This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that paid attention to Biden during the lead-up to the 2020 election.

The press hasn’t been allowed access to Biden since he became the Democrat frontrunner, likely because every time he gives an unscripted answer to a question, he either dramatically flubs it or ignites cognitive health rumors with mumbling non-answers.

Kurtz’s observation that Psaki is Biden’s “deputy president” came after Psaki refused to directly reply to questions about the Biden administration’s position on reopening schools.

Watch below: (H/T Fox News)

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129 Responses

      1. Biden whole election has been a sham. He is lucky if he got 2o million votes let alone 😯 million. When did he ever get mire tha 15 people at a rally

    1. I know he needs to be removed BUT loo
      k who would take his place–Ms Harris and then Ms Nancy would be next in line. May God help us!!!!

    2. And for his Biden family crime …bribery of Ukrainian Burisma director, and his money laundering scheme in China and Hunter getting millions working with the chief spy of China, possibly giving up US secrets.
      Take your son to China and give him a job he has no experience in an launder money…

      yet JOE says no conflict of interest and he had nothing to do with Hunter’s jobs..!

  1. Biden is a fool,he has not done anything for the American people in 50 years,why would you think he could now? His administration is illigitimate,and will be exposed,if not removed. He along with his entire ilk will be driven from DC, long before he can damage America.

    1. Yep, it is an illegal, illegitimate admin – the Dems STOLE the election. Biden looks like Banjo Boy from the movie ‘Deliverance.’ They all need to be removed.

      1. Yes it is illegal, unconstitutional
        That is their ideology
        Not the Constitution
        All this is illegal
        If we illegally file our taxes our way we go to JAIL

        1. According to Bob Sellers on Newsmax Newsmax hadn’t confirmed this as Sek
          Sellers childish poota and walked off the set with the great Mike Lindell—- all who concur Sellers as an idiot say l—-

      1. david IIee dildine ,
        For some reason the average Democrat , not the elites , never thought about the fact that when we go down , that is when our boat sinks , they sink right along with us ! The elite Democrats such as John Kerry will become ever more wealthy but not the average Democrat. And now , thanks to the for sale guy in the White House , war is looming on the horizon. John Kerry’s grandsons will not be drafted but the average Democrat’s grandsons will be ! Right along with mine. The Democrats gloried in calling President Trump a dictator because he was a strong president and Kim of North Korea knew that . Kim knew that President Trump would stand up to him. The for sale guy and camel ? Not so much for standing up toe to toe. Kim , with help from China will now probably go after South Korea while China goes after Taiwan . China has an eye on the Philippines as well . Remember , China took Tibet without so much as a how do you do !

    2. The Marxists Media Outlets DID a GREAT Job of HIDDING His FLAWS didn’t they ! And The America Hating Democrats DOVE IN Head First !

  2. If Xiden is out, we get Hyena Harris and Botox Nan for VP. Can you see any one of these three standing up to Putin, Xi, Kim Jong, or Rouhani? Xiden’s taken too much money. Hyena is completely out of her depth and shows it. Pigliosi is only held together by botox, formaldehyde, and hatred. None of them are respected or feared like Trump was.

    1. I agree with you. Of course we could impeach all of them for inciting all the violence we saw during the summer.

  3. How to stop crazy old people such as Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Soros, Sanders and others, who, dying of old age, want to take our youth, our Freedom, our America with them to the grave?

      1. A four year interim period till the next national/presidential election allows these
        corrupt/dangerous incompetents too much time to accomplish their wish list of harm, destruction and devastation to our country’s financial and social systems.
        Something that could be accomplished much more quickly by WE THE PEOPLE,
        that would effectively throw a monkey wrench into their political planning mach-
        inery is financial starvation via a shut off of taxation funding. For too long (more than 100 years), these Globalists have made use of their siphon into our wallets
        and pocketbooks to injure us. It is U.S. citizens over whom the FedGov has fin-
        ancial and political jurisdiction, as designated in the 14th constitutional amend-
        ment. Most citizens of the uSA haven’t a clue that American nationals and U.S.
        citizens are legally different, and the FedGov. has no jurisdiction over American

      2. Personally, l feel their crimes against humanity are so evil our courts are not equipped to handle them —only God can take care of them and serve Justice for all—- yes they are that evil

    1. At this time, right now, they’re bussing in troops to DC. I guess this will be routine to have thousands of stasi protecting our corrupt Venezuela wannabe politicians… from us.

  4. Biden wouldn’t last half a year and Harris is just as incompatint . Biden leaves and Harris can’t be blamed for senile old joe obibens bad decisions. Maybe sanders will be vp press will love it and republicans will take over house and senate and ron Paul will be 2024 president

  5. If you ask Jen Saki about this, I’m sure she’ll “circle back” to answer the question . . . when HELL freezes over! It takes a LOT of help to maintain the charade that SENILE JOE is in any way mentally fit to be President, which he quite obviously is NOT.

  6. WOW! First China threatens Biden to have US Military to stand down while they attack Taiwan.
    Now, the US Military has a 60-day stand down order. So I guess China will attack Taiwan now.

    I fear that the US will soon be in a Civil War….

  7. did the RNC forget the part of the Const. that said, if a Pres cannot preform he must be removed. the DNC tried it for Pres D.T. SO WAKE UP & DO IT! it is very obvious he cannot do it. just having those with shady backgrounds, doing it & he just sits & signs,

  8. We the people are going have to wise up! DEMOCRAT made a promise to the FOOL IN GEORGIA! These fool got screw! Just when are these type of people going to STOP BELIEVING THE LIES THESE POLITICAN TELL? Even these college kids who are part of ANTIFA AND BLM are getting screw! They just to stupid to listen to the truth! Black people have been getting screw since 1968! But they still REFUSE TO do research on everything these POLITICAN tell them! Even WHITE WOMEN ARE GETTING SCREW! JUST TO DUMB TO UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH! I guess it going to take a CIVIL WAR TO SOLVED THE SITUATION! Trump brought all the CORRUPTION OUT FOR YOU TO SEE GOING ON ON THE CONGRESS! BOTH SIDE ARE WORKING TOGETHER TO DESTORY AMERICA! Now if you are BLACK just remember that you are YOUR OWN WORSE ENEMY! EVERYTIME YOU VOTED DEMONCRAT YOU DIDN’T GET ANY BETTER IN LIFE! Because RACISM SYSTEMIC WAS CREATED BY THESE DEMOCRAT POLITICAN BACK IN THE 1980!

  9. Somebody tell me where did 80 million joe biden SUPPORTER come from? Every POLLS that asked questions favor Trump by 90% to7%! Now we all know Trump was working for ALL AMERICAN PEOPLE! Something these DEMONcrat POLITICAN has NEVER done! Not even under Obama! Union boss are the worker worst enemy! He only think about his pension and private jets! That is why he always giving to the DEMONcrat party! But what happened to the PIPELINE? UNION BOSS FAIL HIS EMPLOYEE!

  10. Neither Psaki or Biden have clue about what is happening, it`s like skitter ball, one never knows where the hell it`s going to end up!!

  11. Unfortunately, many not all but enough young people especially those who have gone through university communist indoctrination just are so blinded by the idea that they should have the right to live a full life with someone else`s hard-earned money!!

  12. i am sitting here at my computer and reading the comments all of you are writing. 80 million and 70 million people voted. thats 150 million and that has never happened before .i guess the children voted too.
    all that has to be done is count the voter roles .
    is that so hard to do.

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